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Spotflux Review in Canada: Spotflux shut down its services on August 31, 2017. The picture below is taken from their official webpage, where they clearly mention that they no longer offer their services. But worry not! Here is a better substitute that is far more superior than Spotflux. Check out some of the top VPNs available in Canada:

Spotflux is one fantastic VPN that offers some super-incredible privacy features at budget-friendly prices. According to Spotflux review in Canada it also offers malware, ad, and phishing blocker so users can enjoy maximum security while streaming their favorite shows.


Spotflux Review in Canada: ExpressVPN vs Spotflux Comparison

Features ExpressVPN Spotflux
Price CA$8.71/mo CA$4.11/mo
Servers 3000 in 94 Countries (Including 4 servers location in Canada) Servers in 10 Countries
Compatibility All Devices Windows, Android & iOS
Jurisdiction The British Virgin Islands United States
Logging Policy Zero Log Keeps Logs
Customer Support Live Chat & Email Support No Live Chat Support
Trustpilot Score 4.6 N/A
Website ExpressVPN SPOTFLUX

Having launched officially only three years ago, it is hard to imagine where Spotflux VPN stands in the industry right now. Based in New York, Spotflux VPN operates from the United States under its regulations where online surveillance is legal by law. Even though it claims that it protects you from the outside threats on the internet, we think a detailed take on Spotflux will reveal how hard it is working to be the best VPN service in Canada.

Server Support

We have reviewed all kinds of VPN services, no matter how big or small they are but we have never reviewed a VPN like Spotflux that keeps its server count hidden from the general users. Where other VPN providers take great pride by showing off their huge server network all over the world, Spotflux fails badly when it comes to making its server’s presence count!

Since we could not find anything useful on its website regarding the server support due to poor customer support (more on that later), we had to research different communities and forums to take out the exact number of servers. For what it is worth, Spotflux is ripping its users off by charging them $37.99/year for only 10 servers around the world!

The server locations do, however, include the United Kingdom and the United States. But with a total of 10 servers all around the world and millions of users to cater to, Spotflux falls apart at times due to extra load on servers. Compare the stats with the likes of ExpressVPN and IPVanish, and you will know why people prefer their services moreover Spotflux VPN in Canada.

Encryption and Protocol Support

What kind of VPN service confines its users to use only one protocol? Well, Spotflux in Canada does! It does not offer any other protocol than OpenVPN and offers moderate encryption of 256-bit to protect your data. Even though the protocol is pretty decent, Spotflux fails when it comes to using a lighter protocol with fast speeds!

Take ExpressVPN in Canada for example. It offers the most-widest protocol support to cater to the needs of all sorts of users. They may choose either PPTP or L2TP protocol for online streaming or they may choose OpenVPN for online banking whereas Spotflux operates on a large scale with only one protocol that puts extra load and slows down the speed in return.

Spotflux review in Canada – Poor Pricing & Plans

Spotflux review

We were extremely disappointed to know that Spotflux does not even provide a choice to its users when it comes to pricing plans and packages. Had we been assigned with a task to rate its pricing plan on a scale of 0 to 10, we would have given it a straight zero!

Spotflux provides you with a single pricing plan for different devices. For example, if you are a mobile phone user, you won’t be able to use Spotflux VPN Premium in Canada until you are signed up with its “Mobile Only” version. The mobile-optimized version comes supported with native iOS and Android apps to ensure smooth usage of Spotflux on iPhones and Android devices.

The “Mobile Only” version is available for CA$39.15/year, making it CA$3.25/month. The features are limited (as we have discussed before) and you don’t get what you pay for. On the other hand, we have the Spotflux Premium account that works on all Windows, Mac, iOS and Android devices.

It is available for CA$49.59/year, making it CA$4.13/month. Imagine the agony of a user who pays CA$4.13/month for only one protocol and ten servers all around the world. Now compare the prices of Spotflux with ExpressVPN and you’ll see why we keep mentioning ExpressVPN every now and then. ExpressVPN charges its users (mobile and desktop) with CA$8.71/month and offers 3500 servers with the widest protocol support all over the world!

If you are a user of Spotflux in Canada or still willing to try its premium version, you may take some respite in knowing the fact that it also offers 5 multi-logins to all its users. You can use a single account and sync it across five different (supported) devices of your choice! You may be wondering this Spotflux VPN review in Canada is a bit biased but we have just scrutinized it to give you honest results.

Spotflux review in Canada – Device Compatibility

Whilst all the VPN providers in Canada; offering their custom-built clients across all the platforms, there lies Spotflux that believes in “old is gold” policy and is not ready to evolve with the time yet. Providing support to Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android does is not miraculous; every other VPN provider is doing it!

What sets apart the best providers from the mediocre ones is how far they are willing to go! The VPN industry is full of such providers that are providing assistance to all kinds of devices and operating software! It is such a shame to see there is no support by Spotflux for Linux, Routers (all kinds) and BlackBerry devices. It is definitely one of the weakest links of Spotflux and an area in which it can improve!

Zero Logs – Check!

Spotflux has a zero logs policy when it comes to data logging. While we appreciate the gesture, we believe that it is implemented and fully functions all the time. We are not throwing allegations or ranting randomly against Spotflux, we are claiming that on the basis of the fact that it operates from the United States – the head state of online mass surveillance!

It is important to select a VPN provider in Canada that operates from any other region than the US because of its regulations. Since Spotflux is a US-based VPN service, we would suggest everyone to reconsider their decision before they sign up with Spotflux VPN in Canada.


The above suggestion applies on the users who are signing up with Spotflux to get anonymity in return.

Money-Back Guarantee – Brightest Spot!

We might have roasted Spotflux for its limited features and services, but we were hardly given a chance when we checked its money-back guarantee! Even the kings of VPN industry are not as generous as Spotflux when it comes to the money-back guarantee.

Spotflux offers a 45-day money-back guarantee to all its users. Yes, that’s right; 45 days of testing its services and features! And if you are not satisfied with its performance and you feel it has let you down with its services, you can always ask for a refund. It may fail in other areas, but when it comes to retaining the users with a money-back guarantee, Spotflux does give its viral VPN services a solid run for their money.

Lack of Customer Support

When you stumble across a VPN provider’s website, what is the first thing that you do? You look for customer support through live chat assistance! That is exactly what we did and that is exactly what was missing on the website. Talking from a user’s perspective, it is imperative that you provide him with assistance through your Live Chat support.

Just to be clear here, it provides the live assistance to its premium users only. Not only does that make us feel humiliated, but it also proves a point that Spotflux is doing nothing extraordinary except for making tall claims! Spotflux does provide an FAQ section and a video blog, where the users can find useful blog posts.

Overall we were not completely satisfied with the customer support and we feel there is a great margin of improvement in the Customer Support of Spotflux VPN in Canada.

Does it Work on Kodi?

Yes, it certainly works on Kodi, the free media streaming player.

With that, you can access thousands of live TV channels from around the world.

Let’s find out which are the top rated VPN for Kodi that works best with Kodi player.

More Alternatives to Spotflux in Canada

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Conclusion – Spotflux Review in Canada

We have reviewed several VPN services in Canada but we have never come across a service that claims to provide accessibility and anonymity and yet does the opposite. In our Spotflux review in Canada, we found out that it provides you with only ten servers that have to bear a load of millions of users all around the world. The protocol and customer supports are pretty mediocre to say the least.

Our word? Think twice before investing on Spotflux VPN in Canada. There are other VPN providers in the industry that are doing much better than Spotflux and charging you almost the same or less.