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After enormous success of Arrow: Season 2, Warner Bros. in association with DC Comics is working on 3 new exhilarating projects – Gotham, The Flash and Constantine. With Arrow: Season 3 all set to hit The CW; this fall is going to be EPIC. The insights about the upcoming seasons and plot secrets shall be unfold at San Diego Comic-Con on July 26th, 2014.



Gotham is the city we all know as the city of crime and the city protected by the Knight of Justice – Batman. But, there’s much more to it than that. Gotham: The Season depicts the origin story of the city. It tells the tale of a hero we know as Commissioner Gordon.

Crime has been haunting Gotham for decades. Crime lurked the streets of Gotham before Joker, Riddler, CatWoman, Penguin, Poison Ivy and even Batman. Before all the bad and all the good we know about Gotham, the city had a protector – Detective Jim Gordon.

Gotham comes your way this fall. Along with the city’s origin, Gotham brings you different origin stories – of heroes and villains. Watch the City of Crime before the reign of Batman and witness the tale never told.


The Flash

The Arrow was an absolute success. Both seasons of the show massively engaged the audience, making it possible for The CW to renew Arrow: Season 3. Not only this, this fall, Arrow’s crossover The Flash will hit the mini screens.

The Flash depicts the story of an ordinary forensic assistant who is struck by lightning and gains the power of super speed. Barry Allan has been searching for the impossible his entire life. With his mother murdered mysteriously and his father taken culpable for the crime, Barry searches for clues his entire life – hoping to find the real killer someday so that he may free his father.

Barry first made an appearance in Arrow: Season 2 with a glimpse of his origin and transformation into The Flash. The Flash is based on the aftermath of particle accelerator malfunction incident.

It is later revealed that the particle accelerator not only gave Barry Allan the power of super speed but also released unknown dark energies into the world – creating super powered individuals called Meta Humans. Realizing the gravity of the concern and potential dangers, Barry decides to become his city’s watchful protector – saving lives, in a Flash.



Based on the events and characters of DC Comic’s Hellblazer, Constantine is the story of a man that can see everything of this world and the world beyond. With his soul condemned to rot in hell, Constantine strives so hard to free his soul with the good deeds.

But, that is a fate he simply can’t outrun. Thus, Constantine leaves everything behind and takes refuge in a mental asylum. Soon he begins to observe the dark forces lurking in the corners of the world are after a girl named Liv. She is the daughter of Constantine’s old friend; thus, he decides to help her through every thick and thin.

NBC proudly brings the fight between the good and evil at your screens this fall. Based on Hellblazer’s adaptations, Constantine is a must watch even if you’re not into the comics.


Arrow: Season 3

Stephen Amell promises that Arrow Season 3 will be full of surprises. The upcoming season will explore Arrow’s relationship with Amanda Waller and the time spent by vigilante off the island. As we know of the last season, Thea left with her biological father, Sara left with Nyssa, Laurel now knows about Arrow’s identity and Roy decides to walk on the path of his mentor.

Many villains, including the mighty Deathstroke, have been introduced in the previous seasons. Will Arrow be able to offer more than what we expect? With the League of Assassins and Nyssa Al Ghul making an appearance in the previous season, would the next season be honored by The Great One – Ra’s Al Ghul himself.

Rumors have started to spread that Oder Feher is in talks for the role of Ra’s Al Ghul. Perhaps, this is the surprise Stephen Amell is talking about.

arrow 1


First, they kept talking about Central City (Hometown of Barry Allan) and Barry Allan made an appearance on Arrow. Now, they have been talking about Coast City a lot – the hometown of Hal Jordan. So, maybe season 3 will introduce Hal Jordan; with or without a ring – one can only presume at the moment.

Another speculation asserts that “Diggle” is just a name used to refer to John at military. What if his last name isn’t Diggle but Stewart? These are all the questions whose answers shall be revealed soon as Arrow Season 3 will air on The CW this fall.