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The whole world has become a global village but sadly you cannot access everything over the internet from overseas since several websites are available in certain regions only. This is the reason, piracy is increasing at an alarming pace in countries where you cannot stream content legally.

However, there are still some ways you can use to achieve your objective. If you wish to unblock anything from anywhere through such ways, continue reading this post.

Why do you face Content Restrictions?

You must have faced internet content restrictions while visiting different social media or streaming sites. This happens when you try to open sites that follow the concept of geo-restrictions. Likewise, you may anticipate another issue in the form of bandwidth throttling as mos of the time your ISP may throttle your internet connection.

Furthermore, governments put constraints on certain content due to political reasons or they don’t want their people to express themselves. Similarly, if you download copyrighted material through torrents, it becomes illegal at times and you are unable to download it on your preferred devices.

How to Unblock Anything with a VPN

You can follow these simple steps to access geo-blocked sites or services including Facebook, Netflix, and others by a VPN:

  • Download and subscribe to a VPN service
  • Sign-in to the app, select your desired US server from the servers’ list
  • Open your favorite US-based service on your preferred device
  • Start watching TV shows or movies anonymously

6 Best VPN Services to Unblock Anything from Anywhere

Selecting a VPN that helps you access region-blocked sites or services is a difficult task. For your ease, I have curated a list of VPNs that enable you to unblock several streaming services including Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, and others hassle-free. These VPNs are:

  • ExpressVPN – Provides 3000+ servers in all the major countries 
  • Surfshark – Delivers 3200+ servers all across the globe
  • NordVPN – Offers 5500+ servers in all the leading countries of the world
  • PureVPN – Offers 6500+ servers throughout the world
  • Ivacy – Has 3000+ servers in 100+ countries worldwide
  • CyberGhost – Exists in 60+ countries with 6800+ servers

ExpressVPN– Editor’s Choice for Unblocking Everything


ExpressVPN is another VPN like Surfshark that hails from the British Virgin Island. The service provides more than 3000+ servers in 94 countries throughout the world. If you want to access geo-limited services from anywhere, you should use its MediaStreamer feature that helps you watch your preferred TV shows, movies, and other entertainment content without securing your online traffic.

You can get ExpressVPN after paying $6.67/mo . You can explore the ExpressVPN review to know about the service thoroughly.

Surfshark– Impressive VPN for Unblocking Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Etc


Surfshark is a British Virgin Island-based VPN service that offers 3200+ servers in 60+ countries worldwide. You can use its different privacy features like internet kill switch, unlimited simultaneous connections, WebRTC leak security, and so on. This way, you can watch your favorite TV shows or movies on your desired devices once you bypass geo-blocking limitations.

You will have to bear the cost of $2.49/mo . To discover about this service, explore our Surfshark review.

NordVPN– Decent VPN for using Region Restricted Services at Schools


NordVPN is a Panama based VPN service that offers 5500+ servers in 60 countries internationally. The provider has some interesting privacy as well as streaming features such as an internet kill switch, 6 multi-logins, Netflix unblocking, 30 days refund policy, and dedicated IP too.

You can avail NordVPN once you pay $3.71/mo .To find out more about this service, read our exclusive NordVPN review.

PureVPN– Excellent VPN for Unblocking Sites at Workplaces


PureVPN is a Hong Kong-based VPN provider that exists in 140+ countries through 6500+ servers worldwide. Apart from this, the service offers a comprehensive list of privacy and streaming features like DNS leak protection, internet kill switch, built-in streaming mode, a dedicated section for popular channels, 10 multi-logins, 31 days money back guarantee, and others.

Hence, you can access any geo-restricted service such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, and others through a single click.  You can get its budget-friendly subscription at the cost of $3.33/mo . To know about this service in detail, read our PureVPN review.

Ivacy– Affordable VPN for Unblocking Sites or other content


Ivacy is a Singapore based VPN provider delivering its service all across the globe through 3000+ servers. Through its Smart Connect feature, you can connect to the fastest available server right away. Besides, you can experience its other enticing benefits like internet kill switch, IP or DNS leak protection, 5 multi-logins, Netflix unblocking, P2P support, and so on.

You will need to pay as low as $1/mo . Similarly, read our Ivacy review to find out more about this service.

CyberGhost– Pocket-Friendly VPN for Unblocking Sites from Anywhere


CyberGhost is a Romania based VPN service that provides 6800+ servers in 89 countries globally. In addition, you can use numerous privacy features such as internet kill switch, DNS or WebRTC leak protection, 7 multi-logins, and others hassle-free.

You can get CyberGhost at an affordable price of $2.25/mo . To know about this service in detail, read our CyberGhost VPN review.

How to Unblock Netflix?

If you are traveling in an area where Netflix does not offer its services, you will need a Netflix VPN service. I could have recommended you the proxy services as well, but they restrict the access when it comes to online streaming.


A VPN service gives you the freedom to choose the server of the country you wish to connect to. For example, if you are a US resident, traveling through Europe, you will need to connect to the US server. Once your VPN is connected and you start receiving a US IP address, you will easily stream all the contents of Netflix US.

Similarly, you can do the same to access the Netflix UK library. You can connect to the UK server from anywhere and can access it with ease.

Note: You will still need a valid subscription with Netflix in order to access its contents.

How to Unblock Social Media Channels (Facebook, YouTube, Twitter & others)

No matter how hard the censorship in your country is, you can use a VPN service to unblock any social network website. For example, if you reside in China and you are not able to access Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Google then you can rely on a VPN for China to ensure that all these social networking websites are up and running on your device.


How to Unblock Websites at Workplaces or School?

You can use a VPN to unblock any website of your choice from anywhere be it your workplace or school without any hassle. A reputable VPN like ExpressVPN helps you unblock instant messaging app like WhatsApp. Interestingly, after unblocking WhatsApp calling feature, you can improve your business revenue to a new plane.

Why Should You Not Choose Free Options (Proxy & TOR)

The internet is full of free tools and services when it comes to accessing anything to your liking from anywhere. All these services claim to unblock everything without even charging you a penny, most of them track your online activities without your consent.

I have highlighted few points below, which you should consider while using a free proxy or a TOR browser:

  • The proxy services keep logs of your activities as they can use them against you and they can forward them to the surveillance agencies like NSA and hackers for monetary gains
  • There is always a chance of downloading malware with a free proxy service since their only aim is to get hold of your information
  • Tor browsers let you surf the web securely but may expose your actual IP address as they don’t deliver the ultimate level of privacy to their users

Wrapping Up

In this post, I have mentioned all the possible ways that allow you to access every single region-blocked site or service from abroad or outside your native country. But the paid VPN services described above are way more reliable than the free tools like proxies and TOR browsers.

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