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Five Biggest Hacking Attacks of 2013

I choose to stand strongly against the prevalent perception that 2013 was a catastrophic year for online privacy! People believe that the Snowden revelations have given us a cause to mourn, whereas I believe that this was the year that online privacy finally came back to life.

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Apple Pleads Not-Guilty to assisting NSA’s iPhone Spying

As if Snowden's revelations were not catastrophic enough for the NSA, incidents such as the press release published this September by Germany’s Der Spiegel continue to stun us. Der Spiegel’s publication asserted that the NSA has been working to tap iPhones with spyware apps for the last five years. Apps were essentially designed to push/pull information from iPhone users.

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Top 5 Gaming VPN to Protect Against in-game Hack Attacks

Modern gaming is heavy-duty and demands the use of high-tech upgrades and add-ons to most computer systems. These upgrades and add-ons are necessary in order for the game to function and deliver to its full potential. In the same vein, most modern and upcoming games are giving extensive attention to multiplayer features.

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Top 5 VPN to Unblock Youtube

People like me consume video content by the Gigabytes and I can't rest until I've consumed my quota of Gigabytes for the day. To that end, Youtube is at the top of my list! Even though it is a benchmark for new entrants in the online streaming industry, Youtube is blocked (either fully or partially) in countless countries around the world.

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NFC enabled Android KitKat 4.4 Marks Start of New Era

For those like me who did not know what an NFC is: NFCs are the future of Bluetooth technology. With no need to pair devices, the NFC works by recognizing NFC enabled devices in proximity and auto-configuring to pair with them. NFCs can also cooperate with RFIDs to send/receive data.This is not the first time Android made friends with NFC technology. The Android Beam (seen before in the Google Nexus series), is a classic example in this regard.

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Top 5 VPN Providers to Unblock Skype

Like any technological revolution, Skype has seen its fair share of security issues (like the account hijack scare last year). But thanks to Skype VPNs, Microsoft’s latest foray into VoIP communication has sustained and thrived. In fact, the dawn of this year saw the number of Skype users cross the 50 million mark!

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