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Sick and tired of latency ruining your online gaming experience. Say hello to the firt Gamers Private Network (GPN), WTFast! WTFast is a GPN designed to help gamers reduce their latency and increase game speed.

WTFast has been designed specifically to help heavy duty gamers who play games like World of Warcraft, Diablo, Tera, GuildWards, League of Lengends, DOTA 2, World of Tanks, Blackshot, Tibia, Blade & Soul, and many more!


Using a Gaming Private Network

Gamers have been using Virtual Private Networks to reduce lag and take advantage of heavy duty VPN servers to reduce latency for a long time now. WTFast is the first VPN service that is built just for gamers. The people who run WTFast are MMO gaming lovers.

WTFast works by packaging and streamlining game data, and routing it through the shortest possible route to the game server. WTFast uses high internet speeds powered by a super-strong network architecture.

As a result, once you connect to the WTFast GPN server, your game play becomes immensely smoother and stronger.


How Does WTFast Reduce Latency?

With WTFast, you get the following kick-ass benefits that come together to minimize your latency!

  • Reduced lag levels with improved game connection through dedicated network
  • No Video Ads to help ensure that the dedicated GPN stays unpolluted
  • Email Customer Support
  • Priority connectivity over a Tier 1 Network
  • Customized WTFast Server Ports
  • Capacity to execute silent options for increased convenience
  • Support for countless MMO games


The WTFast Dashboard

WTFast comes with a free custom software that connects you to the WTFast GPN servers. Using this software, you can manage your connection and keep an eye on your GPN’s health so that you can compare your improved gaming experience with the below-average experience you would have been having if you were not using WTFast.

WTFast lets you monitor your Ping Average, your Ping Spikes, your Ping Flux Average, and your 10 Second Ping.

  • You can monitor your Average Ping and see if it is staying under the optimal limit of 10ms.
  • You can monitor your Ping Spikes to keep an eye on dramatic Ping rises.
  • WTFast lets you monitor your Ping Flux Average, which is they average increase in ping with relation to your Ping Spikes. Connecting through WTFast helps you keep your ping flux average lower than your overall ping average, ensuring a stable connection.
  • The 10 Second Ping shows the average in-game ping experienced in the last 10 seconds. The idea behind using WTFast is to keep the 10 second ping average accurate to within 10ms.


Packages & Plans

But setting up and running a GPN is a very difficult task, which is why WTFast is not a free service. WTFast offers two packages: Basic and Advanced. Both packages are available in 1, 3, 6 and 12 month plans.

WTFast is built for multi-player gaming. This means that WTFast lets you connect more than one computer over a single WTFast GPN account.

BASIC: The Basic package starts from $5.99 for a full month and comes down up $4.99 per month if bought in a 12 month bulk subscription.

ADVANCED: The Advanced package starts from $9.99 for a full month and comes down up $8.32 per month if bought in a 12 month bulk subscription.


Payment Options

WTFast accepts VISA, MasterCard, PayPal, and Bitcoin. Payments are also accepted through Paymentwall but a 15% service charge is levied if that option is used.


Latency Reduction for Teams & Clans

You can select the maximum number of computer that will be playing over a single WTFast GPN account when you sign-up. This helps WTFast calibrate its GPN servers for maximum performane for its users. The price of the packages/plans continues to increase as the number of users who will use a single GPN through a single account will rise.

WTFast knows that the clan culture is very popular amongst online gaming fans, which is why it allows you to team up with your friends and get one account that supports multiple computers. This makes WTFast ideal for gamers who like setting up their servers and playing with their team mates.


The World Needs WTFast

Gamers frequently run into trouble because they lose all their achievements when lag makes them vulnerable in the battlefield.

Entire careers are lost within the blink of an eye because of a delayed response caused by lag and latency.

That is why Gaming Private Networks are becoming increasingly popular.

Gaming Private Networks like WTFast are super secure and lightning fast – which makes them perfect for professional and passionate gamers. They do more than virtually eliminating latency by giving gamers complete control over speed monitoring and management.

Game on!