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VPN servers are not made equal. That is one of the reasons why bigger VPN providers usually consist of a huge network of servers, often categorized by purpose. Some servers are dedicated to torrenting, while others may be more optimized for streaming and gaming.

The performance of different servers varies for different activities, and it’s not always clear which server you should use for any specific purpose.

We tested some popular VPN providers to determine their performance for streaming, torrenting, and gaming. This article is a summary of the results of our testing.

What is a Server?

In the continuously revolutionizing technological environment, almost every user has come to a point in his life where he has heard about “Server”. To expel delusions let me simplify, “server” is a computer program or a physical device that can facilitate and provide service to another program or device, that is called “client”.

When we talk about the services offered by the server, it varies. The server can be used to manage different resources. Commonly there are two types of servers i.e. dedicated servers and shared servers. Dedicated servers are optimized for specific tasks for example Database servers, File servers, Mail servers, Print servers, Streaming servers, Web servers, Game Servers, and Application servers.

On other hand, there are shared servers that can perform a range of services. These servers can perform activities including e-mail service, Domain Network Server, FTP, and Web servers as well. However, both types of servers have one important attribute, i.e. servers are live all the time, this is due to the constant need for services by clients. For this reason, servers are generally self-diagnosed and error resistant.

VPN Server

A VPN server is specifically optimized and protected with various tunnels for safe connection. It provides L2TP tunneling of information, so that your credit card numbers, user ids, passwords, private emails, and confidential chat conversations are safe. Even more, It provides uninterrupted and lag-free streaming to your favorite on-demand entertainment services including Netflix, Hulu, and many more.

P2P Server

P2P servers are exclusively enhanced servers, situated in specific locations where p2p networks are legal. These servers provide encrypted and secured connection, thus protecting you from the eyes of Internet Service Provider and various state-sponsored surveillance agencies. P2P servers are widely used for torrents, where user IP address is detected and tracked for copyright infringement notices.

Virtual Routing Server

As the name indicates, this type of server involves the routing of your IP addresses to another location. Different on-demand entertainment service websites like Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, A&E TV, HBO, Fox 8, Channel 9, Channel 7, Sky GO, Spotify, 4OD, Cinema Now, and MTV are geo-restricted in various regions. Virtual Routing Server in the first place routes your IP address with a foreign server, thus enabling you to unblock these services from your actual location.

Virtual Routing Server also allows you to access a foreign library of on-demand entertainment service. Content Library generally varies from region to region, like Netflix US library.

Best VPN Server for Torrenting, Gaming & Streaming – ExpressVPN

When you talk about the worst fear of a torrent user, only copyrights infringement comes to mind. We are not saying that other threats do not exist, they do! But nothing is as fearful as being punished for illegal downloading of the copyrighted material. Many users pay a hefty price on a daily basis for illegally getting hold of the “digital property” of others.

Therefore it is recommended to use a VPN for torrenting especially in countries where there is no leniency on copyright infringement laws. Most of the VPN providers try their best to provide VPN servers in regions where the regulations on copyrights aren’t as strong they are in other countries.

ExpressVPN is one of such VPN services that are known for their torrent-friendly servers. The ExpressVPN server locations for torrenting are different from its usual servers. They are especially optimized so you can enjoy free torrenting without worrying about the cops busting down your door to arrest you for copyright infringement.

Just to be clear we tested the torrent servers of ExpressVPN as well. The results shared below indicate the original download and upload speed of our internet connection before connecting with ExpressVPN server locations.

Originally we were getting a download speed of 5.35Mbps and an upload speed of 3.86Mbps. These are the findings we received before connecting with ExpressVPN.

We were content with the speed but we wanted a sense of protection, we decided to give ExpressVPN a try. Following are the results we received after downloading torrents anonymously with ExpressVPN.

The download and upload speed saw a marginal decline but we were happy knowing the fact that our connection was safe and nobody could apprehend us or impose a hefty fine on us for only downloading a torrent file. ExpressVPN is also the top choice for streaming and gaming too.

ExpressVPN Servers Location

ExpressVPN has a wide network of servers and provides torrent-friendly servers all over the world but recommends that you use the servers for torrenting where it is not illegal by law. Following is the count of server locations of ExpressVPN across all the continents. ExpressVPN offers 3000+ servers worldwide.

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Best VPN Server for Streaming – PureVPN

When you are streaming Netflix, Hulu, or Youtube; all you want is a fast and reliable speedy internet connection. And when you fail to get the same, all the fun of binge-watching movies, TV shows, and documentaries goes into the bin. We have had our share of the fun of binge-watching some of the amazing movies on Netflix and Hulu.

So we thought why not share the secret of flawless online streaming with you? Remember when we told you what good is a VPN server for if it is not good for streaming and torrenting purposes? Well, to be honest, we have tried various VPNs with the streaming services just to see which one works the best but we have never found a VPN service as consistent and as fast as PureVPN when it comes to online streaming.

We are sharing below the findings of our internet speed testing with PureVPN off and on. To ensure that we give you the accurate results of PureVPN, we thought it would be nice if we decided to unblock Netflix US with it at first. You can ask their customer support representative for the instructions to connect to their “fastest US server”.

We did that and the results were amazing. But before we share the findings with you, we would share with you our initial upload and download speed.

With PureVPN not enabled, we got around 45Mbps download speed and an upload speed of 4.44Mbps. The speeds were impressive, but we wanted better so we connected ourselves with PureVPN to not only test the upload and download speed but also to unblock Netflix US and to stream its HD version.

These are the speeds we got after we preferred the PureVPN server locations over other VPN service providers.

How do you know if you have connected to the best server of your provider? When you notice a marginal speed drop with a tremendous improvement in your ping address that is when you realize you have got it right. In this case, our download speed did go down a bit but we were not only able to unblock Netflix, but we were also able to stream it without being notified of an unusual delay in buffering.

PureVPN Servers Location

PureVPN is considered a hub for online streaming with a strong server network all over the world. You can get yourself connected to any of the servers and stream as much as you want. PureVPN offers 6500 servers in 140+ countries.

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Best VPN Server for Gaming – IPVanish VPN

Nobody finds a slow internet connection more dreadful than an online gamer. It does not matter if your internet experiences a speed drop or the apps running in the background consume a major portion of your bandwidth, when your game ends with a scorecard of 0-1 in your opponent’s favor, you only curse your connection. That’s the reason we recommend using the Gaming Friendly VPN Services.

In our quest of finding the best VPN server locations, we came across IPVanish VPN. Known for its amazing gaming servers, we decided to give it a try in order to test it. We are sharing below the findings of our tests that we conducted while remaining connected to IPVanish. Pay attention to the download and upload speed of the connection and the ping.

While playing DOTA, we connected to a US server from our original location and the ping we received initially was 78ms, since we wanted to test the best server for gaming, we connected to IPVanish and got different results the second time.

These are the results before we got connected with IPVanish:

Once we connected IPVanish VPN, these were the results: (they are pretty much going to blow off your mind too)

We did see a decline in our download speed but our ping improved remarkably and went to 4ms from 78ms improving our gaming experience overall. We would recommend IPVanish VPN to all the gamers who are looking for VPN services to kill their high ping issues.

IPVanish Server Location

To ease your pain of finding the right server for gaming, we are listing below the count of server locations across each continent. Get connected to any of them, and enjoy your battles of DOTA and COD. IPVanisj offers 1600+ servers all over the world.

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Best VPN Server for Privacy – ibVPN

It is a widely known fact that Virtual Private Networks are popular for their impressive online security and protection against snoopers and malware. When you are surfing the internet, you are literally toying with your online security. And ever since services like torrents have emerged, the peer-to-peer connection has made it even easier for hackers to bypass your online security.

While we were on the hunt of finding the best VPN service that could give us the ultimate security against online surveillance agencies and hackers, we decided to give ibVPN a try to see if they really do provide ample protection to keep your connections safe. We conducted a DNS Leak test on ibVPN and thoroughly enjoyed the results.

Sharing the test report here with you so you can also get an idea about the safety you get with ibVPN.

The test report indicates that ibVPN provides a DNS leak-free connection to its users so their real IP addresses and device information are not exposed to hackers. We were impressed by the online security of ibVPN and would recommend it to anyone who is looking to secure his/her connection.

ibVPN Servers Location

ibVPN provides VPN servers from 39 countries and almost all of them are excellent for online privacy. Following is the count of server locations in continents across the world.

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Best VPN Server for Online Banking – HideMyAss

The hackers are consistently working harder to make our daily lives miserable. From stealing our credentials to access our pictures to stealing our money from our accounts, anything that intrigues them remains under threat. Since most of the banks have been hacked for monetary gains in the past two years, it is recommended to every online banking user to ensure he uses an encrypted connection while making online transactions.

HideMyAss is recommended by security experts when it comes to online transactions. You can connect to the safest VPN server of HideMyAss and be sure of the transactions you make. HideMyAss through its exceptional encryption support and protocol networks works amazingly when it comes to making secure online transactions.

HideMyAss Server List

Online banking is made easy and safe with the HideMyAss server network across the globe. HMA is the only VPN with servers in over 190 countries.

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The Final Verdict

The VPN servers play an important role in how your connection works. It is imperative to choose the right server for the right purpose. With this post, we have tried to help you select how you can choose the servers of different VPN services for different purposes. Best of luck and let us know which server suited your need the most