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With varying library for every country, Netflix had me all fed up. If you too have the same grudge against Netflix, thank god, a great alternative is available!

Stan is an Australian service that runs head to head with giants like Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu. The only limiting factor is that it’s only available in Australia.


But hey! If we’re talking about it, that means we know how to access Stan outside Australia and I will teach you in complete detail.

There are a couple of ways to get around the problem of geo-restriction and don’t worry, it is not rocket science. No matter who you are, by the end of this article you will know multiple ways to access blocked or restricted websites, including Stan.

Access Stan Outside Australia Using a VPN


Similar to accessing Netflix using the best Netflix VPN, you can also stream Stan using a VPN service. If you try to stream any content on Stan outside Australia, you will see the dreaded geo-block error stating ‘The uploader has not made this video available in your country.’

When it comes to removing geo-restrictions and blocked content, VPN is the king. While there are other tools as well, a VPN service (virtual private network) will be the best choice for all your needs.

Using a VPN, all you need to do is connect to an Australian server and it the streaming service (Stan in this case) will think as if you’re in Australia to the system.

Using a VPN has other important advantages, such as data encryption, keeping you safe from online snoopers, and bypassing internet censorship.

While there are literally thousands of VPN services available, only a select few offer what they promise, below we have gathered a list of the most credible services in the industry.

VPN ProvidersPrice ($)Special DealsMore Info
Best Affordable VPN
$2.95 Per Month
Best Budget Service
$1.99 Per Month
Best for Geo-Unblocking
$2.99 Per Month
75% Off
3 Years Plan
Best for Streaming
$8.32 Per Month
Best for Private Browsing
$2.75 Per Month
79% Off
3 Years Deal

Step by step VPN setup

  1. Select a VPN service from the list.
  2. Download and install the VPN on your device.
  3. Connect to a server in Australia to change your IP address.
  4. Visit the website of Stan or use the app and enjoy.

Access Stan outside Australia Using Smart DNS proxies

Smart proxies are also a viable option when you’re looking to unblock websites. However, at this point, it is important to inform you that smart proxies are great only if you want to stream and are not looking for internet security.

Unlike VPNs, smart proxies do not hide your data or provide you with any kind of protection, but since they don’t encrypt your web traffic, they offer faster speeds compared to a VPN.

So if you’re only looking for streaming and security is not your concern then a smart proxy is fit for you. There are tons of such services and extensions available on the internet but not all perform equally well.

I used Unlocator and found its results to be amazing. The streaming was seamless with not even a single glitch. The best part is that Unlocator also offers a free trial period.

You can set it up on various devices such as PS4, PS3, Xbox, Apple TV, Smart TV, Amazon Fire TV Stick, Wii, PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, and Android.


Data Usage for Streaming Stan

If you’re wondering how much data would you need to watch Stan, here’s an estimated data usage depending upon the streaming quality you choose.


If you’re travelling and are using data instead of Wi-Fi, you will have an idea on what quality to stream. Taking into consideration the data costs, it would be more affordable to watch it on HD or lower.

However, if you have surplus data, then streaming in 4K would not be a problem. But the final choice depends on your preference and the amount of data you have.

Popular Shows on Stan

Now that you know how to unlock Stan outside Australia, here are some of the shows to watch on the streaming platform.


An idyllic country town faces a massive devastating flood that results in the death of five locals, but that’s not all.

A mysterious plant sprouts up with the ability to restore youth, however, to restore youth the process is so horrifying that attempting to harness it means re-evaluating values.+

Some of the cast members include Jacki Weaver, Terri Norris, Ryan Corr, and Phoebe Tonkin. Produced by Sue Seeary and shot by cinematographer Geoff Hall. Mat Kat has also been finalized to direct the final episodes of the series.

Escape at Dannemora

This is a true life prison break involving a female employee at the prison who falls in love with two convicts at the same time.

The escape was made in 2015 making it a 23-day manhunt and costing $23 million dollars. And if you’re wondering, the Clinton Correctional Facility in New York is totally real.


Watch the two billionaires rival each other in the city of New York; the show surrounds the world of high-stakes in finance and hedge funds. Check out how the US attorney takes on a mission to take down Damian Lewis who plays the hedge fund king!

The show makes you think what is right and what is wrong, as the roles are not purely black or white, with an exceptional storyline the show will leave you thinking for hours!

Wrapping up!

Now that you know how to access Stan outside Australia or for a fact any blocked website, forget buzz killers like Netflix and get on to Stan with a VPN to watch high-quality content anywhere in the world.

Stan is an amazing media service that has a unified library. Just make sure you choose the right VPN as recommended by us so that you can experience seamless streaming.

Let us know in the comment section below if you have any queries.


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