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Exciting news for the fans as Tehelka Bhai aka Sunny Arya, is competing for 100 days in one house with other people for the big prize in Bigg Boss 17. The show has already started and is available for 24/7 live streaming on JioCinema. So let’s get right into the guide of how you can watch Sunny Arya in Bigg Boss 17 in Canada on JioCinema with ExpressVPN!

Just because you are not in India doesn’t mean you have to miss Tehelka Bhai in Bigg Boss 17. To bypass this restriction and access JioCinema in Canada, consider using ExpressVPN. In a while, we’ll talk about the characteristics of the ExpressVPN. So, don’t just leave yet!

This guide is going to help you understand how you can also watch Bigg Boss Season 17 in Canada on JioCinema without worrying about your location and IP Address at all. Keep on reading thoroughly!

Additionally, you don’t have to get any sort of subscription at all because you can now stream Bigg Boss 24/7 live free on JioCinema. All reality show lovers have to do is get ExpressVPN to watch their preferred content on JioCinema in Canada! If you are excited to watch the episode of Bigg Boss 17 26 October 2023 coming tonight, you can follow our guide to stream it.

How to Watch Sunny Arya in Bigg Boss 17 in Canada on Jiocinema [Easy Guide]

You can easily watch Sunny Arya in Bigg Boss 17 in Canada on JioCinema with the assistance of the best VPN for JioCinema and by just following the steps mentioned below:

  • Subscribe to ExpressVPN – for tension-free streaming
  • Download and open the App.
  • Connect to an Indian-based server.
  • Visit the JioCinema or get the app.
  • Search for “Bigg Boss 17” and start watching it 24/7!

Plus, before you decide to delete JioCinema account, remember that you can always watch Bigg Boss 17 on JioCinema for free, as the platform is covering the show live 24/7 without any charges.

Curious about where you can stream Bigg Boss 17 24/7 live free? No need to worry as we’re going to address that in the segment of our guide!

Where Can I Watch Bigg Boss Season 17 24/7 Livestream For Free?

Well, you absolutely can stream on JioCinema Bigg Boss 17 live as the platform is broadcasting the show 24/7, which allows you to watch Bigg Boss Season 17 for free. The show is also available to stream on Colors TV at 9:00 PM. It is also a possibility that Bigg Boss may abandon his valued equality concept in this season of Bigg Boss JioCinema Live!


Connect to an Indian Server to Watch JioCinema in Canada

Give up worrying about how much is JioCinema subscription is as the platform offers both a premium and a free plan. Premium plan includes extra features like ad-free streaming, but guess what? With the aid of a VPN, you can always watch Sunny Arya in Bigg Boss 17 in Canada on JioCinema without ever having to take out your wallet!

However, if you also try to watch Bigg Boss 17 Weekend Ka Vaar in Canada on JioCinema without a VPN, you will see the following internal server error because of the geographical restrictions of the platform:

That’s where ExpressVPN steps in. Its amazing ability to bypass the geo-blocks while keeping your online activity private, not only allows you to watch Sunny Arya in Bigg Boss 17 in Canada on JioCinema but also gives you the chance to take a look at the Bigg Boss All Season Winners list without worrying about your location.

Looking for a brief introduction of Sunny Arya Bigg Boss? Then you’re at the right place. Stay with us to find out!

Who is Sunny in Bigg Boss 17?

Sunny Arya, the well-known YouTuber and social media star known as Tehelka Prank, is one of the Bigg Boss 17 contestants who were greatly welcomed. He was born on 15th December, 1989 in New Delhi, India. Sunny Arya in Bigg Boss 17 has made a name for himself in the internet community and has a sizable number of YouTube subscribers.

So all the fans of the famous comedian who are wondering how to watch Sunny Arya in Bigg Boss 17 in Canada on JioCinema, don’t have to worry about the matter anymore, because ExpressVPN got your back. It will bypass the platform’s imposed restrictions that don’t allow you to access JioCinema in Canada!

Wondering why Abhishekh got physical with Sunny Arya in the 17th Season of Bigg Boss? We’ve got your back! Keep reading to know the actual reason!

Why Abhishek Kumar Gets Physically violent with Sunny Arya in Bigg Boss House?

When Sunny Arya attempted to step in between the conflict of Abhishek and Arun, he got caught up in the argument. Abhishek became physically aggressive towards Sunny as a result.

Abhishek tried to strike him with a chair after what initially appeared to be a verbal argument that quickly turned physical. He also injured Feroza Khan by accident. As a result of that, it can be seen in Bigg Boss 17 Episode 2 highlights, that Bigg Boss started talking about the favoritism and betterment of the show!

Why Tehelka Bhai aka Sunny Arya’s wife reacts to him?

The way Tehelka Bhai in Bigg Boss 17 has interacted with other ladies in the house, especially after he gave them his clothes, has upset his wife. She even thought about moving out of the house after revealing her unhappiness in a vlog.

Also, Sunny Arya Bigg Boss 17 wife, expressed in another clip that she wanted to use her wildcard entry to get into the show after leaving the house because of his husband’s actions and teach him a lesson!

Keep reading our guide to know why ExpressVPN is the top-tier VPN to watch Sunny Arya in Bigg Boss 17 in Canada on JioCinema and how it will also help you in Big Boss 17 voting criteria if you’re in Canada!

Why ExpressVPN is the Best VPN to Watch Sunny Arya in Bigg Boss 17 in Canada on JioCinema?

With lightning-fast downloading speeds and robust security, ExpressVPN is the best option to watch Sunny Arya in Bigg Boss 17 in Canada on JioCinema. Because of these fast speeds, you’ll be able to stream on JioCinema buffer-free! That’s amazing, isn’t it?


Watch Sunny Aryan in Bigg Boss 17 in Canada on JioCinema with ExpressVPN

Recommended server: India

Currently, there are 3000 highly secure servers located in 94 countries, including India. Because of this, using ExpressVPN to watch your favorite shows, including Bigg Boss 17 on JioCinema in Canada is dependable. And you know what? The servers are always being improved by them!

In terms of online data security, ExpressVPN never lets you down. It protects your online behavior with a strict no-logs policy and AES-256 encryption. Split tunneling and a kill switch are also used to further improve the security when you watch Munawar Faruqui in Bigg Boss 17 in Canada on JioCinema.

ExpressVPN makes it easy to stream JioCinema on a variety of devices. For instance, you can access JioCinema on FireStick as well as on Windows, MacOS, XBOX, PlayStation, Apple TV and Samsung Smart TVs. This gives you the freedom to watch your favorite content on 8 devices simultaneously!

MediaStreamer is an extra feature that ExpressVPN provides. With this smartDNS technology, streaming is possible on devices that aren’t typically able to use VPNs. So no need to worry about the JioCinema not working at all! Further, you also get 24/7 chat assistance at your disposal.

A reasonably priced monthly service offered by ExpressVPN starts at CA$ 9.04/mo (US$ 6.67/mo) (Black Friday Deal: Grab 3 Free Months + 49% OFF 12-Month Plan) and is backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee.

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Following are some the best series and movies that are enjoyable to watch and are also available if you’re accessing JioCinema on Chromecast:


Yes, absolutely! JioCinema is always at the front of the line. The platform is streaming Bigg Boss 17 live 24/7 for free! However, if you’re not in India, you will need ExpressVPN to enjoy the 24/7 live streaming of Bigg Boss 17 on JioCinema!

Sunny Arya is the man behind the well-known YouTube channel Tehelka prank. He is a famous comedian, Youtuber, and social worker. He was born on 15th December, 1989 in New Delhi, India.

Yes, Sunny Arya had a daughter with his wife, Deepika Arya. She’s the only child Sunny Arya has, as of now. His daughter, Iknoor Arya, was born in July of 2021!

Wrapping Up

Given that Bigg Boss is here, this guide will teach you everything you need to know to immerse yourself in the show’s reality for nearly three months of nonstop entertainment. So, learn how to watch Sunny Arya in Bigg Boss 17 in Canada on JioCinema by following simple steps and how to use ExpressVPN for your convenience in the whole process!

Since JioCinema is only available in India, ExpressVPN is the best option for people who live abroad and wish to watch Sunny Arya in every episode of the show on JioCinema. It assists you in getting over all of these problems with limitations and privacy concerns!