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Remote Play is a highly convenient feature that allows gamers in USA to play PlayStation 4 games through the handheld PlayStation Vita. If you are away from your home or your family members are occupied with your TV, this feature can come in handy.

To enable this feature, you need an Internet connection for both your handheld console and PS4. A Remote Play PS4 VPN in USA can allow you to enhance the quality of your gaming experience. In this article, we will explain how you can enjoy setting up a VPN for remotely playing your PS4 in USA.

PS Vita Remote Play PS4 VPN In USA

The PS4-PS Vita Remote Play feature is a significant improvement over this feature as it existed in the PS3 era. On the PS3 console, this feature only allowed gamers in USA to play PSX titles. However, the PS Vita can be used as a portable screen AND a remote controller to play PS4 games.


However, you need to have a fairly strong Internet connection for this feature to function effectively. Unfortunately, many ISPs use throttling that prevents smooth and seamless gaming. To overcome this, a PS Vita Remote Play PS4 VPN in USA can be extremely helpful.


Using Remote Play on PS4 In USA

You need to have a PS Vita, a PS4 console, and an Internet connection in USA to use the Remote Play feature and enjoy playing PS4 titles remotely. You must first enable this feature on your PS4. This can be done by following the steps below:

  • Open the PS4 system function screen and select Settings.
  • Navigate to Remote Play Connection Settings and enable Remote Play.
  • Within the same Settings screen, find PlayStation Network/Account Management and choose Activate as Your Primary PS4.

Now, you have enabled the Remote Play feature on your PS4 in USA. To play video games remotely, simply select “PS4 Link” on your PS Vita, and the PS4 system screen will appear on your handheld PS Vita.

However, you will need a Remote Play PS4 VPN in USA if you want to access dedicated gaming servers that provide high connection speeds.

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How to set up a Remote Play PS4 VPN In USA

It is a fairly simple task to set up a VPN for Remote Play on PS4 in USA. It is recommended to use a wired Internet connection on your PS4 for the best experience of playing PS4 remotely. Therefore, you will need to use a crossover Ethernet cable hooked with your PC to connect your PS4 to a wired VPN-enabled Internet in USA.

How to set up a VPN for PS Vita In USA

After setting up the VPN for PS4 in USA, it is recommended to also use a VPN-protected Wi-Fi connection on your PS Vita to remotely access PS4. Although a hardwired PS4connection is needed for a smooth remote play experience, the PS Vita can be connected to the PS4 through Wi-Fi.

The easiest way to access VPN-enabled Wi-Fi in USA is by using a PC as a hotspot. You just need to ensure that your PC’s Internet connection is running through a VPN service. Once this is ensured, you can access your PC’s Wi-Fi hotspot on your PS Vita and remotely play your PS4 through dedicated VPN gaming servers.

In this way, you can have both your PS4 and PS Vita consoles connected to the Internet through a VPN. There are several benefits to remotely play your PS4 through a VPN in USA.

Benefits of Using a Remote Play PS4 VPN In USA

One of the main benefits of using a VPN to access Remote Play on PS4 in USA is the availability of dedicated gaming servers. There are many ISPs in USA that are often overloaded by too many gamers playing at the same time. However, a VPN can allow you to change your server at will and find the one with the best latency and speed.


Moreover, a VPN service enhances your security by masking your real IP in USA and applying encryption. This helps to keep you safe from potential hackers and malicious users searching for easy prey online. Thus, your Remote Play experience can be made substantially more enjoyable through the best VPN provider in USA.

For utmost protection and security we recommend you to use ExpressVPN as it the best VPN for gaming out there.

Summing Up

Video gaming technology in USA has come a long way from the days of Atari and Commodore 64. Not only has the technology advanced in terms of graphics and gameplay, but also in terms of accessibility. Playing video games on PS4 in USA without being present near the console is one such accessibility feature made possible by modern technology.

Make sure to take advantage of this useful feature through a Remote Play PS4 VPN in USA. In this way, you can play your favorite PS4 games remotely through a PS Vita in USA when you are away from your TV.

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