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Torrenting has been around for quite some time now and has become an integral part of our leisure lives; after all, it is the first place we look for new games, billboard topping songs, and record-shattering movies.

Despite that, it is still a controversial topic.

Now granted there are both free and paid VPN available online, however, not all of them are designed the same way nor do they all support torrenting.

Similarly, TunnelBear is a very noteworthy VPN in the industry and it too offers both free and paid VPN plans.

However, is it really worth it?

In this blog, we are going to discuss TunnelBear VPN and answer if TunnelBear is worth torrenting with.

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Does TunnelBear Support Torrenting?

Now we all know in order to perform torrenting your VPN service has to support P2P, otherwise your privacy is a sitting duck.

Now unlike other VPNs that operate from Panama or the Virgin Islands, TunnelBear is a Canadian based provider, which as we all know is a part of the Five Eyes. Although it does claim no data logging, however it also does not endorse P2P capabilities.


Therefore, in my opinion it is definitely not worth torrenting with TunnelBear unless you want regulatory authorities to have backdoor access to your entire P2P trail.

Now you might be wondering if they do not log user data how on earth are they going to know whether you are violating their P2P policy or not.

Well that is exactly the reason why they opted to restrict P2P as a whole.

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Why it does not Support Torrenting?

Well for one TunnelBear is operating from Canada, that is why they have to abide by their strict no P2P policy. Therefore, instead of alluding naïve torrenter they have restricted P2P functionality with their service.

Secondly, as I mentioned TunnelBear does not keep logs, well I found that statement to be contradicting too. You see…although they mention no data logging policy on their website, they in fact do quite a bit of logging than one might think.

These are the very reasons why they do not support torrenting, as they know for a fact they cannot protect the privacy of P2P users.

Are there any Alternatives I can use for Torrenting?

Since you cannot securely download torrents with TunnelBear, naturally you might want to look for an alternative. Fortunately, instead of opting for proxies you can simply choose a different VPN service, one that supports P2P and offers genuine no logging policy.

I have personally tried many best VPN for torrenting, therefore, I am going to list a couple of them that offer encryption for P2P traffic as well as a noteworthy amount of VPN servers.

It is also worth mentioning that these VPNs are not only suitable for torrenting but also for a variety of situations like geo-lock bypassing and anti-tracking.

TunnelBear Torrenting Reddit

As if I had not already made it dauntingly clear, there are plenty of Reddit posts that backed up my claim of TunnelBear’s not supporting P2P.


After digging, a bit more I stumbled upon a very interesting Reddit comment, which identified that Tunnel no longer has an anti torrenting statement on their website as they did before.


If you search for this specific topic now, you will get an error message as opposed to a landing page like before.


You can learn more in this article – Best Paid VPN on Reddit.


Wrapping up!

My final verdict,do not use TunnelBear for torrenting”. I say this because TunnelBear is very vague on this subject matter. They do not restrict you from accessing or downloading torrents (in my case) nor do they encrypt your P2P traffic.

My suggestion, if you prefer casual encrypted browsing and slight downloading, definitely try their service, however for torrenting I suggest you look elsewhere unless you prefer downloading torrents without hiding behind encrypted servers.

If you want to learn about encryption, logging policies, P2P protocols and much more then definitely check out our torrent guide.

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