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Ever since I started watching Arrow I have been observing that they have shown a lot of Easter eggs which helps in foreshadowing about the show. In season one Laurel’s Mom says she will be going back to Central City and she will be there in a “Flash”. This was a direct reference to The Flash.

If you haven’t figured it out yet, central city is the hometown of our favorite super hero The Flash. This gave me a hint that Flash might make an appearance later in the season.

The Flash

Though he didn’t make an appearance in the first season he did make an appearance in the second as Barry Allen. And because of the good reception he got, CW decided to make his own series.

Getting back to the point, I have heard characters making a lot of mentions of Coast City, which is the home town of Hal Jordan aka Green Lantern.

Though I do understand that this could be nothing but a stint to please the fans and keep them guessing but we have seen that the Arrow team isn’t shy of expanding their universe.

We have already seen Clock King and Nyssa Al Ghul which belong to the Batman’s Rogue gallery. And now Oder Feher is in talks to play the Big Baddie Ra’s Al Ghul.

Clock KingNyssa



There is another Speculation that John “diggle” is just a nick name and his real name could be John Stewart. I was very skeptical about this so I decided to further Dig-in and found out that his last name is taken from Andy Diggle who is the creator of the comic.

Though I would not prefer (or Believe) that Diggle will be the future GL but I do believe that having ANY GL in the show would be awesome.

Well if you are still not convinced I have another Clue left by Executive Producer Marc Guggneheim in one of his tweets.

And the same Easter was dropped by Stephen Amell himself on his Facebook page. He posted the following picture with no text.

For those of you who don’t know Ferris Airlines is run by the love interest of Hal Jordan named Caroll Ferris. The Tag line “We Fly Without Fear” is a reference to the Green Lantern Corps, whose rings are powered by sheer force of will, leaving no room for any kind of fear.

If this doesn’t convince you then I don’t know what will. The appearance of Hal Jordan on Arrow is still a long shot but if he does make an appearance just remember that you found out about it here first.

Take care fellow Arrowheads.

Green arrow

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