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Comparison: BTGuard VS Best VPN Providers

VPN ProvidersBtguardpurevpnipvanish
Servers5+ in 3 Countries450+ in 100 Countries160+ in 60 Countries
Multi LoginNone52
Money Back GuaranteeNone3-Day7-Day
Torrent FriendlyYesYesYes
Visit ProviderVisit ProviderVisit Provider

Why BTGuard

BTGuard is an anonymizing tool for all torrent freaks out there. No matter what you do, there’s always a risk of identity disclosure at the time of downloading torrents and use your top torrent sites. In addition, what you’re downloading is also subjected to surveillance. Hence, you need a secure tool to hide all your online activities.

BTGuard is one of the renowned names when we talk about anonymization. With its versatile package plans, BTGuard is a considerable option for those who seek security and for those who wish to bypass geo-restrictions.

BTGuard offers two main services to fulfill the demands of two aforementioned internet user categories: VPN and BitTorrent Proxy. In this review, we will analyze different aspects of services offered by BTGuard in comparison with the price charged for services.

Furthermore, this review will critique BTGuard with respect to its performance and make recommendations accordingly. So, if you are thinking of purchasing any of BTGuard’s services, this review is a must-read for you.


BTGuard Packages and Pricing

BTGuard offers you two package plans to choose from. BTGuard’s packages cater to divergent needs.


BitTorrent Proxy

For all torrent freaks out there, BTGuard offers BitTorrent Proxy. Through this package plan, users will not only be able to evade geo-restrictions; but, they will also be able to upload and download files anonymously.

By using BTGuard’s BitTorrent Proxy, you can mask your real digital identity and hide behind a proxy IP. This allows you to anonymize yourself and enjoy torrents as much as you want without compromising your real identity. No one will be able to know or trace you, no matter what you download or share.

The price charged for BitTorrent Proxy is $6.95 per month. Disguising your real identity and bypassing geo-restrictions isn’t the only set of benefit you get by using BTGuard’s BitTorrent Proxy. With this package plan, you can cope with throttling issues from your ISPs as well.

Lately, there have been many concerns about ISPs throttling bandwidth. You can cope with all of them easily with BTGuard’s BitTorrent Proxy. Therefore, it can be said that BitTorrent Proxy is a cost-effective option for those who love to share but want to keep their identity concealed.



For those who are concerned about their security, BTGuard offers a VPN to safeguard their privacy. This package plan is offered to users whose preferences aren’t confined to evading geo-restrictions only.

The price charged for BTGuard VPN is $10.15 per month. With BTGuard’s VPN, you can keep your online activities discreet and protect your valuable data through sophisticated levels of encryption.

BTGuard offers 256-bit encryption. This means that even if a hacker successfully infiltrates your network security and tries to access your data, he will get nothing but encrypted information.

Through geographically scattered servers of BTGuard, you can cope with censorship issues in your country and bypass geo-restrictions imposed by other regions around the globe. With BTGuard VPN, you can access content from Europe, Asia and Canada with ease without worrying about any limitation at all.


Server Network

BTGuard has a geographically dispersed server network. There are 3 main locations that serve as BTGuard’s network points: Canada, Netherlands and Singapore. As per their claim, BTGuard’s server network is smartly installed and it doesn’t affect connection speed or performance.


Protocols and Encryption

Protocols and encryption are important factors to look for before purchasing a VPN. These are the elements through which a VPN protects your valuable data and makes your security invulnerable.

BTGuard’s VPN supports PPTP (Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol) and OpenVPN protocols. Furthermore, BTGuard offers 256-bit AES encryption for unbeatable privacy and data security.




Device compatibility is one of the important factors to look for before buying a VPN or any other tool you may use to ensure your privacy and security. In order to cope with our on-the-go routine, we often need to carry our devices along with us. Such device mobility requires a VPN to be compatible with different devices.

BTGuard is compatible with different operating systems and devices such as PC, Mac, Linux, Tablets and Smartphones. Furthermore, BTGuard offers torrent-supported proxy and VPN. So, you can enjoy BTGuard’s BitTorrent Proxy and VPN on-the-go.


Customer Support

Sadly, BTGuard doesn’t provide live customer or tech-support. However, it welcomes all queries and concerns via tickets. There are two main departments that you should address in case you face an issue with the service or wish to inquire about a random concern: sales department and support department.

Sales department will answer all your queries regarding BTGuard’s services and package plans. In order to contact their sales team, all you need to do is visit their official website, enter your email and jot down the question you wish to ask.



To check the promptness of their response, I contacted their sales team and submitted a random query. Below mentioned snapshot is the time frame to expect response from their side. To be honest, 1-3 days response time is terrible if you consider modern customer care practices.


On the other hand, BTGuard’s support team is always there to resolve your concerns pertaining to their services. In order to contact BTGuard’s support team, you need to be a user of BTGuard’s BitTorrent Proxy or VPN. To contact their support personnel, you need to enter your BTGuard login along with your query for them to respond to your concern.



Payment Methods

Diversity in payment methods is necessary as it influences customers’ buying behavior. Everyone likes to pay for the purchased services as per his/her convenience. Hence, a service provider, especially in VPN industry with intense competition, must offer different payment methods to choose from.

BTGuard offers diversity in payment methods by supporting transactions via PayPal and Credit/Debit Cards. In addition, BTGuard accepts transactions through Bitcoin. This shows that BTGuard isn’t only concerned about its profits, but cares for the privacy of its customers as well.



Sadly, BTGuard does not offer customized VPN software of its own as yet. On the contrary, BTGuard supports generic OpenVPN software which is to be used by its customers. This is a severe flaw as I see it because if someone spends $10.16 per month for a VPN, he would expect at least a good VPN client instead of an open source software.


Free Trial

Unfortunately, BTGuard doesn’t offer a free trial to its customer. So, if you wish to purchase BTGuard’s BitTorrent Proxy or VPN, you will have to pay for it. Furthermore, we couldn’t find anything about money back claim as well.

We have inquired about it from their sales personnel and we will update this section as soon as they respond. Meanwhile, we would suggest that you should inquire from their sales team about money back warranty – if you seek one.

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Logs and Privacy

BTGuard doesn’t collect or store information related to your IP address. Nor does it maintain any logs of how you use the service.


Wrapping Up

In the end, I will leave you with a few pros and cons explored after thorough research about BTGuard. These pointers will sum-up the above discussion and hopefully facilitate your purchase decision.


  • No logs maintained
  • Smartly categorized package plans: BitTorrent Proxy and VPN
  • Servers installed in Europe, Canada and Hong Kong
  • Reasonable price
  • Device compatibility: runs on PC, Mac, Linux, Tablets and Smartphones
  • 256-Bit AES encryption
  • Torrent support
  • Diversity in payment methods
  • No traffic or online activities monitored


  • No live support
  • No free trial or money back warranty
  • Doesn’t provide customized VPN client, relies on OpenVPN software instead
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6 Responses to BTGuard Review – Your Friend To Download Torrent

  1. San says:

    Subscription for one month and paid by Paypall
    In Asia could not get conncetion.
    No help only faqs
    Immediate made claim and Paypall made refund.
    However BTQuard took money for the next month.
    BTQuard is a SCAM…

  2. Disappointed says:

    Been a BT Guard subscriber for more than 2 years but am totally disgusted by their non-existent support. I will never go back. Much better packages available anyway.

  3. JohnDoe#13 says:

    Being someone that has been sued by Hollywood for alleged copyright infringment, I do appreciate how BTGuard has been on top of the issues that arise in the encryption packages (SSL/DNS/etc.) and has a policy that they have too much traffic to log it. Unlike IPVanish which will cancel you without notice if they don’t like what or where you go on the web for any reason, etc., etc., etc. Having no logs provides another level of security and privacy for it’s users. I have consistently gotten a 10MB speed using them. My only real complaint is that there is no way using their service on other platforms (Linux, Router, Mac) to FORCE all traffic through the tunnel and to demand that if there is no VPN to not send any traffic through the public IP.

  4. kyle says:

    had a sub for the past year or two and has worked fine, but now i try it on my computer and it wont work for no reason, ipad connection works fine, no support, and super expensive comparatively. good fuckin bye btguard

  5. ex-BTguard user says:

    BTguard aren’t accepting Bitcoin payments for at least the past two days. Their customer support is non existent too. 🙁

  6. Alex Y. says:

    The speed is extremely slow there:
    – 5mbps over BTGuard
    – 25-50mbps over PIA’s Canadian servers (I am from California).

    Such a slow speed makes BTGuard practically unusable, also, their price is 2x higher than for PIA. So my 1Y BTGuard subscription was definitely a mistake, and btw, they denied to provide a partial for it (even pro-rated w/ monthly payment plan).

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