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Dressing up for Halloween is the real deal! Yes, that is the only occasion when you can literally judge anyone for their outfit. Nobody takes your outfit more seriously than you do. That’s the harsh truth. So what to do to garner appreciation from others? Ever thought about it? No? It’s okay, let us help you.

Before you find yourself resorting to  the mainstream ghost costumes and masks, take a look at our list of top 5 TV characters that will not only make you the center of attraction but will also make you look the ultimate badass action and horror figure!

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(5) Cullen Bohannan – Hell on Wheels

This revengeful character rides to Nebraska to kill his wife’s killers – the Union soldiers. Cullen may not look like the scariest of the lot, but he surely gives us chills when we see him fighting and battling hard against the troublemakers. He makes it to number 5 on our list.


Getting hold of a cowboy costume will be easy and lots of people might be wearing it, so make sure you get the right hair and the right jacked. Also, we recommend learning some of the character’s regular tag lines to help you show off your costume better.

(4) Heisenberg (Walter White) – Breaking Bad

Many of you would not agree with us, and that’s okay. You are entitled to have your opinion. But when we talk about creepy TV characters, nobody is scarier for us than Heisenberg aka Walter White.


The agony in the eyes and the demon hiding behind that face is what scares us the most. He makes it to number 4 on our list. Don’t forget to wear that cold stare on your face along with the spectacles and the beard.

(3) Rick Grimes – The Walking Dead

What if you woke up one day only to find out that you are one of the few survivors who have to fight their way out against the flash eating zombies? Would you be happy to go one-on-one against the undead? Well, that’s what makes Rickie a true nightmare for the human flash eating machines!


He does not only combat them but he leads the other survivors as well! He makes it to number 3 on our list. Top it all off with a hat and some fake blood on your shirt to help you make your Rick costume even better!

(2) Tate Langdon – American Horror Story (Murder House)

Talk about an evil character and the picture of Tate Langdon pops up in your mind. This angsty teenager is different from any other individual. He is destined to live without the love of his life in the Murder House. His girlfriend, Violet, leaves him after she finds out he is a psychopath who has raped her mother and killed many people in the past.


This character certainly beats all other characters when it comes to giving chills down your spine. He makes it to number 2 on our list.

(1) White Walkers – Game of Thrones

And the winners are the White Walkers! The beasts living beyond the wall of the North will have a more important role to play in the coming season. We have seen them ripping apart the humans; it is only a matter of time before we see them marching towards the North! Nothing is scarier than the sight of White Walkers in lonesome dark forests!


It might take some hard work to make this costume, so go about it as cleverly as possible and use white cotton with some classy make-up to help you complete the ensemble.

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