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Arrow revolves around the story of a rich playboy Oliver Queen. On a business trip he accompanied his father on a yacht to enjoy another party, During the journey the yacht faced an unexpected accident which lead to the rise of real vigilante inside Oliver.

The city presumed Oliver and his father to be dead. They both stood very prominent figure due to their wealthy background. However, Oliver made his way and survived the accident. He got trapped in an Island. Where he learned the meaning of life and how to survive the worst conditions. All the circumstances shaped him in a tough sensible person.  After 5 years Oliver has returned to his city.

The city is in terrible condition. Law and order has vanished while the odds and thugs are ruling the city. Analyzing the condition of Starling city, Oliver has become the vigilante to fight against odds and clear his city from the bad forces !

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The season 4 of Arrow  “Blood Debt” is on its way to your TV screens by 20th January 2016. The action pack revolve around Oliver facing the devastating outcomes of Dahrk’s last attack. Now Oliver is seeking revenge and proceeded a brutal Manhunt for Dahrk.

Watch the trailer o the upcoming Season 4 “Blood Debt” below ;



I will tell you the top 10 reasons to watch Arrow ;

Top 10 Reasons To Watch Arrow


#10 – Badass Chicks

Badass chicks are one of the reasons that enticed me to watch Arrow in the first place. A few not-to-be-messed-with ladies have made their appearances in Arrow so far such as Huntress, Nyssa Al Ghul and Black Canary. But, since Arrow is inspired from DC Comics, I believe there’s much more to come.

badass chicks


#9 – The Workout

The stunts and workout scenes of the Arrow are pretty intense. In fact, the workout scenes in Arrow got me to hit the gym again. Here’s a glimpse to the workout scenes from Arrow.


#8 – Intense Action Sequences

When I say action scene in Arrow, I mean hand-to-hand combat, artillery assault, cool weapons, blood, gore and much more. I would say Arrow is one of a few shows that actually did justice to the comic characters. When I started watching Arrow, my expectations were a bit low with respect to the action scenes.

A vigilante – trained on an island – familiar with martial arts – fights street thugs – a few boss fights maybe, that’s all that I had in mind before watching men-in-the-hood in action. Thanks to the stuntmen and actors along with the whole team of Arrow for such lively and realistic action sequences.


#7 – Amanda Waller and the Suicide Squad

Amanda Waller, one of the most controversial women in DCverse and an anti-hero is yet another reason for me to cling to Arrow. Despite any super-powers, Amanda Waller is one of the few characters of DC Universe that can go up against the fierce heroes and villains.

Amanda Waller’s persona in Arrow reflects the New-52 where she is in direct command of the Suicide Squad. Oh Yes! Suicide Squad (Members: Bronze Tiger, Shrapnel and Deadshot), assembled and commanded by Amanda Waller is yet another reason for me to watch Arrow.

Amanda Waller and the Suicide Squad


#6 – Badass Villains

Arrow is one of few seasons that have a list of badass villains with prompt appearances. Here are the villains and anti-heroes of DCverse that have made their appearances in Arrow so far:

  • Billy Wintergreen
  • Count Vertigo
  • Isabel Rochev
  • Al-Owal
  • Nyssa Al Ghul
  • Brother Blood
  • Dark Archer
  • Deadshot
  • Deathstroke


#5 – The Flash Origins

One of the things I absolutely love about Arrow is: The Flash Origins. Barry Allen rocks the show with his appearance in season 2. Despite a tiny appearance, Barry Allen made people scream their hearts out.

One of the things I like about this show is that it doesn’t like to drag things much – unlike others. Barry Allen’s appearance in the show and the origins of The Flash is the proof of this. When I first saw Barry Allen, I was like – this is going to take a while; however, Barry…… wait! You won’t want me to spoil this part for you. Better watch it yourself.


#4 – Ra’s Al Ghul and Harley Quinn

Another reason to watch Arrow is the show’s potential and possibilities. You will get to watch Ra’s al Ghul and Harley Quinn in action maybe in near future. There have been many appearances of League of Assassins members along with Nyssa Al Ghul – daughter of Ras al Ghul, for now.

Nevertheless, Ra’s al Ghul has been mentioned in Arrow; hence, it is more likely that you will be seeing him in near future. Speaking of which, another character I would love to see in action is Harley Quinn. Harley Quinn is a potential recruit in The Suicide Squad and we will soon get to see her in action.



#3 – Plot: Awesome Way of Telling an Origin Story of a Hooded Vigilante

Arrow has a strong plot and the season is awesomely directed. This is the reason it is rated 8.2 on iMDb. The show efficiently depicts the origin of Green Arrow – the path from a spoiled playboy billionaire to the hooded vigilante.

Another thing that I loved about Arrow is that the show gives us glimpse to Oliver’s past. Arrow isn’t just an ordinary story of a vigilante who kills bad guys to sweep the city clean; it is much more than that.

Arrow is an amalgamation of current and preceding events that turned Oliver Queen into Arrow. You will get to watch the things that Oliver endured on the island and the circumstances that made him the man he is today.



#2 – Inspired by DC Comics

Being a DC fan boy, Arrow was a must-watch for me since it is inspired by the DC comics. I have seen many comics-inspired seasons; not many could do justice with the plot presented by comics. However, Arrow, keeping aside a few alterations, is a complete entertainment package that didn’t mess up the plot and origins depicted by comics.


#1 – Deathstroke – Nuff Said!

Deathstroke is the number 1 reason for me to watch Arrow. Arrow not only tells you the origins of a hooded vigilante. It also gives you glimpse to the origins of Deathstroke – deadliest assassin in the world.


In a Nutshell

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