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Unblock Everything from Anywhere

Sometimes you come across a webpage or a website that says the access is restricted to a specific region and it frustrates you. Since the censorship is very strict in some regions, the students and professionals are the ones who suffer the most due to extravagant censorship policies.

Take Wikipedia for example, it has been banned by China, Pakistan, France, United Kingdom, Iran, Italy, Tunisia, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Syria and Uzbekistan in the past. Not all of them are strict in their censorship policies but sometimes even a small controversy can lead a website or a web service to a ban.


(i) How to Unblock Anything:

  • The first step involves the selection of a VPN service. A VPN service helps you unblock anything and everything from anywhere in the world.
  • Once you have selected your VPN provider, make sure to subscribe with its premium services in order to avail full features.
  • Having been done with the subscription process, download and install the client on your device and run it.
  • Enter your credentials, and connect to the server where access to a certain website is “permitted” by law. Once you are connected with it, type in the web address you want to browse and enjoy.


Selecting the Unblocking Tool

When you are on the quest of selecting the unblocking tool, it is important to pay attention to the details. You may find free proxy and VPN services and they might get you your desired results, but you might unknowingly pave the way for hackers and the surveillance agencies of your region. Therefore, it is very important to choose a tool that does not harm your online privacy in any way.

Following are some of the leading VPN services of the industry that are amazingly good with their unblocking services. You can also trust them with your online security. Check them out.

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Unblock Anything: Does it work on Netflix?

A short and brief reply to this question is: Yes, it does. If you are travelling in an area where Netflix does not offer its services, you will need a VPN service. We could have recommended you the proxy services as well, but they restrict the access when it comes to online streaming.

A VPN service on the other hand, gives you the freedom to choose the server of the country you wish to connect to. For example, if you are a US resident, travelling through Europe, you will need to connect to the US server. Once your VPN is connected and you start receiving a US IP address, you will easily stream all the contents of Netflix US.

Similarly you can do the same to access Netflix UK library. You can connect to the UK server from anywhere and can access it with ease.

Note: You will still need a valid subscription with Netflix in order to access its contents.

Unblock Everything: Why Should You Not Choose Free Services

The internet is full of free tools and services when it comes to unblocking anything. Since the services claim to unblock everything without even charging you a penny, most of them track your online activities in return without your consent. We have highlighted some of the points below which you should consider while downloading and using a free proxy or a free VPN service.

  • The proxy services keep logs of your activities. They can use them against you and they can forward it to the surveillance agencies like NSA and hackers for monetary gains.
  • There is always a chance of downloading a malware with a free proxy service since their only aim is to get hold of your information.
  • The free services sprinkle your screen with ads and send your information to third party advertisers so they can display their ads on your screens.
  • The free services are limited. They offer limited features on the free version and offer full services on the premium.

Unblock Anything: Does it work on Social Media too?

Yes it does. No matter how hard the censorship in your country is, it will always be a piece of cake for a VPN service to unblock any social network website in your region. For example, if you are located in China and you are not able to access Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Google, you can always try a VPN for China to ensure that all these social networking websites are up and running on your device.

A VPN service is a great tool to have especially when you live in a country that has put all the social networking websites under the radar. You can use it from anywhere to unblock all the social networking websites.



We have discussed why you should not trust a free proxy service or a free VPN service to unblock anything. The paid VPN services are way more reliable and safer than the free ones and provide better results as well. We hope you are now aware of all the ways with which you can unblock everything.