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True Detective – An Original HBO Series

Starring Oscar winner, Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson, True Detective is an original HBO series that depicts the story of two detectives searching for a serial killer. The search that began from Louisiana persists for 17 long years accompanying mysterious and bizarre events encountered and explored by the dynamic duo.

Directed by Cary Joji Fukunaga, True Detective is an eight-episode HBO original series filled with mystery, suspense and drama. If you’re a fan of seasons like Dexter, Criminal Minds and Hannibal, you will definitely fall in love with True Detective.


Here is the guide for watching True Detective (all seasons) online from anywhere.


#5 – Clues and Hypotheses

The thing about mystery is; people tend to solve it on their own. True detective, in its each episode, introduced bizarre incidents, mysteries and clues along with it. Leaving people curious and wondering how it will all end up was a smart move; however, they couldn’t keep up with viewers’ expectations in the finale.

True Detective left many questions unanswered and many mysteries unresolved. In fact, people came up with the theories and hypotheses of their own, considering the facts, happenings and clues representing the series. Some say True Detective’s ending was disappointing; but, I say otherwise. I say, it was just like life, and you don’t always get what you expect.

Keeping aside the conclusion, the fun part was the journey; all the clues and viewers’ predictions about the season finale and how it will all come to an end.

 true detective


#4 – Quotes and Musings of Rust Cohle

Rust Cohle is a cynical character that likes to plays with heavy words and has a distinct philosophy of his own. Not so pious after all; yet, Rust Cohle prefers to live the life by a code. Here is one of my favorite quotes from True Detective:

If the only thing keeping a person decent is the expectation of divine reward then, brother, that person is a piece of sh*t – Rust Cohle.

There are a few moments when you may think of Rust Cohle as nothing more than a pessimist person. And then bang! He will surprise you with something extraordinary, something out of the box, something – enlightening. You will know that Rust Cohle isn’t just a pessimist tired of chasing the case; but, he is a realistic person who just can’t accept the sugarcoated version of this world.

In the world filled with filth, dishonesty, cruelty and deception, optimism is more like a fallacy used by people to hide their own weaknesses and justify all their wrongdoings in pursuit of something they perceived valuable. Rust Cohle’s philosophy is so enticing that you would actually relate his musings with your previous or current happenings or maybe others around you.

Rust Cohle is probably one of the most complicated characters you have seen on TV; yet, you will fall in love with this guy. Sure, he seems a bit frustrated sometimes, babbling stuff aimlessly. Yet, there’s something about the character that surely grasps the mindshare.

true detective

#3 – Woody Harrelson

People might consider Woody Harrelson as just another sidekick accompanying Matthew McConaughey and playing his role in the plot. I say, there’s more to it than that. Woody Harrelson without a doubt is an outstanding actor who is well suited for the role of Martin Hart. Speak of his role or performance, the way he embraced the character is simply perfect.

Keeping the lead and sub-lead factor out of the equation, there are moments that leave you dubious, thinking – who could have possibly replaced Woody Harrelson for the role of Marty Hart – no one, I believe. As a matter of fact, if we strictly speak of character’s contribution to True Detective’s plot, you can’t simply overlook Woody Harrelson’s role or consider him as yet another sidekick.

So, here it is: number 3 reason to watch True Detective – Woody Harrelson. No one would have played the role of Marty Hart as good as he did; the role of a flawed detective accompanying Rust Cohle, a detective with a bizarre state of mind. His contribution to the success of this series is oversize, and there’s no way the season would have been the same without him.

true detective

#2 – Unique Storytelling

True Detective will surely inspire those who are fed-up from the mainstream content and uniform storytelling. True Detective embraces a unique style of storytelling that is rarely witnessed on mini screen these days.

True Detective’s plot follows the happenings in 1995 that proceed to 2012. Flashbacks are rarely considered as a part of storytelling these days. However, True Detective efficiently built the story, enriched the characters and adopted a unique narrative through flashbacks to present this masterpiece.

#1 – Matthew McConaughey

Matthew McConaughey – enough said! Matthew McConaughey had been MIA since long. We then watched him in a few movies but it was not like the McConaissance we’re familiar with. And then the moment came when Matthew McConaughey astonished us all with his performance in Dallas Buyers Club which earned him an Oscar for the best actor.

There had been no one well suited for the role of the mysterious and bizarre Rust Cohle than Matthew McConaughey – pleasing us all with his musings and letting us face the bitter side of life. Matthew McConaughey’s performance in True Detective is outstanding; hence, he is the number 1 reason for you to watch True Detective.

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Beware the Geo-Restrictions

True Detective is an original HBO series. As we all know, HBO is a geo-restricted platform, confining content’s access to the U.S audience only. Unfortunately, those who live outside the U.S can’t access HBO or any of its seasons. Geo-restrictions restrict access of streaming community as well.

HBO-Go is one of the popular streaming platforms preferred by the U.S citizens. It gives access to all HBO original seasons on-the-go, allowing viewers to access their favorite season from their preferred device. Nevertheless, HBO-Go is a U.S restricted streaming platform that cannot be accessed beyond respective boundaries.

Don’t panic! We have a solution to resolve this concern. Masking your real IP can get you out of this mess. Whenever you try to access a geo-restricted site or platform, your digital identity (IP address) is scanned. If your IP address doesn’t match with that of respective region allowed to access the content, your access shall be denied.

Smart way to evade such barriers is to mask your real IP address and VPN is the most secure way to do that. With a VPN connected on your device, you can easily bypass all geo-restrictions and barriers by disguising your real location without compromising on your online security.

There sure are other alternatives such as proxy; however, we don’t recommend them as they are least secure methods to consider. Buying a VPN can be troublesome as there are hundreds of service providers in the VPN industry. Those who are new to this technology may find it hard to explore a reliable option.

Therefore, we have compiled a list of 5 best VPNs that you need to consider. With these VPNs, you will be able to access HBO without worrying about geographic boundaries or the region your real IP represents. The VPNs in the list are recommended based on their performance, features offered, frequency of use and users’ feedback.


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Wrapping Up

True Detective is an original HBO series starring Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson. Ranked 9.4 on IMDb, True Detective is a story based on the lives of two detectives chasing a serial killer for 17 years, trying to resolve mysteries encountered.

Since True Detective is an original HBO series, your access to the content may be restricted. For this, we recommend the safest way to hide your real IP, we recommend a VPN to bypass the geo-restrictions.

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