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The New York based privacy provider Spotflux offers absolute privacy features and true online freedom to subscribers. For years, Spotflux has been serving netizens with a diverse range of digital needs. Let it be unblocking, privacy protection or top-grade online security, Spotflux takes care of everything. However, many subscribers have found Spotflux an overrated provider that lacks in some areas such as fewer servers’ locations, less encryption protocols and costly plans.

Considering the shortcomings of Spotflux, we have created this guide to present you with the best Spotflux alternatives that offer a wide range of servers’ locations, top-tier privacy, robust tunneling protocols, cross-platform availability and wallet friendly plans.

Read along to discover the top-ranked and best Spotflux alternatives:


Spotflux Alternative for Android Phones and Tablets

The mainstream operating system Android offers groundbreaking apps, one-touch entertainment, and elite user experience. However, due to open source nature of Android, it is vulnerable to various cyber threats. Having that said, you can use one of the following best Spotflux alternatives to achieve robust online protection and experience one-click unblocking from anywhere in the world:

Hotspot Shield

Hotspot Shield is the new-age privacy solution by Anchorfree, a US based provider that excels  in providing digital services. While, Hotspot Shield offers a simple interface, their service is recommended for beginners. When installed on your device, Hotspot Shield makes browsing secure, and ensures high-speed connection at all times. At present, Hotspot Shield offers servers in the US, UK, Australia, Japan, Canada, and China, giving subscribers a wide range of locations to connect.

hotspot a spotflux alternative



The Canadian based VPN provider Psiphon Inc. serves over 3 million users around the world. The provider has been catering accessibility needs of netizens since 2006, and is counted among top free and best Spotflux alternatives. Psiphon currently offers servers in six prime locations of the world, covering the United States, United Kingdom, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore and the Netherlands.

With that said, netizens can connect to one of the Psiphon’s servers and access unlimited geo-restricted sites from anywhere in the world. Also, not to forget that Psiphon is widely used as a censorship evasion tool and is not recommended for strong online protection

psiphone an alternative of spotflux

Spotflux Alternative for Linux and Ubuntu

With all the threats prowling around Microsoft Windows and Mac OSX, a large number of subscribers believe Linux Ubuntu to be safe and secure operating system. However, geo-restrictions don’t leave netizens alone in any corner of the world and thus, make Linux users unable to access various sites.

To overcome the geo-restrictions, you can use one of the following best Spotflux alternatives and access unlimited geo-restricted sites and services on Linux and Ubuntu from anywhere:

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The mainstream VPN provider Express VPN is a pioneer in VPN industry. With a broad range of servers spread across prime locations of the world, ExpressVPN works as an instant unblocked for masses. Interestingly, Ubuntu users can setup Express VPN on their system by configuring OpenVPN. After connecting to ExpressVPN, subscribers will achieve an instant protection against every malware, hackers, identity theft and more cyber threats.

ExpressVPN a Spotflux alternative

Buffered VPN

Another best Spotflux alternative for Linux Ubuntu is the Hungarian based Buffered VPN. As privacy centric service, Buffered VPN offers robust tunneling protocols, brilliantly designed client, and secure online experience to Linux users. Interestingly, Buffered VPN is based outside of the US, and is therefore, not subjected to mandatory data retention laws. Highlighting all the service offerings and privacy features, Buffered VPN is a safe Spotflux alternative that offers the finest to subscribers at an affordable rate.

Spotflux Alternative for Linux and Ubuntu buffered vpn

Spotflux Alternative for iPhone, iPad & IOS Devices

The leading-edge mobile platform “iOS” is no longer secure, as Google Project Zero has revealed loopholes in iOS 10 security. But, you can protect your iPhone and iPad against hackers, data snoopers, phishers and unauthorized access by using a VPN.

Following is a top Spotflux alternative for iPhone, iPad and other iOS devices:


IPVanish is the US based privacy provider that provides servers in more than 60 countries. With an extensive coverage of servers, IPVanish takes unblocking experience to next level. In addition, strong encryption protocols guarantee top-grade encryption to subscribers. But, when counting bummer, IPVanish doesn’t offer a kill switch in its iOS client, leaving users with no fail-safe. At heart, IP Vanish makes sure you get the best out of your iOS device along with an absolute online protection.

 ipvanish Spotflux Alternative for iPhone, iPad & IOS Devices

Final Words

In this guide, we have presented you with the best Spotflux alternatives. We understand that with over hundreds of VPNs available in market, it is hard to choose a true service. Therefore, all the Spotflux alternatives mentioned in this guide have undergone vigorous evaluation, and proven to offer stable performance, top-tier online protection, impregnable security and best servers locations around the world.

If you want to know more about best Spotflux alternatives, then feel free to drop a query below. Also, you can discover more about spotflux service by reading our editorial Spotflux review.