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Yes you read it right! One of the most beloved Android video streaming and downloading platform has been shut.

Created by Peter Chan, a Hong-Kong based developer, Terrarium TV is no more. The developer has publically announced that the service would not work after the end of September, as the creator wants to move to different endeavors. While the notice says, the service won’t work after September, many users can already see that it’s not working.

When I accessed the app, here is the message that popped up:


It is not clear why the developer would shut it down, the app had been receiving updates till this May. However, from the past few months any correspondence from the developer has been missing.

One of the reasons for the shutdown could be that the creator of the app received pressure from legislative bodies, as has happened previously with apps of similar nature. However, there are no clear signals to indicate any such thing happened.

As per a reddit thread, the developer was paid by studios to shut down, but it is very unlikely though.  If the app was targeted by MPA, it would in turn demand for money rather than offer it.

A similar app (Morpheus TV) closed its services in August due to gaining too much popularity, but as quoted by the company it will be back under a new name.

“Distribution will be restricted to a small group of individuals and hidden from public eyes like it was supposed to be,” a Morpheus developer said.

Terrarium TV lovers describe this as the worst September 11 in history. Following the shutdown, other similar apps like tea TV are trying to make their place by offering similar interface and services. Also, third-party imposters are trying to claim to be Terrarium TV, but the service hasn’t had a website for quite some time so it’s easy to identify the imposters.

Terrarium TV Alternatives

If you are looking for Terrarium TV alternatives, then try these out:

  1. Popcorn Time
  2. Kodi
  3. Showbox
  4. Bobby Movies
  5. Tea TV
  6. Free Flix
  7. Megabox HD
  8. Movie Box HD
  9. Cartoon HD
  10. Cinema Box
  11. Playbox HD

1. Popcorn Time

As the name suggests, Popcorn Time is a great app to view movies and TV shows online. The app is available for Android, iOS, and Windows.

Popcorn Time works differently than other streaming services, as it downloads small parts of the videos and saves them on your cache memory instead of downloading the whole video. This smart system makes the user experience extremely smooth.

2. Kodi

Loved by millions, Kodi is an open source platform which means you can customize it to great extents. It runs on practically every platform. Kodi is a little difficult for those who are not comfortable with technical configurations as you need to install third-party add-ons to view content on Kodi, but once you get through that, it literally opens a complete world of entertainment for you including live events.

3. Show Box

It would be unfair not to mention Show Box, it is the trendsetter in the media streaming industry. It was only after Show Box that similar apps started coming up. With features like offline viewing show box became immensely popular. Read our Showbox vpn guide to know more about Showbox

4. Bobby Movies

This is an app that allows you to view hundreds of movies and shows directly on your Android device, it also puts on the latest releases, however, depending on the movie you choose the quality can vary.

5. TeaTV

Tea TV offers 1080p movies and shows on Android, Windows, and Mac. The app is completely free and features a great interface. As Terrarium shuts down, Tea TV is making a place for itself.

6. Free Flix

Yet another alternative, free flix is available on all major platforms, offering 1080p movies and shows, also supports Chromecast and the best part is content is downloadable so you can watch it anywhere anytime!

7. Mega box HD

It’s another alternative for terrarium TV, gives you the option to download HD movies or watch them online. It offers a huge collection of HD movies and shows.

8. Movie box HD

Movie box also offers online streaming and downloading for offline viewing so you can watch your favorite TV shows and movies on the go.

9. Cartoon HD

A dedicated streaming app for cartoons, if you have kids at home then this is a great alternative to Terrarium. Along with cartoons, you can find movies and TV shows on as well, and its interface is pretty much similar to that of Terrarium.

10. Cinema box

Cinema box is an app where you can watch the latest movies, TV shows and music. In addition to that, it also has apps to download and wallpapers. It’s available on all major platforms.

11. Playbox HD

The app allows you to stream movies and TV series in HD quality. The app is available for Android and iOS.

Wrapping up

While Terrarium TV shall be missed by its users, the above-mentioned alternatives do provide a way out for binge-watchers and movie lovers and many of the alternatives provide HD quality content, so do not worry we have got you covered!