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This fall, all hell breaks loose. NBC proudly brings you Master of the Occult – John Constantine. Constantine is based on the original events and characters, inspired from DC comic, Hellblazer. Remember Matt Ryan from Criminal Minds? Oh Yes! He’s going to slay demons for you this time.



Gamers better know him as Edward Kenway from Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag. Now, he’s the lead character in NBC’s Constantine. Constantine depicts the story of a man whose soul is damned to rot in hell, forever.



This is something that gets Constantine to help people. He helps those who can’t be helped by ordinary sources and goes head-to-head against the army straight from hell. Nevertheless, no matter how much good he does, his soul being sent to hell after his death is irrevocable.


Realizing he has an irreversible fate, Constantine decides to quit his life as a demon slayer and the doer of good. This is where the twist in the story comes – a girl named Liv (played by Lucy Griffiths from True Blood) who is daughter of Constantine’s oldest friend.




This is something that brings Constantine back in the game. Fiercer than ever, Constantine battles against demons and dark forces to bring Liv to safety. Liv, on the other hand, isn’t just a girl that needs Constantine’s help.

She has a special gift, a sight; she can see worlds beyond the world and entities that no common man can witness. Along with this, Liv can forecast future events especially the ones that have something to do with dark or supernatural forces.

What comes next is much greater than Liv’s safety. With a dark force waiting to be unleashed upon the world, not only humans but angels fear the fate that may come to haunt them. To prevent unpleasant fate of the world, Constantine and Liv team-up to send back demons to the world where they belong.

Comic fan or not, Constantine will definitely sweep you off your feet. Some say that Constantine is just another Supernatural. The difference is in Supernatural, demon get beat down by Dean-Sam duo; but, Constantine rides solo. I would disagree with them, totally. If you have read Hellblazer, you would know that Supernatural is just an ordinary Hellblazer rip-off.

My hopes are high for this forthcoming season. I just wish they follow the original plot and events presented in Hellblazer, slight twists and turns are acceptable however.


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