Brazil vs. Mexico – Facts, Predictions and Much More

Brazil’s Win against Croatia

Brazil earned a historic 3 – 1 win against Croatia but this doesn’t prove Brazil as an unbeatable contender. Marcelo’s own goal proves that there were some loopholes in Brazil’s defense. Nonetheless, as far as its offense is concerned, Neymar and Oscar played that part perfectly. Though, a penalty offered to Brazil is still debatable which really turned the tide against Croatia.


5 Times World Cup Champion

Brazil is a 5 times FIFA World Cup winner. This makes Brazil a worthy opponent. However, Mexico won’t go down that easy.


Brazil’s Lethargic Defense

Irrespective of impressive performances by Neymar and Oscar, Brazil showed a lethargic game play. Its defense was weak and Croatia couldn’t cash-in the opportunity. So, the last win was a bit lucky.

However, Mexico would beat them cold if they depict same lethargy in their game play especially their defense or it would turn out to be a disastrous defeat. Mexico’s lethal attack would take them down.



Mexico’s FIFA squad is equipped with great Forwards like Dos Santos and Peralta.




So, Marcelo really needs to put his head in the game this time.

Previous Statistics

Statistics referring to the past matches between these two teams favor Brazil though. There have been 38 matches between Brazil and Mexico; 22 won by Brazil, 10 won by Mexico and 6 concluded as draws. So, a glimpse of the past reflects that Brazil has had an upper hand over Mexico – statistically speaking.


Hulk and Neymar’s Injury

There are some hardships faced by Brazil’s FIFA squad at the moment; starting off with Hulk’s muscle injury during training. Hulk is Brazil’s key player in FIFA squad. Though Hulk insists on playing, his availability is doubtful due to his condition.

There hasn’t been any news regarding Neymar’s troubled ankle too. With these two players out of the lineup, Brazil would more likely lose this match against Mexico. This however is only a hypothesis; can’t wait to find out the results after watching the match.


Geo-Restrictions on Streaming

To those victimized by geo-restrictions, extensive searching for streaming sites won’t help here. Even if you do find a streaming site, pathetic audio and video quality would mess up your amusement. Luckily, BBC iPlayer, one of the renowned streaming platforms, offers HD live FIFA streaming.

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