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Surfshark is perhaps the fastest, super reliable and exceptionally affordable VPN service out right now. There’s a reason why Surfshark has become one of the most recommended VPN of 2019.

You can’t really go wrong with this VPN.

Yet despite how amazing or trending a VPN service might be, you should play it smart and test the service before you commit to a lengthy subscription plan.

Doesn’t a free trial sound like the perfect thing? This is exactly why in this blog I’m going to tell you all about the Surfshark free trial and tell you exactly why you should get it right now.

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Does Surfshark offer a free trial?

Believe or not, there’s not a lot of information regarding the Surfshark VPN free trial available online. Despite what most people think, Surfshark actually offer a free trial.

Now you might be wondering how long the trial period lasts? Well Surfshark is quite generous and they offer a full 7 day free trial version for you to test out their service.


Best of all:

You don’t have to provide any personal information, nor will you be charged for anything within the trial period. All you need is a valid email address and you’ll be good to go.

Can’t wait to get your hands on the free trial? Don’t sweat. I’m going to list the steps to avail the free trial later on in this blog.

Surfshark free trial review

Surfshark’s free trial version is a bit different. Unlike other VPN providers that only offer a limited bandwidth and few selected features, Surfshark includes all the premium features in their free trial. Basically, you get to tryout the paid version of Surfshark for absolutely free and that too for a whole week.

You get access to all their super-secure VPN servers and you even get the security of their renowned kill switch. Aside from that, Surfshark’s free trial is available on which ever platform you like. Whether you have a mobile or a desktop device, you can avail their trial version for absolutely free.

That said, you do need to provide your credit card information in order to avail the free trial. Don’t worry, you won’t be charged for the first 7 days and you can cancel anytime you like.

How to avail the Surfshark free trial?

Now for the part you’ve all been waiting for.

Getting your hands on the Surfshark’s free trial is plain and simple. As long as you have a valid credit card, you shouldn’t encounter any issues. I’m going to list the steps to get the free trial of Surfshark down below.

  1. First things first, head on over to Surfshark website.


  1. Now head on over to the top bar where it says Apps and choose either an Android or iOS device. This is important since there is no option to avail the free trial on Chrome, Firefox, Amazon Fire TV, Windows and Linux on their website.


  1. Once you’ve downloaded the free version on your Android or iOS device, you’ll need to register an account. Enter your email address and select your payment method to activate the 7 day free trial of Surfshark.


That’s it! You can now freely use Surfshark for an entire week. If you don’t up liking their service you can always cancel it anytime and avoid getting charged.

Note: To avail the free trial on other devices, you can use the credentials that you used to register the Android or the iOS application.

What can you do with the Surfshark free trial?

Since the free version of Surfshark offers all the same features you get in their paid version, you can essentially do anything you would do with the paid version of Surfshark.

You do get the same kill switch feature, the same robust encryption algorithms, the same top notch customer service and exactly the same cross platform compatible apps.

Best of all:

You can download torrents and even unblock mainstream online content streaming services like Hulu and Netflix too.

What features can you expect from the free trial?

Although the feature list of Surfshark would be too long for this blog, I’m still going to list a few of them.

  • Top notch customer support
  • Clean and simple user interface
  • True no logging policy
  • P2P compatible
  • Kill Switch supported
  • 500+ servers in 50 countries
  • Limitless bandwidth
  • Unlimited simultaneous connections
  • Rock solid encryption
  • Fast and responsive

What to do when the free trial of Surfshark ends?

Has your trial period ended already? Don’t sweat, you can try out Surfshark for an additional 30 days.


We’ll through their outclass 30 day refund policy that’s how.

Since Surfshark offers a 30 day no questions asked refund policy, you can try out their service for the entire period and ask for a refund whenever you feel like within in the 30-day window.


Although I’m sure you wouldn’t need a refund but if for some reason you don’t end up liking their service, it’s good to know that you’ll get your money back.

You can check out Surfshark’s terms of service here.

Wrapping up!

No matter how good something appears to be, the only way to truly know if it’s worth buying is by trying it out yourself.

Thanks to the Surfshark free trial, you can try out their amazing VPN service for 7 days and truly get yourself familiar with their service.