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So just like you, I’m stuck at home because of the COVID-19 situation. Apart from consuming healthy food, one thing I’ve been consuming, even more, is Netflix among other streaming services. But where I’m from, I can’t watch certain shows without using a VPN and it’s super frustrating.

I’m sure you’re going through the same dilemma…

So while my dependency on VPNs has increased exponentially these days, I came across one annoying issue. To cut to the chase, I found out that a lot of VPNs that claim 24/7 live chat support, no longer offer it during the COVID-19 crisis.

Now I’m pretty familiar with how to set up VPNs and troubleshoot them if I come across any issues, however, for a newbie who’s working from home, I know how annoying this can be. After all, if you pay a premium for live chat support, you better expect it readily available 24/7.

So with a decent amount of spare time on my hand, I decided to see which VPNs are actually offering 27/7 live chat support. To make my life a lot easier, I simply used a tool available on our VPN reviews page to get a list of VPNs that offer 24/7 live chat support. In total, I spent hours reaching out to 30 popular VPN providers.

Here are my findings…

So, which VPNs offer 24/7 live chat support?

So as I mentioned, I reached out to 30 popular VPN providers to see if they’re currently offering 24/7 live chat support amid the Coronavirus pandemic. I didn’t ask anything too technical and simply inquired whether or not they offered free trials. Here’s a list of all 30 providers I reached out to:

S.No VPN Provider 24/7 Live Chat Rating
1 ExpressVPN Yes 5 Stars
2 Surfshark Yes 5 Stars
3 NordVPN Yes 5 Stars
4 PureVPN No 5 Stars
5 CyberGhost Yes 5 Stars
6 Ivacy Yes 3.5 Stars
7 Norton Secure Yes 3.0 Stars
8 Astrill Yes 4 Stars
9 Digibit VPN No 0 Stars
10 No 0 Stars
11 Goose VPN No 0 Stars
12 HideIPVPN Yes 3 Stars
13 HideMyAss Yes 4.5 Stars
14 IPVanish Yes 4 Stars
15 OVPN No 0 Stars
16 IVPN No 0 Stars
17 Le VPN Yes 3.5 Stars
18 Namecheap VPN Yes 3.0 Stars
19 Windscribe No 0 Stars
20 Private Internet Access Yes 4 Stars
21 PrivateVPN No 0 Stars
22 SaferVPN Yes 3 Stars
23 SmartDNSProxy Yes 4 Stars
24 StrongVPN Yes 4 Stars
25 SwitchVPN Yes 3.5 Stars
26 TigerVPN No 0 Stars
27 TorGuard No 0 Stars
28 VyprVPN Yes 4.5 Stars
29 Zenmate No 0 Stars
30 ZoogVPN Yes 3.5 Stars


ExpressVPN is one of the most premium VPNs out there. They offer professional best-in-class live chat support to their customers. When I went on to their website and clicked on the live chat option, I was happy with the support agent’s response.



Next, I reached out to Surfshark. Similar to ExpressVPN, Surfshark is also offering live chat support. Previously, you had to log on to their website to access the live chat features, however, that doesn’t seem to be the case anymore. I talked to their support representative Abe and he was very professional and quick.


NordVPN also offers live chat support, however, what I found interesting about NordVPN is that their support representative provided a very detailed answer. And I’m not talking about copy-pasted answers either.



Out of all 30 providers that I reached out to, PureVPN also responded immediately. I inquired about their servers in China and got a response in under a minute. Overall, they’re actually offering 24/7 support even during the COVID-19 crisis.



CyberGhost is also offering 24/7 live chat support these days. Their support team was also very quick to respond. Aside from the auto-generated message, their support representative Angeline got back to me very promptly.



Ivacy’s 24/7 live chat support option is working currently. Their support team got back to me quite quickly, however, what I didn’t like was they sent me copy-pasted answers. That’s something I don’t appreciate.


Norton Secure

Norton Secure’s live chat support was quite a disaster. At first, I forget that they were even offering live chat support. That’s how long they took. When I finally got a notification, I got connected to one of their support representative “Muthu A”. However, he/she left the chat abruptly.


Then I got connected to “Aniket” and he/she also left the chat shortly after inquiring about the problem. At this point, I was very disappointed. Then after that, I got connected to “Geeta Behrunani”, who again inquired about the problem I was facing even though I had already explained my problem twice. Anyways, after spending like half an hour or so, I finally managed to get some decent help.


Rest of the remaining 23 providers

As for the remaining 23 providers, some offered live chat support and others didn’t. I even came across a few providers that simply had bots running on their chat option. You can check out the table that I covered earlier in this blog post. But if we go into a bit of detail, Astrill, HideMyAss, IPVanish, Le VPN, VyprVPN, SwitchVPN, SaferVPN, StrongVPN, SmartDNSProxy, and ZoogVPN were by far the best.

Other providers like Digibit, PrivateVPN, TigerVPN, TorGuard,, Goose VPN among other providers didn’t impress me too much. Either these providers were slow, or weren’t offering live chat support features at the time of writing this blog post.

Wrapping up!

So there you have it, these were 30 VPN providers I reached out to. As you can see, not every provider advertising 24/7 live chat support is actually offering it during the COVID-19 crisis.

Overall, if you were to ask me for my experience compiling this blog post, I would say that I was highly impressed by ExpressVPN followed by Surfshark, and extremely disappointed by Norton Secure. I hope you found this post informative, do let me know in the comments if you want to do anything.