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Watch The hundred with Andy Lee Outside Australia on 9Now

Are you a fan of Any Lee? If yes, then you don’t want to miss The hundred with Andy Lee. The new comedy series premieres on 9Now, starting February 7, 2023. For viewers in Canada, 9Now is geo-locked in Canada due to privacy laws, copyright, and content licensing laws. Get ready to learn how to watch The hundred with Andy Lee in Canada on 9Now.

The VPN helps unlock 9Now in Canada by changing your streaming device IP address. It helps reroute a device’s IP address to one of the VPN server locations in Australia. This allows viewers from in Canada to stream all 9Now shows like everyone else in Australia.

You can be sure of laughter moments with Andy Lee. Don’t miss out on these exciting comedy series.

Keep reading below as we preview it and break down the steps you can take to watch it in Canada.

Watch The hundred with Andy Lee In Canada on 9Now – [Easy Steps]

Are you excited about the new Andy Lee comedy series: The Hundred? Follow the quick steps below to easily watch The hundred with Andy Lee in Canada on 9Now:

  1. Get a premium VPN service with multiple servers. (We highly recommend ExpressVPN due to its server abundance).
  2. Download and install the VPN to a choice of your streaming device.
  3. Fill in the necessary VPN details and purchase a subscription package.
  4. Connect the VPN to one of the Australian servers.
  5. Navigate to the 9Now website or app and start streaming The hundred with Andy Lee. Enjoy watching!

Why do we need VPN to Watch The hundred with Andy Lee In Canada?

You need a VPN to watch The hundred with Andy Lee in Canada on 9Now because of the channel’s geo-restrictions. 9Now is an Australian-based channel geo-locked in Canada. Due to agreements with production companies looking to protect their content, 9Now cannot broadcast in Canada.

This is where a VPN service like ExpressVPN comes in to help bypass the geo-restrictions. The VPN helps change your IP address to a server in Australia, therefore, unblocking 9Now.

Where to Watch The Hundred With Andy Lee Season 4 In Canada?

You can watch The hundred with Andy Lee in Canada on 9Now. The comedy series is exclusive to the Australian-based 9Now channel. The show premieres on 7th February, 2022. Make sure you mark your calendars and await the premiere date.

For viewers in Canada, a VPN is crucial to access 9Now. Follow the simple steps outlined above to easily access 9Now and watch the comedy series from in Canada.

When does The Hundred With Andy Lee Season 4 come out?

The hundred with Andy Lee’s release date is set to come out on 7th February 2023 and will premiere on 9Now. The comedy show returns back to your screens for the fourth season on the first Tuesday of February. Channel 9 Tweeted about the release date.

Be sure to mark your calendar as you wait to be entertained. The show is hosted by Andy Lee and stars big names like Mike Goldstein.

What Kind of Show The Hundred With Andy Lee Season 4 Is?

The genre of The Hundred with Andy Lee is a comedy game show. It’s a fun-filled comedy game show where panellists will battle to answer questions.

Panellists try to answer audience’s questions and see who knows Australia the best.

Who is in Host of The Hundred With Andy Lee Season 4?

The host of The Hundred with Andy Lee Season 4 is Any Lee himself. The entire show is presented by Andy Lee, who hosts the three panellists. It’s also starring Mike Goldstein, among other top comedians.

Comedians joining Andy Lee on the show include Tom Gleeson, Nazeem Hussain, Hamish Blake, Luke McGregor, Sophie Monk, Nath Valvo, Tommy Little, Susie Youseff, Lizzy Hoo, regular panellist Mike Goldstein, the audience and many more.

How Does The Hundred With Andy Lee Season 4 Work?

The Hundred with Andy Lee is a battle among three guest panellists hosted by Andy Lee to see who knows Australia best. The show picks 100 guests to represent the demographic of Australia. The audiences join via zoom and appear through the giant screen during the show.

Audiences are polled life, giving a statistical view of Australia. The panellists will analyze the questions and share their own experiences. This is a fun and thrilling show that you shouldn’t miss.

Is there a The Hundred With Andy Lee Season 4 trailer?

Yes, there is a trailer for The hundred with Andy Lee. It’s a comprehensive trailer that gives you details of what you expect in the new comedy series.

You can watch the trailer HERE as you await the release date.

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Yes, The Hundred with Andy Lee is worth watching. The game show is quite exciting and one you can be sure to enjoy.

The first series of the show was filmed in Sidney in 2021 due to the Covid-19 restrictions. The second part of the series was then filmed in Melbourne.

Endemol Shine Australia, who works with the 9Now Network, is credited with creating The Hundred with Andy Lee.


The Hundred with Andy Lee is a must-watch comedy series that will leave you in stitches. The show is available on 9Now, which is geo-locked in Canada.

Get a reliable VPN today to watch The Hundred with Andy Lee in Canada on 9Now. Go ahead and download ExpressVPN, which is highly optimized for this!