Trust.Zone Review in Canada 2022

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Based in Seychelles [SAFE]
Price $2.33/mo
Servers 167 servers in 96 zones
Logs No Logs
Multi Login 5 Devices
Refund 10 Days
Recommended Yes
Website Trust.Zone

Trust.Zone is a low-priced VPN service based in Seychelles. It offers reliable performance with 167 servers spread across the globe like ExpressVPN or SurfShark.

The service is fairly fast, unblocks US Netflix in a single attempt, and supports torrenting. This makes the VPN highly capable despite being a little lesser known in the industry.

However, the Trust.Zone server list is small, no live chat support, and lacks dedicated apps for macOS and iOS. The provider is fully capable of competing with the VPN providers at the top if it bridges these gaps in its repertoire of capabilities.

Hence, I recommend Trust.Zone and give it a rating of 3.5/5.0. Check more recommended VPN by us in 2022.

This Trust.Zone review in Canada will tell you all there is to know about this VPN service.

Let’s dig in.

My Rating Criteria – Trust.Zone Review in Canada

  1. Jurisdiction – Where is Trust.Zone headquartered?
  2. Security – Is Trust.Zone secure?
  3. Leaks – IP, DNS, WebRTC & Virus Tests
  4. Servers – Is Trust Zone P2P compatible?
  5. Speed – How fast is Trust Zone VPN?
  6. Streaming – Does Trust.Zone support Netflix in Canada?
  7. Compatibility – Supports Different Platforms & Devices
  8. Pricing – How much is Trust.Zone in Canada?
  9. Trustworthiness – Trustpilot Rating, Reddit Review, & Support

Jurisdiction -Where is Trust.Zone headquartered?

Trust.Zone hails from Seychelles’s safe jurisdiction, which is a country free from any data retention laws. This is extremely important because it means that Trust.Zone has no obligation to store logs of user information for any length of time.

Also, Seychelles is not a part of any surveillance groups such as the five eyes. This intelligence-sharing alliance between multiple countries is a threat to civilians’ privacy, falling under the reach of the group. Seychelles is far away from Five Eyes’ clutches, making Trust Zone very safe and veritably trustworthy.

Security – Is Trust.Zone secure?

Yes, Trust.Zone is safe and secure. It uses the OpenVPN is the most sought-after protocol in VPNs. It is open-sourced, which means that it is constantly going through updates. Meanwhile, 256-bit encryption has so far proven to be impenetrable.

L2TP is another protocol offered by Trust.Zone, but it is somewhat problematic. Hence, I suggest sticking to OpenVPN for optimum security.

Additional Security Features

Other than the core Trust.Zone security features, the provider also offers some extra features for additional security.

Trust.Zone Kill Switch

Trust.Zone has a Kill Switch feature that will prevent your information from leaking out to the web if your Trust Zone VPN connection drops for any reason.

You can enable the kill switch from the settings tab in the Trust.Zone app.

Trust.Zone DNS Leak Protection

The VPN also uses DNS leak protection to ensure that your browser doesn’t leak your DNS and WebRTC information, which can reveal your real IP address. It’s advised to keep this feature always enabled to ensure your information remains safe and secure.

Trust.Zone Dedicated IP

Trust.Zone also offers dedicated IP addresses in five countries: United States, United Kingdom, France, Germany, and Australia. So, if you need a private IP address that is exclusively assigned to you, you can opt for this option.

For some reason, every IP address has a different price, which will add to your package’s complete cost.

Does Trust.Zone keep logs?

No, Trust.Zone does not keep logs.

Trust.Zone has a good logging policy and ensures users that they keep no logs of any use-related information. Furthermore, the provider has never been involved in any logging scandal.

Therefore, Trust Zone VPN is a provider that you can trust your privacy with.

Leaks – IP, DNS, WebRTC & Virus Tests

The Seychelles VPN service does not reveal your IP, DNS, WebRTC information online.

I connected to the same US server to conduct leaks testings and received the following results:

IP Leak Test:

As you can see below, there is no IP leak problem with Trust.Zone.


DNS Leak Test:

The provider successfully passed the DNS leak test too.

DNS-Leak-Test-Trust Zone

WebRTC Leak Test:

No WebRTC leaks were detected when testing Trust.Zone for leaks.


Virus Test:

I tested its Windows setup file to check if it exposed any virus or not. Luckily, it did not expose any malware. Here is the snapshot:


Servers – Is Trust.Zone P2P compatible?

While writing this review in Canada, we found that Trust.Zone VPN provides impressive VPN server support to all its users and offers 167 VPN servers in 96 different zones.

The scattered server network all over the globe speaks volumes for the diversity it provides to its users. With servers in Oceania, Europe, North America, Asia, and Africa, you can connect to any of your preferred locations anytime.

Trust.Zone servers are compatible with p2p. Combined with the fact that it has no IP leak problem makes it a good choice for torrenting.

Unfortunately Trust.Zone doesn’t provide thousands of server locations for Digital Nomads in Canada and travelers around the globe

Does Trust Zone Work in China?

Trust.Zone is unreliable in China. For this Trust Zone review, I’ve researched whether its performance in China and found that the provider has been inconsistent in the mainland for some time.

Although it used to work well in the past, you can’t rely on Trust.Zone in China since the country has increased the severity of its VPN crackdown.

Speed – How fast is Trust Zone VPN?

Trust.Zone offers fast average speeds.

To test the speeds, I used three Trust.Zone serves: US, UK, and Germany, and put these to the test on on a 30 Mbps connection. Here are the results:

On the US server, Trust.Zone recorded a speed of 27.43 Mbps, which is very impressive.


The UK server performed even better with 28.53 Mbps:


Finally, the German server was slower than others but still quite fast:


Therefore, Trust.Zone is a considerably fast VPN service to have.

Streaming – Does Trust.Zone support Netflix in Canada?

Trust.Zone is among the VPN providers that effortlessly unblock different content libraries of Netflix.

The provider has special servers with the text “NFX” written next to the server location. Connecting to these servers will grant you access to the Netflix library of some regions Trust Zone offers compatibility with, such as the US and Australia.


I used the US-NFX server to stream Avengers: Infinity War for this Trust Zone review:

Other Streaming Services

Trust.Zone also unblocks Hulu. You will have to use the US-HULU server (as shown in the image above) to unblock Hulu in any region outside the US.

Trust.Zone is quite efficient when it comes to Kodi. Since the service generally works fast and is a powerful unblocker of popular streaming apps, you can use it to access geo-restricted Kodi add-ons without any problems.

However, there is no dedicated Trust.Zone add-on for Kodi, so you will have to use the Windows app and keep it running in the background while using Kodi.

Compatibility – Supports Different Platforms & Devices

In our Trust.Zone review in Canada, we found out that it is compatible with numerous operating systems like Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS.


Trust.Zone Windows

I mainly used the Windows app for Trust Zone VPN review. The Windows client is pretty basic and lightweight, which is understandable because of Trust.Zone isn’t loaded with many extra features. As such, the client is as simple as it needs to be and is very easy to use, though it does look a bit ugly.

But it performs well and connects to servers fairly quickly, so the average looks can be ignored.

Trust.Zone Mac

For Mac, Trust Zone doesn’t offer a dedicated app. Rather, users need to set up Trust.Zone with TunnelBlick, an OpenVPN-based client for connecting to VPN services. As such, there’s not much to comment on since TunnelBlick is an open-source software not owned by Trust.Zone or any other provider, for that matter.

Trust.Zone Android App

Trust.Zone now offers a dedicated app for Android as well. It is very similar to the Trust Zone Windows app with the same visual design and app functionalities. You can connect to your preferred servers at a single tap from the main screen and access other settings from the tab menu.


The app offers good performance and connectivity, making it pleasant to use.

Trust.Zone iOS App

Like MacOS, there is no dedicated Trust.Zone app for iOS-based devices. To get the VPN on your iPhone, you will need to set it up via the OpenVPN app. From there, the VPN works fast like with all other apps, but you won’t get the built-in kill switch functionality.

Chrome and Firefox Extensions

Trust.Zone offers Chrome and Firefox extensions, making it really convenient to control your browsing sessions with the add-on.

Pricing – How much is Trust.Zone in Canada?

Trust.Zone delivers affordable pricing plans to its users. You can avail of four different pricing packages, including a free trial that includes:


You can get a 74% discount by subscribing to its 2 years plan upfront. However, it is still expensive as compared to other VPN like Surfshark. All these plans, excluding the 2 yearly plan, offer 5 simultaneous connections features.

You get a 10-day money-back guarantee with all plans.

Aside from standard subscription plans, Trust.Zone also offers dedicated IP packages. The price of Trust.Zone static IP varies between CA$2.59 – CA$4.30 per month, depending on which country you pick.

There are various payment options available for users, including Bitcoin, PayPal, and credit cards:

Free Trial

Trust.Zone VPN is offering a 3-day test period to every internet user. However, the free trial provides you with a data limit of 1GB and one VPN connection.

Unlike other providers, Trust.Zone doesn’t ask for your credit card information to get the 3-day free account which is pretty awesome if you want to give this VPN a test ride.

Trustworthiness – Trustpilot Rating, Reddit Review & Support

Trust.Zone has a good Trustpilot rating of 3.8/5.0. However, it has only 2 reviews, so it’s wise to offer any verdict based on 2 reviews alone:

Trust.Zone Review Reddit

There aren’t many threads on Reddit discussing Trust.Zone. However, users have expressed satisfaction with Trust.Zone in the following Reddit thread:


Customer Support

In terms of customer support, Trust.Zone offers limited options, including:

  • Support ticket
  • Email

However, the service does not have a live chat feature in its armory, which is disappointing.


Comparison between ExpressVPN and Trust.Zone

If you want to differentiate between these two providers, have a look at this table given below:

Features ExpressVPN Trust.Zone
Price CA$9.17/mo (US$ 6.67/mo) - Save up to 49% with exclusive 1-year plans + 3 months free CA$3.10/mo
Servers 3000+ in 94 Countries including 4 server locations in Canada 202 servers in 100 zones
Compatibility All Devices Windows, macOS, Linux, Android,
iOS, & Mikrotik Routers
Jurisdiction The British Virgin Islands Seychelles
Logging Policy Zero Logs Zero Logs
Customer Support Live Chat & Email Support Support Ticket & Email
Trustpilot Score 4.6 3.8
Website ExpressVPN Trust.Zone

If you are looking for something better then we might suggest checking out ExpressVPN for the same reason. Also, as ExpressVPN’s money-back guarantee makes it a perfect free VPN for the first 30-days of subscription. To read about ExpressVPN in detail, check out our complete ExpressVPN review in Canada.

Trust.Zone Alternatives in Canada

Trust.Zone is one of the best-performing VPNs I have viewed thus far. Still, if it does not match your standards, feel free to check out the following alternatives.

Do I Recommend Trust.Zone in Canada?

After this Trust.Zone review in Canada, Yes, I recommend Trust.Zone without a shadow of a doubt.

Evaluating its different features for this Trust.Zone review in Canada, I liked its different features like a free trial, excellent reliability with Netflixunblocking, budget-friendly pricing, safe jurisdiction, fast servers, effective tunneling protocols, and industry-standard encryption levels.

However, the service needs to incorporate live chat support to facilitate users on an instant basis. Additionally, it lacks dedicated apps for Mac and iOS. It also lacks some of the advanced features that other industry providers are offering, such as multi-hopping.

Nonetheless, it is a powerful VPN that offers real value for money and caters to your privacy and unblocking needs well.

Based on the above analysis, I have no issues in awarding Trust.Zone 3.5/5.0 stars rating overall.

If you’d rather check out a different VPN, go through our VPN reviews 2022 page.

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