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Don’t blink or you will miss The Flash. The fastest man alive pays you a visit this fall. The Flash’s first look took internet by storm last night. Due to Barry Allen’s appearance in The Arrow, fans expect future crossovers.

This is going to be huge. With his bravery and wit, Barry Allen is coming to win your hearts on small screens as he did in the comics. The Flash is an original season that will air on The CW this fall. Inspired from DC Comics, The Flash will depict events and happenings from the comics along with the slight twists and turns, of course.




The Flash: Origins

It all started when Barry Allen made his appearance on The Arrow. Yes! For those who haven’t watched The Arrow, Barry Allen had 2 episodes appearance in the original CW series. Barry Allen visits Starling to work on a case. Being a forensic scientist, Barry works with Felicity Smoak (one of The Arrow’s trusted allies) to solve the mystery.

After they’re done with the case, Barry returns to Central City and to his normal life. Fate, however, has something else planned for him. One night, the storm causes a malfunction in the particle Accelerator at S.T.A.R. Labs which eventually leads to a bizarre accident. Working in his den, Barry is hit by the lightening which transforms an ordinary being in The Flash.

After the accident, Barry went MIA from The Arrow; yet, he was mentioned couple of times in different episodes. You’re not the only one who waited for him to show till the season finale of The Arrow. Don’t worry! You will witness the reign of The Flash soon on The CW. Here’s a glimpse at The Flash origins.


Don’t Blink

The Flash totally rocked his debut during second half of The Arrow season finale. The Flash – first look incorporates the appearances of Oliver Queen AKA The Arrow who is seen to target practice. This makes me wonder if The Arrow would come to visit The Flash in Central City.

In the first look, we witnessed the power of The Flash as he runs faster than a speedy arrow and catches it before it hits the target.


Villains We Might See in The Flash

The Flash fights for justice and every guardian of justice has too many enemies to count. Yet, there are some substantial threats that The Flash faces in DCverse which makes me wonder if they would appear in the season as well. Here are top 10 villains you might see in The Flash:

  • Pied Piper
  • Weather Wizard
  • Glider
  • Savitar
  • Captain Boomerang
  • Trickster
  • Grodd
  • Mirror Master
  • Captain Cold
  • Professor Zoom AKA Reverse Flash



You would see Reverse Flash in season 1 for sure. As per the information extracted from iMDb, Rick Cosnett would be playing Reverse Flash AKA Eddie Thawne in The Flash.




Those who watch The Arrow know that The Flash has been investigating the murder of his mother. And every comic fan knows that death of Barry Allen’s mother plays an important role in transforming an ordinary forensic scientist into protector of the justice – The Flash.

Remember Justice League: Flashpoint Paradox? I know first season would be too soon to introduce us all to Barry’s true power and potential but maybe just maybe – we might be able to witness flashpoint. I don’t know about you guys but I would definitely be waiting to witness the drastic change of events.



Wrapping Up

The fastest man alive comes to visit you this fall. Can you keep up with the pace of Barry Allen? As Barry says and I quote: GAME ON!


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