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Note: We don’t recommend NordVPN due to its vulnerability, however the next best alternate is Ivacy for secure and anonymous torrent downloading experience

NordVPN has been around for years and over the course of time, it has drastically improved for the good. The UI has received a major revamp and even their torrenting servers and features have been overhauled for ultimate privacy.

With that said, I have personally found a lot of outdated information about Nord on various websites which is really not fair given how much this VPN has improved.

To give this provider a fair chance I have decided to write my own thoughts on NordVPN’s capabilities, its servers, torrenting features and most importantly its flaws.

How many P2P Servers does NordVPN Offer?

NordVPN not only has the largest server count but also offers the most P2P optimized servers in the industry. After inquiring with chat support, I was surprised to see the P2P server count, which was in mere hundreds, has now grown into thousands.

NordVPN has more than 5100 servers in 62 countries out of which about 4500 are optimized for P2P.


NordVPN P2P servers have not only become much faster but also much easier to connect to because of their sheer number and availability. Therefore, no matter where you are in the world you will always find a P2P server close to you.

How to Choose the best Server for Torrenting?

Since there are more than 4000, P2P enabled servers; it can be cumbersome if not difficult to choose the most optimized P2P server based on your specific location. However, NordVPN is all about convenience and user privacy have thought this issue through.

NordVPN’s “Easy connect” option automatically connects you to the most optimized P2P server without you having to do anything. However, if you prefer manually selecting server locations you can do so by first selecting the country and then the drop down option to avail all of the offered servers.


Must have Features for Torrenting

and App Kill Switch are pretty much the most important features you can expect from a reliable VPNs service.

Fortunately, NordVPN offers both of these features for absolute ease of mind. If you don’t know what these features are then I will briefly describe them below.


Internet Kill Switch: This feature disables your internet connection in an event of VPN failure.

App Kill Switch: This feature disables certain apps in an event of VPN failure.

How to Bypass Torrent Connection Blocking?

Now we all know how sleazy ISPs and governmental authorities restrict and sanction the use of torrenting on networks, which can not only be annoying but also infuriating.

Luckily, NordVPN has an astronomical number of P2P server all around the globe that can be used for bypassing any sort of torrenting restriction.

If you prefer looking up specific P2P servers, you can filter your results in the server list option with in the NordVPN client. This way you will have the complete list of all the available P2P servers.




Setup NordVPN’s Socks5 Proxy on uTorrent

The Socks5 proxy is a network protocol, which acts as a bridge between client and servers. This way none of your traffic can be trace back to you. Ideally Socks5 proxy is preferred by less privacy conscious torrent users, however once combined with a VPN it can yield amazing results.

To setup NordVPN’s Socks5 proxy on an uTorrent client simply follow the steps below.

1. Launch the uTorrent client and head on over to Options and then Preferences.


2. Within the Preferences window select connection and then from the Type drop down underneath Proxy server select Socks5.


3. Now since we are using NordVPN proxy, you must enter one of their server addresses in the provided Proxy.


4. After that, you must enter the Port number, which in the case of NordVPN is You must also select all the check boxes shown in the image below.


5. Finally enter your NordVPN credentials and hit Ok.


NordVPN Torrenting Reddit

Although so far NordVPN seems to be worth all the hype, however few Redditers begged to differ. One Reddit user pointed out that it was slow while another said it did not support both port forwarding and dynamic IPs for proper seeding purposes.

Find more VPN reviews by Reddit users about NordVPN and others.


Wrapping up!

The internet is an ever-evolving space and one information that might be relevant today might be outdated the next day. Same is the case with NordVPN as a lot of information regarding their servers and features are quite out dated, which can turn away some VPN users.

However, in this blog I took a very neutral approach towards NordVPN torrenting capabilities and their flaws to provide you with the most unbiased opinion.

If you are new to downloading torrents then definitely check out our Torrent Guide.