Windscribe Kodi: How to Use Windscribe with Kodi in Canada in 2023?

  • Last updated September 24, 2023
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Windscribe is a feature-packed VPN that goes the extra mile to ensure strong privacy to users in Canada. It covers all the bases that you’d expect from a top-tier VPN and Windscribe Kodi is quite efficient for streaming in Canada as well.

Due to its privacy and streaming capabilities, Windscribe is a good candidate as the VPN of choice for Kodi users in Canada. In this guide, I’m going to show how you can set up and use Windscribe Kodi in Canada for private streaming and to unblock geo-restricted add-ons.

Windscribe Kodi: Setting Up Windscribe on Kodi in Canada

Step 1: Subscribe to Windscribe VPN.


Step 2: Download and install Windscribe in your system and launch the app.


Step 3: Select an appropriate server from the selection menu and connect.


Step 4: Once connected, keep Windscribe running in the background, and run Kodi’s DNS leak test.

Step 5: If DNS is not leaking, you’re successfully connected to Windscribe for private Kodi streaming in Canada.


If you’re experiencing problems with the VPN, see our Windscribe troubleshooting guide.

Verifying Windscribe Connection on Kodi in Canada

To confirm that Windscribe is protecting your identity while using Kodi and is ready to help access geo-restricted channels in Canada, the Kodi DNS leak test is quite useful.

Here’s how you can install the Kodi DNS leak tester to verify a successful Windscribe connection in Canada:

1. Start Kodi and click on the Add-ons in the sidebar menu.

2. Click on “Download”

3. Next, select the Program Add-ons option in the list.

4. Here, you should find the DNS Leak Test add-on among many other add-ons.

5. Click on the add-on and press Install.

6. Once the installation is finished, click OK.

7. Open the newly installed  DNS Leak Test Add-on.

8. Launch your VPN and connect to a server.

8. Finally, if the test result shows the message “DNS is not leaking“, this indicates that Windscribe is working perfectly in Canada.

Windscribe Kodi:Is Windscribe VPN A Good Choice for Kodi in Canada?

Windscribe has the wherewithal to meet the expectations of all kinds of VPN users in Canada. With regards to Kodi, Windscribe can simultaneously ensure privacy during streaming through your favorite add-ons while also enabling access to blocked Kodi channels in Canada.

Since Windscribe works with Netflix in Canada, it can naturally unblock restricted Kodi channels as well. And if you’d rather access certain content through torrents (strictly for non-commercial, personal use), then torrenting works with Windscribe in Canada as well.


In addition, Windscribe has a great privacy policy and security features. The R.O.B.E.R.T feature, for instance, is a smart ad-blocker as well as a website blocker that can make your online experience in Canada much safer. Along with AES-256 encryption, Windscribe is fully equipped to deal ensure user privacy while streaming on Kodi in Canada.

But it’s not all rainbows and butterflies (tragically). In our latest Windscribe speed tests in Canada, the VPN displayed a rather erratic performance, delivering high speeds when connected to some servers but on the low end of the average for many others.

This may spoil your streaming experience when using Kodi while connected to Windscribe in Canada, but the good thing is that the VPN offers enough servers to allow users in Canada to find one that works efficiently for them with good speeds.

Overall, Windscribe is a good choice for Kodi users in Canada from both privacy and streaming standpoints.


Windscribe is a solid VPN that works well for Kodi in Canada. It possesses strong unblocking power, is reasonably fast on certain servers, and protects user privacy efficiently.

These benefits of Windscribe Kodi in Canada can be extended to other devices as well. For instance, it is possible to install Windscribe on Firestick in Canada to access blocked streaming apps. In addition, it is also possible to use Windscirbe on Roku in Canada through router setup.

At any rate, it is strongly recommended for new interested users  of Windscribe Kodi to get the Windscribe free trial in Canada first before purchasing the full subscription. After subscribing to their paid plan, you only have 3 days to cancel Windscribe in Canada if you’re unsatisfied and want your refund.

For more information, see this full Windscribe review in Canada. If you don’t want to try Windscribe, feel free to check out our list of other recommended best VPNs in 2023.

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