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Private Internet Access offers a 7 day money back guarantee to its subscribers. Therefore, you should claim for the refund within a week once you cancel Private Internet Access subscription. However, you must fulfill few conditions in order to get your refund successfully.

After cancelling your PIA subscription, you will have to protect your privacy with another VPN like PureVPN over the internet. In case you want to discover how to cancel Private Internet Access subscription in the right way, keep reading this guide.

Cancel Private Internet Access – Quick overview

  1. Login to your Client Control Panel (CCP)


2. Through your CCP, you can find “Cancel Subscription” option

3. Choose “Cancel Subscription


4. You will be asked to provide your feedback about the cancellation of subscription

5. After providing the feedback, select “Complete Cancellation”


6. You will be redirected to your CCP again where you can see the message that says your subscription has been cancelled


7. Still, you can use your account for the remaining billing period

Note: You can resume or deactivate automatic renewals of your accounts by logging into your Client Control Panel.

How to cancel Private Internet Access subscription within 7 days on Windows?

You can follow the above mentioned steps to cancel your PIA VPN subscription on your Windows devices. However, you will need to secure your privacy while using your desired platform through another VPN. If you have subscribed to Private Internet Access via Credit Card or PayPal, you may terminate your subscription by using your Client Control Panel (CCP).

In case you have obtained the subscription by the help of other payment methods, simply skip your next monthly payment. This way, your account will be expired automatically.

How can I cancel Private Internet Access VPN Subscription on Android?

You can cancel your subscription on your Android phone through Google Play Store. Still, you must protect your Android devices with other VPNs that you can find in this guide. Here is how you can do:

  1. Go to Google Play Store and login to your account
  2. Tap “My Subscription” then tap ” Private Internet Access Subscription” again
  3. Click “Manage Subscription” then click “Cancel Subscription”

How to cancel Private Internet Access Subscription on iOS?

You may cancel Private Internet Access subscription on iOS via App Store. But, you have to safeguard your digital footprints with a VPN at the time of using your preferred mobile devices be it iPhone and iPad. Here is how to do:

  1. Through your settings app, click your name then click “Subscription”
  2. Click “Private Internet Access Subscription” you wish to manage
  3. Click “Cancel Subscription“, use iTunes & App Store if you don’t find the former option
  4. Click your Apple ID and sign in to your account
  5. Click “Subscription” and complete the cancellation process by following the on screen instructions

Can I cancel subscription of PIA VPN anytime?

Yes you can cancel your PIA VPN subscription anytime without any hassle. You can visit the official site of Private Internet Access, Google Play or App Store and follow the steps as described above.

How do I request a refund?

You can submit your refund request through support ticket by contacting the customer support section. Likewise, you can send an email to [email protected] On the other hand, iOS subscribers will have to follow App Store guidelines to get their refunds.

What should I do if I cancel my Private Internet Access subscription?

If you have cancelled your PIA subscription for any reason, you should try out other VPNs that allow you spoof your online locations over the web because you have to secure your digital footprints at any cost. You can explore our best anonymous VPN 2020 list to mask your actual IP address.

By doing so, ISPs, online hackers and other unwanted personnel will not be able to keep an eye on your online activities. I would suggest you to opt PureVPN as the Hong Kong based VPN provider delivers amazing privacy features to its users under their budget.

Likewise, you can use the service in oppressive countries like China since PureVPN is among fewest VPNs that work in China flawlessly. You may contemplate such features in the form of 5 multi-logins, split tunneling, dedicated IP and others at an extremely affordable price of $2.91/mo .

You can go through the below-mentioned comparison table between Private Internet Access and PureVPN that lets you make a right decision regarding your online anonymity:

FactorsPrivate Internet AccessPureVPN
JurisdictionUnited StatesHong Kong
Logging PolicyNo logsNo logs
Pricing$3.33/mo $2.91/mo
Speed12.58 Mbps26.01 Mbps
Server Network3300+ servers
30 countries
2000+ servers
140+ countries
Customer SupportEmail & FAQsLive Chat, Email & Ticket
Netflix UnblockingUnsupportedSupported
WebsitePrivate Internet AccessPureVPN

 Wrapping Up

I hope now you can cancel your Private Internet Access subscription after following the steps given above without any hassle. You may share your feedback about the whole experience in the comments section below.