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Watch NHL Draft 2023 in Canada on Hulu and enjoy the biggest night in the NHL season this year as young prospects make their way to the NHL by getting selected by different franchises. Stream the event directly on ESPN, which you can stream with a Hulu + Live TV subscription. You will need a reliable VPN like ExpressVPN to stream Hulu in Canada.

The best VPN for Hulu in Canada will help you get past these geo-restrictions and easily stream the Draft event. With the NHL Draft 2023 date, which is the 28th of June, being just a few weeks ago, it is the best time to get your ExpressVPN subscription now and enjoy seamless streaming of the NHL Draft and other Hulu content.

The guide below will provide you with all the information regarding the event, including its date, time, format, and order of the picks. A review of the best VPN is also included in the guide for your convenience.

How to Watch NHL Draft 2023 in Canada on Hulu? [5 Quick Steps]

Watch NHL Draft 2023 in Canada on Hulu by following the five quick steps below:

  1. Subscribe to a reliable VPN for seamless streaming (Recommended: ExpressVPN).
  2. Download the VPN app onto your preferred device.
  3. Connect the VPN to a US server (Recommended: New York server).
  4. Proceed to the official Hulu website and subscribe to the Hulu + Live TV plan.
  5. Enjoy streaming NHL Draft 2o23 on Hulu!

Note: Hulu requires a paid subscription to stream its content, which is why you will have to pay for Hulu to enjoy Draft Night fully.

Where can I Watch NHL Draft 2023 in Canada?

To watch NHL Draft 2023 in Canada, you can subscribe to Hulu and access the event through their Hulu + Live TV plan. The Draft is scheduled to begin on June 28th and will be broadcasted on ESPN, which is included in the Hulu Live TV subscription. Pay the Hulu price and get instant access to the Draft with your subscription.

It’s important to note that Hulu is geo-restricted in regions in Canada, so if you’re located in Canada, you’ll need a reliable VPN like ExpressVPN to bypass these restrictions and ensure a reliable streaming experience for this decisive event.

How can you Watch NHL Draft 2023 for Free on Hulu?

To watch the NHL Draft on Hulu for free, you can take advantage of the Hulu + Live TV free trial, which can be availed by new subscribers who have gotten their hands on Hulu promo codes. The free trial will grant these users unlimited access to the platform for 7 days.

The Hulu + Live TV free trial, is officially only available for streaming within the United States. However, with the assistance of a reliable VPN like ExpressVPN, you can bypass geo-restrictions and freely access Hulu content without any difficulties or blocks.

When and where is the 2023 NHL Draft?

The highly anticipated NHL Draft 2023 will be hosted at the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville. The first round of the draft is scheduled to take place on June 28th, followed by rounds 2-7, which are expected to occur on June 29th. This star-studded event will provide an exciting platform for teams to select promising players who can end up making an impact on the NHL and its many franchises.

What is the Format of NHL Draft 2023?

The NHL Draft lottery format 2023 will decide the order in which the first 16 picks of the 2023 NHL Draft will be made. This process involves all the teams that did not qualify for the 2023 Stanley Cup Playoffs, as well as teams that have acquired the draft positions of those non-playoff teams.

What’s the Order for the 2023 NHL Draft?

The order of the first 16 picks in the NHL draft has been determined through the Draft Lottery, with the first few picks ranging from 17 to 28 allocated to teams that were eliminated in the first two rounds of the NHL Playoffs.

The remaining picks are assigned based on the performance of the conference runner-ups, Stanley Cup Final runners-up, and the Stanley Cup champions.

The table below shows the order of the NHL Draft 2023 Rankings and the order of their picks:

Pick Team
1 Chicago Blackhawks
2 Anaheim Ducks
3 Columbus Blue Jackets
4 San Jose Sharks
5 Montreal Canadiens
6 Arizona Coyotes
7 Philadelphia Flyers
8 Washington Capitals
9 Detroit Red Wings
10 St. Louis Blues
11 Vancouver Canucks
12 Arizona Coyotes (from Ottawa Senators)
13 Buffalo Sabres
14 Pittsburgh Penguins
15 Nashville Predators
16 Calgary Flames
17 Detroit Red Wings (from New York Islanders via Vancouver Canucks)
18 Winnipeg Jets
19 Chicago Blackhawks (from Tampa Bay Lightning)
20 Seattle Kraken
21 Minnesota Wild
22 Philadelphia Flyers (from Los Angeles Kings via Columbus Blue Jackets)
23 New York Rangers
24 Nashville Predators (from Edmonton Oilers)
25 St. Louis Blues (from Toronto Maple Leafs)
26 San Jose Sharks (from New Jersey Devils)
27 Colorado Avalanche
28 Toronto Maple Leafs (from Boston Bruins via Washington Capitals)
29 St. Louis Blues (from Dallas Stars via New York Rangers)
30 Carolina Hurricanes
31 Montreal Canadiens (from Florida Panthers)
32 Vegas Golden Knights

From where can you Buy NHL Draft 2023 live tickets?

NHL fans lucky enough to attend the Draft can purchase NHL Draft 2023 tickets by visiting the Seatgeek website. The website offers tickets for both nights of the event, with prices ranging from $24 to $40. SeatGeek provides a convenient way to sort and filter tickets based on your budget, allowing you to find the best options that fit your preferences.

What Makes ExpressVPN the Best VPN to Watch NHL Draft 2023 in Canada on Hulu?

ExpressVPN is the best VPN to watch NHL Draft 2023 in Canada on Hulu due to its impressive unblocking capabilities that can effortlessly bypass geo-restrictions, reliable speeds, and strengthened security features. These features make it the optimal choice for NHL Draft 2023 streaming, and other Hulu content.

ExpressVPN: The Best VPN to Watch NHL Draft 2023 in Canada on Hulu

ExpressVPN is the best VPN to Watch NHL Draft 2023 in Canada on Hulu, providing buffer-free streaming with no lag or server crashes.

With an extensive network of 3000 in 94, including over 25+ server locations in the US, ExpressVPN guarantees seamless access to this year’s NHL Draft from in Canada.

We tested ExpressVPN servers with Hulu and found the New York server offers the best streaming for Hulu content, including the NHL Draft 2023. It provides instant connectivity, allowing for smooth streaming of Modern Family without any lag or server interruptions.


The New York server ensures lag-free NHL Draft streaming.

Recommended: USA – New York server

ExpressVPN’s MediaStreamer feature is an exclusive feature on the VPN, enabling access to streaming services on devices that may not natively support VPNs. This allows you to watch your preferred streaming platforms from in Canada.

ExpressVPN consistently delivers reliable performance, averaging 89.42 download speed and 84.64 upload speed on a 100 Mbps connection. These speeds ensure a seamless streaming experience, free from interruptions.

To prioritize user security, ExpressVPN employs strong 256-bit AES encryption and the Lightway Protocol. These measures protect your data, prevent leaks and breaches, and make sure your device is safe from any harmful spam.

With ExpressVPN, you can connect up to five devices simultaneously, allowing for convenient streaming on various devices such as Hulu on iPhone, Roku, Android devices, Xbox consoles, PS4, Samsung Smart TVs, Firestick, and Chromecast. Operating systems like Mac, Linux, and Windows are compatible with the VPN.

Subscribing to ExpressVPN is affordable, costing only CA$ 9.01/mo (US$ 6.67/mo) (Get 49% Off + 3 Months FREE on its 12-Month Plan). The VPN also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, ensuring customer satisfaction with the service.

NHL Draft 2023

What other Hulu Content you can Watch on Hulu in Canada besides NHL Draft 2023?

In addition to the NHL Draft, Hulu offers a diverse selection of live events, shows, and movies for streaming. Here are some of the top choices available on the platform:


The Chicago Blackhawks secured the first pick in the NHL Draft after winning the NHL Draft 2023 Lottery. This grants them the right to make the first selection in the event. Following the Blackhawks are the Anaheim Ducks, who have the second pick. You can witness these teams making their picks live at the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville on the 28th of June.

This year’s NHL Draft features a group of highly sought-after forward prospects, including Connor Bedard, Adam Fantilli, Matvei Michkov, Will Smith, and Leo Carlsson. These talented players possess the capability to make an immediate impact on the game, resulting in them having the highest NHL Draft 2023 odds of being drafted.

NHL Draft tickets are available at a wide range of prices, starting from as low as $6.00 and going up to $301.00. On average, the ticket prices for the NHL Draft would be around $134.00.

Wrapping Up

Watch NHL Draft 2023 in Canada on Hulu to catch all the action of one of the most significant nights of this year’s NHL season. The event will be broadcasted on ESPN, and you can easily stream the channel with a Hulu + Live TV subscription. The platform is available in Canada with the help of a reliable VPN like ExpressVPN, which helps in removing Hulu’s geo-blocks.

ExpressVPN also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, allowing you to explore its features and utilize the service with confidence. Get your subscription now and find out where your favourite NHL Draft 2023 prospects end up in this year’s Draft.