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If you’re one of those who always waits for sales and discounts? Well, we have found an awesome offer for you, it’s so good that it feels almost free!

Who likes to pay large sums for VPN services and cyber security? You can now avail 83%-50% -Surfshark coupon 2018 code!

But how?


Do you see the deals above? This might be a onetime chance to avail such a great opportunity! For a complete Surfshark Review, visit our guide or see our blog on black friday vpn deals to get the latest discounts on Surfshark.

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The Surfshark 2-year plan-save 83%

You know what I did after finding out about this deal? I bought it. The company’s 2 year plan is phenomenal! Imagine a drop from $11.95 to $1.99 that’s $9.96 of saving per MONTH! Why wait for Black Friday?

This is the company’s best offer that only VPNRanks provide to its readers. This is no ordinary Surfshark coupon code and is not available anywhere; you can avail these extra ordinary deals only through us.

Original Price for Regular Users: $3.49/Month (24 Month Plan)

With VPNRanks: $1.99/Month (24 Month Plan)

Now do you see the difference? Between what we’re offering and what’s out there in the market! You might think what if I buy the service and it sucks? Shouldn’t I try the month plan first? Don’t worry about that at all! Surfshark offers 30- money back guarantee.

Surfshark one year plan- save 50%

While the one year plan is not as enticing as the two-year plan which almost seems free, but still it’s a great save. 50% off on anything is a great save; maybe you’re a college student in China who just wants to use VPN for the last 8 months or so before going back to your home country?

Whatever may be the circumstances, different people have different needs. However, paying just $5.99 for one of industry’s best VPN is indeed a plan not to be missed!

Surfshark one month plan

You’d be wondering that after all the bragging and boasting of the yearly and the bi yearly plans, I’m here talking about the monthly plan as well?

Which offers no discount, and is available at $11.95/Month, which is no doubt a bit expensive. Yes, sometimes you only need a VPN for a very short period, or maybe you cannot pay the total yearly expenses altogether so that you might opt for the monthly plan.

This can come in handy when you’re traveling, protecting you from the dangers of public Wi-Fi and letting you access restricted sites.

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What code do I need to avail this discount?

To download and install all you have to do is go to the purchase page, as you can see there’s a code on the top left of the image. VPNRanks Surfshark Code: surfshark83. Once you enter the code, you will be good to avail our exclusive Surfshark VPN deal.

The above image shows the registration page, coupon code, and methods of payment. All you have to do is select a plan and enter the details.



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Is there a lifetime subscription available on Surfshark?

Surfshark believes that life time subscriptions are more like Ponzi schemes, where once the person has collected enough amount of money, will disappear into thin air.

Therefore, it is very much important for a customer to understand the fact that once the cash stops coming in, this company has little or no incentive to serve you, in fact, worse it might sell your data to advertising agencies.


I don’t think there’s any better choice in the market right now than this one! Always remember when it comes to security, it’s better to spend a little more than to spend less and find yourself in trouble. Availing Surfshark coupon deals would earn you at least 83% of savings. So try out now.