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Usenet vs VPN – A Showdown Between 2 Giants

Usenet is a service much like VPN, but it goes beyond that to function as a fully structured domain that constitutes its own data. In sharp comparison, a VPN is a service that will get you access to other online services. This makes a VPN a means to reach an end, whereas Usenet is the means and the end all wrapped up in one package.

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Top LinkedIn Influencers Open Up On NSA and Edward Snowden!

Snowden’s revelations accompanied diverse reactions: Some called him a hero – a whistleblower; whereas others declared him a traitor. Snowden revealed the National Security Agency’s ugly truth that they were spying on us. We already had doubts in our minds; however, after Snowden’s revelations, it all became crystal clear.

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Detailed History of NSA – Slayer of our Privacy and Security

Operational under the authority of DoD, the National Security Agency (NSA) is one of the most powerful intelligence agencies of the United States that reports its activities to the Director of National Intelligence. NSA in allegiance with different institutions and corporate giants is notorious for its vigilant and spying activities.

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L2TP VPN for Dummies

L2TP VPNs can prove to be somewhat irritating for individuals looking to switch servers frequently during VPN protected internet sessions. Using L2TP VPN with IPSec protection (which is normal for L2TP VPN use) forces authentication to rely on your IP. Every time you switch a server, expect a connection-wide communication of your new IP to cause lag.

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