Best Free VPN For iPhone In Canada: 2024’s Ultimate Guide

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In my pursuit of online privacy and with the rise of cyber threats, I understand the critical need for the best free VPN for iPhone in Canada. Many iPhone users in Canada are searching for a reliable VPN that offers top-notch security features without costing a dime. It’s essential to have a free VPN that ensures your privacy and delivers satisfactory performance and usability.

While numerous free VPN options are available for iPhones, many come with security hazards like data harvesting, harmful ads, and insufficient security measures. Therefore, I recommend opting for a trustworthy premium VPN service like ExpressVPN with a free trial or a money-back guarantee.

Moreover, My guide still has a few recommendations for the best free VPN for Canada to use on Iphone that provide a balanced experience with adequate privacy measures. Explore my list of the best no-cost VPN options in Canada to find a service that meets all your needs without expense.

Best Free VPN For iPhone In Canada In 2024 [Quick Overview]

Choosing the best free VPN for iPhone in 2024 doesn’t have to be overwhelming. This concise guide highlights the iOS free VPN services, ensuring your selection process is streamlined and effective.

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How to Test and Select the Best Free VPNs for iPhone in Canada

When it comes to testing VPNs, I implement a structured and detailed approach to ensure the services meet high standards in both functionality and security. Here’s what I look for:

  1. Free Version: Make sure the iPhone VPN provides some form of free service, like a free plan, a trial, or a money-back guarantee. Some might need you to sign up, but others won’t even ask for your email, and they’re still free.
  2. iOS Compatibility: A dedicated iOS app compatible with the latest iPhone models is a must for seamless integration.
  3. Connection Speeds: I test for significant speed reductions that could affect the browsing experience by connecting to multiple servers.
  4. Server Availability and Streaming Compatibility: The ability to unblock geo-restricted content and a decent number of servers are also key factors to consider. All of the above VPNs which I have tested are best for streaming on iPhone, allowing you to enjoy uninterrupted service.
  5. Security Features: I verify the security features of free VPNs for iPhone in Canada, such as AES 256-bit encryption and a kill switch, which are essential for hiding your IP address.
  6. Privacy Policy: I comb through the VPN’s privacy policy to ensure the service adheres to a strict no-logs policy.
  7. Reliability Checks: I look for consistent performance for streaming, gaming, and torrenting to ensure the free-to-use VPN for iPhone won’t let you down when needed.
  8. Customer Support: Access to help when needed is crucial, so I test the responsiveness and helpfulness of the VPN’s customer support team.

Remember, while a free online VPN for iPhone is a good starting point, premium VPNs offer trials or money-back guarantees like ExpressVPN, providing a risk-free way to experience their advanced features.

The Best Free VPN for iPhone in Canada – A Comprehensive Review

A VPN is indispensable for maintaining online privacy and security, especially on mobile devices like the iPhone. I have tested and reviewed 50 free VPN services. I have comprehensively examined the best free VPN for iPhone in 2024.

ExpressVPN – Best Free Trial VPN for iPhone in Canada


ExpressVPN is the best free VPN for iPhone, offering a 30-day money-back guarantee, which allows you to experience their premium service effectively for free during the trial period.


It boasts a vast server network in 105 countries. Swift connectivity across its extensive server network, combined with a proprietary Lightway protocol, allows users to enjoy a smooth streaming experience without the dreaded buffering icon.

Speed test:

I performed an ExpressVPN speed test in Canada by connecting to one of its servers. It achieved a download speed of 89.42 Mbps and an upload speed of 84.64 Mbps on a 100 Mbps internet connection.


I further tested over 30 servers of this VPN, and these 3 offered the best speeds to us:

Advanced Protection Features:

ExpressVPN provides a threat manager that blocks trackers and malicious sites to enhance privacy. Whereas Ad Blocker helps iPhone users to Hide intrusive display ads. Most importantly, ExpressVPN Password Manager, built into the iOS app, securely stores your passwords, notes, and credit card details. Only you can access your Keys account, thanks to it zero-knowledge encryption.

Moreover, the ExpressVPN kill switch in Canada, also known as Network Lock, ensures that your internet traffic is blocked if the VPN connection unexpectedly drops, preventing any exposure of unencrypted data on your iPhone.

iOS Compatibility

ExpressVPN is compatible with iOS 12, iOS 13 or iOS 14. The interface is really simple, making it super easy to connect to ExpressVPN on iPhone in Canada.


You get multiple protocols, Threat Manager, and more on its iOS app.

Ease of Use:

ExpressVPN is the best VPN for iPhone free to use, with a 4.4 rating/5.0 on the Apple App Store. Beyond basic VPN functionalities, it includes MediaStreamer, which allows users to set up ExpressVPN on Apple TV in Canada that do not natively support VPNs.

You can connect devices on a single subscription 8 simultaneously. If you want to protect all your devices, along with your iPhone, then I suggest you install ExpressVPN on routers in Canada.

Plans and Free Trial:

While ExpressVPN costs CA$ 9.09/mo (US$ 6.67/mo) - Save up to 49% with exclusive 1-year plans + 3 months free, its premium features justify the price. For those who prefer to try before committing, an ExpressVPN free trial in Canada is available for users to provide complete peace of mind.

For more information, check out this detailed ExpressVPN review in Canada.


  • Robust encryption and security features
  • High-speed servers ideal for streaming and torrenting
  • User-friendly iOS app with helpful features
  • Wide server network for global access
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


  • Pricier than its competitors
  • Limited iOS (Shortcuts) integration
  • Some IP addresses may trigger CAPTCHAs on search engines

ProtonVPN – Best Free VPN for iOS (iPhone and iPad) in Canada ProtonVPN-iphone-in-Canada

ProtonVPN is the best free unlimited VPN for iPhone as it offers no data limits and no logs of user activity, ensuring your privacy is protected. Its standout feature is unlimited data, which sets it apart from most good free VPNs for iPhone and iPad.


The VPN boasts a solid network of 3,100 servers in over 70 countries. However, free VPN servers for iPhones are accessible only in 5 countries – the United States, the Netherlands, Romania, Poland, and Japan.

Speed test:

Thanks to the WireGuard protocol, ProtonVPN offers impressive speeds suitable for streaming, gaming, and large downloads. In my ProtonVPN speed test in Canada, I received a download speed of 52.37 Mbps and an upload speed of 45.19 Mbps on a 100 Mbps connection.


I could browse with these speeds without any issues.

Encryption and Security:

If you are wondering if is ProtonVPN safe to use in Canada over an iPhone? Certainly! ProtonVPN prioritizes privacy and security with its strong no-logs policy, strong encryption like XChaCha20 encryption, and smart protocol selection for iPhone users.

Additionally, it offers full disk encrypted servers and perfect forward secrecy, and it incorporates an always-on VPN and a kill switch, ensuring that your online activities on iOS devices remain private and secure.


Other features include Secure Core, NetShield, and Always-On.

iOS Compatibility & Ease of Use

ProtonVPN is compatible with iOS 15.0 or later and offers a seamless and intuitive user interface. It’s a free VPN for iOS Canada that also includes essential functions like quick connect, allowing easy, secure server access. With the always-on feature, you won’t encounter issues like ProtonVPN not connecting in Canada.

Plans/Free Trial:

Proton VPN free trial in Canada stands out with unlimited free bandwidth. Despite lacking live chat support, its overall value places it the recommended best free VPN for iPad and iPhone.

For more information, check out the detailed ProtonVPN review in Canada.


  • Unlimited data bandwidth on the free plan.
  • High-speed servers for a smooth online experience.
  • Strong security features to protect iPhone users.
  • No-logs policy for enhanced privacy.
  • Offer iOS free VPN app with intuitive features.


  • Limited to just 5 server locations.
  • You can only have one active connection per account.
  • It doesn’t offer an iOS VPN kill switch.
  • P2P traffic is not allowed.

Windscribe – Reliable iPhone and iOS Free VPN in Canada


Windscribe is a reliable free iPhone and iOS VPN offering a robust data allowance, security, and performance blend. With a generous 10GB of free data each month, Windscribe sets itself apart for users who demand more from their free VPN service without compromising quality and reliability.


It operates a server network in 69 different countries. However, the free version of Windscribe offers access to 11 server locations, including popular countries like the US and UK. This ensures users can easily find a server that provides fast and reliable connections for smooth browsing and streaming on iPhones or iPads.


Windscribe bandwidth limit of 10GB per month in the free version of Windscribe, which varies depending on the plan. However, this allocation can be increased by referring friends or engaging in promotional activities.

Speed test:

During my Windscribe speed test in Canada, I found it incredibly reliable without any noticeable lags or disruptions. On a 100 Mbps connection, I achieved a download speed of 50.67 Mbps and an upload speed of 43.92 Mbps.


However, the speeds would get slower from time to time.


Windscribe uses industry-standard encryption protocols like AES-256 with SHA512 authentication and 4096-bit RSA keys to safeguard your online activities. It also provides the DoubleHop feature, which adds an extra layer of security by encrypting your data twice.

Moreover, its DNS leak protection feature and military-grade encryption offer security, making Windscribe a good free VPN for iPhones. Moreover, it offers a Built-in Firewall (Pro Feature), which can provide an extra layer of protection by filtering incoming and outgoing traffic on your iPhone.


I connected to its US server and easily enjoyed a secure connection on our iOS device.

iOS Compatibility & Ease of Use:

Windscribe is the best free VPN for iPad and iPhones. To use Windscribe on an iPhone or iPad, make sure your device has iOS 10 or newer. But remember, certain features might need a newer iOS version. Using its unlimited simultaneous connection support, you can also set up Windscribe on Firestick in Canada.

Plans/Free Trial:

This VPN may not be the best choice if your online requirements need more bandwidth than 10GB monthly. However, a Windscribe free trial for 24 hours lets you test its paid features.

If not satisfied, you can cancel your Windscribe subscription in Canada within 3 days of its money refund policy.

Windscribe is rated 4.1 out of 5.0 on the App Store. For more information, check out the detailed Windscribe review in Canada.


  • Generous Data Allowance with 10GB of free data per month,
  • Advanced Security Protocols such as IKEv2, OpenVPN, Stealth, and Wstunnel
  • No Logging Policy
  • User-Friendly iOS App
  • Built-in Ad blocker
  • Connect an unlimited number of devices.


  • Streaming platforms like Netflix may be inaccessible with the free version.
  • P2P support is not available on free servers.
  • The response time for customer support queries may be slower

TunnelBear – User-friendly Free VPN for iPhone and iPad in Canada


TunnelBear is a user-friendly free VPN for iPhone and iPad users who prioritize ease of use alongside robust online protection. Its charm lies in its simple design and powerful features that cater to novice and advanced users.


There are 5000 servers in 45 countries on the free version that iPhone users can utilize to hide their IP addresses and attain online anonymity. Along with that, it offers 2GB/mo free.

Speed test:

During the TunnelBear speed test in Canada, I achieved a download speed of 55.27 Mbps and an upload speed of 40.21 Mbps on a 100 Mbps connection.


TunnelBear’s speeds were better than most VPNs on my list.

Security/No Logs Policy:

If you’re unsure whether is TunnelBear safe to use in Canada for iPhones? TunnelBear uses strong encryption protocols to scramble your internet traffic. This makes it unreadable for anyone trying to intercept your data, adding a layer of security on your iPhone over public Wi-Fi or untrusted networks.


TunnelBear’s kill switch is called VigilantBear, and split tunneling is called Split Bear.

It boasts a vigilant kill switch (VigilantBear) and a no-logs policy, ensuring your online activities are private and your identity is protected.While TunnelBear’s iOS app doesn’t offer full Split Tunneling, it allows you to choose which apps use the VPN connection and which ones don’t. This can be helpful if you need to access location-specific services for certain apps.

iOS Compatibility & Ease of Use:

It supports many devices, including a dedicated and intuitively designed iPhone app with iOS 13+. This ensures a seamless and straightforward experience across your iPhone and iPad, with an easy VPN for iPhone free download feature.

Plans/Free Trial:

The free Plan provides 500MB of data, which can be a good starting point for casual browsing and security. For more data, Tunnelbear’s free trial in Canada is also available to users with affordable subscription plans.

This free Apple VPN is rated 4.5 out of 5.0 on the App Store. For more information, check out my detailed TunnelBear review in Canada.


  • Servers in 47 countries
  • Easy-to-use iOS app
  • Offers 1 GB more if you tweet about the service


  • Offers 2GB/mo data only
  • Speeds are average

Hotspot Shield – Free Strong VPN for iPhone and iOS in Canada


Hotspot Shield is a strong free VPN for iPhone and iOS in Canada, largely due to its generous free plan and robust performance. Its strong security with the Catapult Hydra Protocol makes it an excellent option for enhancing online privacy and accessing content on your iPhone.


The VPN boasts a vast server network that spans 3,200 servers in 80+ countries. On the free version, you can access only 1 server in the US.


Just tap on the Connect button and be secure on your iPhone immediately!

Speed Test:

In terms of speed, Hotspot Shield Basic offers decent performance. Although it may not be the fastest free VPN available, it still provides adequate speeds for most online activities on your iPhone. As per my testing of its only US server, it delivered a download speed of 39.56 Mbps and an upload speed of 40.21 Mbps on a 100 Mbps connection.


You can barely use this VPN for streaming purposes.


If you are wondering, is Hotspot Shield safe in Canada? So let me tell you that it offers 256-bit security with OpenVPN and L2TP/IPSec protocols. It also includes a kill switch and an “Always-on VPN” feature to safeguard your data continuously.

However, the service logs more user data than some of its competitors, which might be a concern for the privacy-conscious.

iOS Compatibility & Ease of Use

Hotspot Shield is compatible with iOS 14.0 or later, requires iPadOS 14.0 or later, and offers the best free VPN app for iPhones. It has a 4.2 out of 5.0 rating on the App Store. Despite its simplicity, the app does show ads, which can be a minor annoyance for some users.

For more information, check out my detailed Hotspot Shield review in Canada.


  • Utilizes its proprietary Hydra VPN protocol
  • Ensure a fast speed for streaming, browsing, and downloading.
  • Provides sleek and user-friendly apps for Apple devices.
  • Offers Military-grade encryption


  • The free Plan is restricted to a single device connection at any given time.
  • Daily data usage is capped at 500MB for the free version, limiting extended streaming or large downloads.
  • Subject to US jurisdiction
  • Only one server location (in the US)

Speedify – Fastest Free VPN for iPhone in Canada


Speedify is the fastest free VPN for iPhone in Canada. Its innovative channel bonding technology combines multiple internet connections (WiFi, cellular data, Ethernet) to boost speeds and reliability. This feature makes it the top free VPN for iPhones for enhanced speed without compromising security or functionality.


It offers a robust 200 + servers in 35 countries. However, heavy internet usage may be restricted with a 2 GB/month bandwidth limit. Users can connect to a server close to their location, reducing latency and improving connection speeds.


Just download the app and start using it. You don’t need to sign up for this VPN!

Speed test:

Speedify known for being the fastest VPN for iPhone in Canada.The VPN usually offers good speeds and uses your mobile and WiFi connections to increase your speed.

However, this might result in you running out of mobile data, so be careful. I tested this free VPN on iPad device and got a download speed of 50.28 Mbps and an upload speed of 38.27 Mbps on a 100 Mbps connection.


These speeds were enough for browsing at a limit.


Despite its focus on speed, Speedify does not cut corners on security. It employs ChaCha 256-bit Encryption protocols to protect your data from prying eyes. Additionally, it offers multiple TCP protocols to boost performance and upholds a strict no-logs policy, meaning your personal information remains private.

iOS Compatibility & Ease of Use:

Speedify works really well on any iPhone that has iOS 12 or a newer version. That means it’s good for iPhones with iOS 13, 14, 15, and the latest iOS 16. Speedify’s iPhone app includes key features such as switching between data sources and setting daily or monthly data usage limits to manage your data consumption effectively.

Speedify stands out as a top choice among free VPNs for iPhone. It offers a generous free plan with 2GB of monthly data for basic browsing and light streaming.

This free VPN iOS has a 3.4 out of 5.0 rating on the App Store. For more information, check out the detailed Speedify review in Canada.


  • free VPN iOS without a subscription
  • Combines various connections into one
  • Fast speeds


  • Logging practices are questionable
  • Headquartered in the US (member of the 5 Eyes)
  • Bandwidth is low

Side-by-Side Comparison of the Best Free VPNs for iPhone in Canada

After thorough testing and analysis, I have compiled a detailed comparison of the best free VPNs for iPhone in Canada, which include:

VPNs ExpressVPN ProtonVPN Windscribe TunnelBear hotspotshield speedify
Trustpilot 4.7/5 2.4/5 4.8/5 2.9/5 4.8/5 3.0/5
Apple App Store Rating 4.6 4.6 4.4 4.4 4.5 3.3
Five Eyes, Nine Eyes, and 14 Eyes Member No No Yes (based in Canada) Yes (based in Canada) No Yes (based in USA)
Zero Log Policy Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Security AES 256 Bit AES 256 Bit AES 256 Bit AES 256-bit AES 256-bit AES 256-bit
Data Usage Limit Unlimited on free trial Unlimited 10 GB/mo 500 MB/mo 500 MB/ day 2 GB/mo
Server Locations 105 countries 5 free server locations 11 free servers 47 free server 1 free server location 35 server locations
Simultaneous connections 8 1 Unlimited Unlimited 1 1
Streaming Netflix, BBC iPlayer, YouTube, Max, Amazon Prime, Disney+, and More YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, Disney+ Hulu, YouTube, Amazon Prime, BBC iPlayer. Youtube and Netflix YouTube, US Netflix, YouTubeTV, Spotify
iOS Compatibility iOS 12, iOS 13 or iOS 14 iOS 15.0 or later iOS 10 or newer iOS 13+ iOS 14.0 or later iOS 12, 13, 14, 15, and the latest iOS 16
Apple App Store Availability Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Sign up required? Yes No Yes Yes No No
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How Do I Set Up a Free VPN on My iPhone?

To set up a free VPN on an iPhone in Canada, one must follow these simple steps to ensure a secure browsing experience:

  1. Choose a trustworthy free VPN service. (I recommend ProtonVPN).
  2. Download the desired VPN app from the Apple App Store
  3. Install the app and follow the prompts to add the VPN configuration to your
  4. Open the app, sign in, or create an account if needed.enter-username-in-Canada
  5. Select a server and hit Connect to enjoy browsing with the best free VPN on iPhone!

For a detailed step-by-step guide, refer to the “set up a VPN on iPhone in Canada” instructions, which will help ensure a secure and efficient setup.

Is there a Best free VPN for iPhone without Subscription in Canada?

Yes, there are totally free VPNs for iPhones without a subscription! Such as PrivadoVPN, Proton VPN, Windscribe, Hotspot Shield, and Atlas VPN are among the most reliable providers that offer completely free VPN apps for iPhone. You can utilize their free plans indefinitely without any cost. Importantly, they do not require your credit card information.

However, according to my assumption, ProtonVPN is among the best free VPNs for iPhone without subscription in Canada due to its robust security features, user-friendly interface, and unlimited data allowance.

Risk of Using Free VPNs on iPhone in Canada

Free VPNs, while beneficial, come with certain limitations and risks that users must be aware of. These can range from data caps and slower connection speeds to privacy concerns due to the potential logging of user data.

  • Data Privacy Concerns: Free VPNs for iOS might gather and sell your data. Unlike paid services, some free VPN apps for iPhones lack a no-logs policy, meaning they might collect and monetize your browsing information.
  • Limited Security Features: Free VPNs often lack robust security features to safeguard against harmful ads, viruses, online trackers, or malware. Advanced features like split tunneling or specialized servers are generally unavailable.
  • Performance Issues: Free VPNs typically don’t have the resources to provide fast and efficient service. They may use outdated and slower tunneling protocols, resulting in reduced performance.
  • Restricted Server Options: Free services offer fewer server locations than premium VPNs. This limitation stems from the lack of resources to expand their network.
  • Promotional Ads: Users of free VPNs frequently receive prompts to upgrade their plan for better services and features, which can be intrusive.

For a safer and more enjoyable online experience, selecting reputable free VPN apps for iPhone that respect your privacy and provide a clear no-logs policy is important.

Best free VPN for iPhone Redditor’s Review:

Lets put light on what Redditors have to say about the free VPNs for iPhone:

ProtonVPN’s free version receives positive feedback for its lack of ads, decent speeds, and a strong focus on user privacy. TunnelBear is noted for its user-friendly interface, though opinions on its free version vary. Mullvad earns praise as an excellent VPN, particularly for its paid version. Hotspot Shield’s free version is deemed suitable for basic use but has a daily data limit.

Users express concerns about free VPNs potentially compromising privacy and varying experiences with different providers, seeking options with minimal internet speed throttling.

Keeping all the recommendations in mind, here’s another VPN that can play a good role in iPhone security and privacy: ExpressVPN. Although it is a premium VPN, I still recommend it to my readers because some free VPNs lack different features. That’s why buying a paid VPN gives you all the features you have paid for with complete peace of mind.

Avoid Using these VPNs for iPhone in Canada

Not all iPhone free VPNs are secure and worth using. Some may pose significant risks to your privacy and security. I highlight the free VPNs you should avoid for your iPhone, explaining the reasons behind these recommendations and what red flags to look out for.

Free VPN Provider Why You Should Avoid It
HolaVPN operates as a peer-to-peer network, which could expose your iPhone to significant risks and does not ensure privacy. You can go through my HolaVPN review in Canada to learn more about it.
Opera VPN It functions more like a proxy and does not provide the necessary level of security for safe browsing. To find out more, read my Opera VPN review in Canada.
Betternet It offers a free service, but it has also come under scrutiny for its privacy policies and tracking practices. You can also go through my Betternet review in Canada for further assistance.

Best free VPN for Windows in Canada Experience unrestricted privacy on your Windows with my suggested Free VPN.
Best Free VPN for Kodi in Canada Unblock the world of entertainment on your Kodi media player using our recommended free VPNs.
Best Free VPN for Xbox in Canada Discover free VPNs that work with Xbox for seamless gaming.
Best Free VPN for Firestick in Canada Safeguard your Firestick devices with my top-recommended free VPNs.
Best Free VPN for Samsung Smart TV in Canada Explore the best free VPN for Samsung Smart TV to enhance your streaming experience.

FAQs – Best Free VPN for iPhone in Canada

Yes, there are completely free VPNs available for iPhones in Canada. Select VPNs like Proton VPN that offer a completely free version for download on the App Store. Alternatively, you can use a premium VPN’s free trial or money-back guarantee for a temporary free experience; I highly suggest using ExpressVPN.

The iPhone does not come with a built-in VPN service. However, it does feature VPN configuration settings, allowing users to manually set up a VPN or install one through a third-party app. This setup requires selecting a server to connect to, which may not be straightforward for all users.

For iPhone users seeking a secure free VPN experience in Canada, Proton VPN stands out as the overall best choice. It is recognized for its robust security features, including its proprietary Lightway protocol that ensures fast and secure connections.

Yes, some free iPhone VPNs are safe and reliable. Proton VPN is the best free unlimited VPN for iPhone that offers respectable speeds and robust security features for basic protection without any cost.

While not all free VPNs are reliable, selecting a reputable service with a no-logs policy and strong encryption, like Proton VPN, can provide a good level of security and privacy for iPhone users.

Yes, some VPNs allow manual configuration without an app. However, it’s best to use a dedicated iOS app from a reputable provider for ease of use and updated security features.

Yes, Proton VPN and Windscribe offer free versions that do not require a subscription or payment details. You can enjoy basic VPN services with these providers without any commitment.

Some free iPhone VPNs may not adhere to a strict no-logs policy, potentially collecting and selling user data for profit. It’s important to carefully review the privacy policies of free VPN for Apple devices to understand their data handling practices.

Wrapping Up!

Free VPNs for iPhone offer security that benefits users on a tight budget. After thorough testing and analysis, I have recommended the best free VPN for iPhone in Canada, which secures your internet connection without any financial commitment.

However, for premium features without the constraints of a free service, consider a trusted provider like ExpressVPN. It offers a 30-day money-back guarantee for using the best VPN for iPhone free.

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