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How to Watch Arthdal Chronicles Season 2 in Canada on Hulu? [5 Quick Steps]

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Where can I Watch Arthdal Chronicles Season 2 in Canada?

To watch Arthdal Chronicles Season 2 online free in Canada, Hulu, the primary channel for this enthralling series, awaits you. However, geo-restrictions may stand in your way. Fear not, ExpressVPN is here to be your digital passport, helping you transcend these boundaries and embark on your international streaming adventure.

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How can I Arthdal Chronicles Season 2 in Canada for free?

To watch Arthdal Chronicles Season 2 in Canada for free, you can avail of a Hulu free trial using exclusive promo codes. During the Hulu free trial, you’ll have unrestricted access to watch Arthdal Chronicles Season 2 in Canada on Hulu for free. Don’t miss this chance to dive into the captivating world of Arthdal!

Leverage ExpressVPN to register for Hulu from in Canada and qualify for the complimentary trial of Arthdal Chronicles Season 2. It’s worth noting that while the trial grants access to the series, the complete season may require you to pay Hulu price to continue watching, as episodes are released weekly.

What is the Release Date for Arthdal Chronicles Season 2 on Hulu?

If you are wondering when is Arthdal Chronicles Season 2 coming out? Arthdal Chronicles Season 2, Episode 1 has already released on Disney on September 9th,2023, at 2 PM (GMT). The series will consist of 12 episodes, each with an approximately 1 hour and 10-minute runtime.

Arthdal Chronicles Season 2 Plot Summary

In “Arthdal Chronicles Season 2,” a decade has passed since the events of Season 1. Over those eight years, Arthdal has quelled the widespread rebellion of tribes decimated by Ta Gon. Meanwhile, the Agos, led by Eun Seom, have unified 30 clans after two centuries.

However, Season 2 is poised to intensify the clash between Ta-Gon’s Kingdom of Arthdal and Eun Seom’s Ago Union. With Eun Seom now ruling the East and Tan-Ya as the Wahan clan’s successor, the looming question is: Who will emerge victorious from this epic confrontation? Only time will unveil the answer!

Arthdal Chronicles Season 2 [Cast]

Here’s a table with the cast of Arthdal Chronicles Season 2:

Actor/Actress Character
Lee Joon-Gi Eunseom
Jang Dong-Gun Tagon
Shin Se-Kyung Tanya
Kim Ok-Vin Taealha
Lee Si-Woo Nun Byeol
Park Hae-Joon Mu Baek
Lee Hae-Woon Ipsaeng
Kang Shin-hyo Tachugan
Ki Do Hoon Yang Cha
Kim Jung-Young Soo Hana
Ha Seung-Ri Chae Eun
Kim Do-Hyun Syeoreujakin
Son Sook Asa Sakan
Cha Yong-Hak Gil Seon
Lee Joo-Won Yeon Bal
Lee Ho Chul Kitoha
Park Jin Mung Tae
Song Yoo-Taek Park Ryang Pung
Min-ho Hwang So Dang
Shin Joo-Hwan Dal Sae
Kwon Dong-Ho Badoru
Jung Suk-Yong Yeol Son
Shin Seo-Woo Arok
Song Jong-Ho Yiseuroobeu
Yoon Sa-Bong Hae Too Ak
Eum Moon-Suk Karat
Lee Woon-San TBA
Park Ok-Chool Agaji
Ryu Si-Hyun Mo Myung Jin
Song Jae-Ryong Geom Bul
Lee Hwa-Ryong Pasa
Oh Jung-Hwan Asa Yon
Kim Min-Song Dokssa
Suho TBA

Is There a Trailer of Arthdal Chronicles Season 2?

Yes, there is a trailer available for “Arthdal Chronicles Season 2.” You can watch the captivating preview of the fantasy drama here:

How Many Episodes of Arthdal Chronicles Are There?

Arthdal Chronicles comprises a total of 18 exciting episodes. Here’s a table representing the viewership ratings of “Arthdal Chronicles” episodes:

Date Episode Nationwide (%) Seoul (%)
2019-06-01 1 6.729 7.736
2019-06-02 2 7.310 8.222
2019-06-08 3 6.435 6.454
2019-06-09 4 7.705 8.952
2019-06-15 5 5.787 5.955
2019-06-16 6 7.226 7.757
2019-06-22 7 5.792 6.199
2019-06-23 8 6.496 7.110
2019-06-29 9 5.767 6.408
2019-06-30 10 6.775 7.461
2019-07-06 11 6.258 7.131
2019-07-07 12 6.771 7.325
2019-09-07 13 6.115 6.767
2019-09-08 14 7.200 8.068
2019-09-14 15 4.830 5.416
2019-09-15 16 6.924 7.440
2019-09-21 17 6.412 7.251
2019-09-22 18 7.373 7.581

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Arthdal Chronicles Season 2

What Else You can Stream on Hulu Besides Arthdal Chronicles Season 2 in Canada on Hulu?

While “Arthdal Chronicles Season 2” on Hulu is undoubtedly a captivating watch, Hulu offers a treasure trove of other latest shows, movies, and sports events that will keep you glued to your screens. And the best part? You can access these best movies on Hulu from anywhere with the help of a reliable VPN like ExpressVPN.

    1. FIBA World Cup 2023 Final
    2. That’s So Raven
    3. LSU Tigers Football
    4. Dragons: The Nine Realms Season 7
    5. Court Cam
    6. Donyale Luna Supermodel
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So, whether you want to watch Kdramas in Canada on Hulu, crime mysteries, heartwarming dramas, or adrenaline-pumping sports, Hulu has something for everyone, and ExpressVPN makes sure you don’t miss a minute of it.


Eun Seom’s father is Asa Hon, a prominent figure in the Wahan tribe.

Lee Joon-gi will take on the challenge of portraying both Eun Seom and SaYa, characters with strikingly different personalities. As a determined and formidable warrior, he sets his sights on achieving the coveted title of Aramoon Haesulla, declaring, “For Tan Ya and for my people” in a gripping recent teaser.

Season 1’s actors, Jang Dong Gun and Kim Ok Vin reprising their roles as Tagon and Tae Alha, will remain in Season 2. However, Season 2 sees Lee Joon Ki and Shin Se Kyung stepping into the roles of Eunseom/Saya and Tanya, taking over from Song Joong Ki and Kim Ji Won.

Wrapping Up

Unlock Arthdal Chronicles Season 2 on Hulu globally with the power of ExpressVPN. In this blog, we’ve outlined a complete guide to watching Arthdal Chronicles Season 2 in Canada on Hulu. With ExpressVPN, you can seamlessly bypass geo-restrictions and immerse yourself in the epic tale of “Arthdal Chronicles” Season 2.

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