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NordVPN is one of the most popular VPN services out there. It is compatible with many devices and platforms. It offers dedicated apps for most of these, but users also have the option to manually configure the VPN if they are using a device that lacks a NordVPN app or if you simply like to setup programs yourself.

However, I strongly recommend using the NordVPN apps for your device(s) because of the many privacy/security-boosting features that can be easily enabled or disabled through the interface.

In this article, I will give download links for NordVPN’s app for common platforms and operating systems including Android, Windows, macOS, iOS, Android TV and Linux. You can also get the Chrome and Firefox extension of the VPN.

Download NordVPN for Windows


NordVPN client for Windows comes with Cybersec, Kill Switch, and P2P Compatibility.

To perform quick NordVPN download, simply click here.

It is as simple as that. Just remember that although the software is free, you do need to pay to get your login credentials.

To get these credentials, you will need to Sign Up with the VPN. Make sure to select one of the appropriate to avail the service.

Download NordVPN for Mac


Mac is a device that enjoys popularity among all the faithful Apple devotees. To provide these users with digital freedom and privacy, NordVPN offers a dedicated client for Mac.

The app works on Mac OS version 10.12 (Sierra) or better. To get this app: Click here.

Meanwhile, the IKEv2 version can be obtained from the iTunes app store.

Just make sure to Sign Up with the service to have proper access to this app.

Download NordVPN for Android


Android is the most popular mobile operating system with millions of users around the world. NordVPN caters to these users with its dedicated Android apps.

You can download NordVPN’s android apps by simply clicking here.

Like all the other clients, the NordVPN download process for Android is completely free.

However, for the VPN to function at full capacity, you need to buy one of the pricing plans of the VPN. Sign Up with for a secure mobile browsing.

Download NordVPN for iOS


To get security on Public WiFi, the apple users can opt for NordVPN’s iOS app. This app is user-friendly and provides multiple benefits to the Apple lovers.

To Download NordVPN iOS app, you do not need to put in any effort. You can download the app completely free from here.

But once again, you need to buy one of the price packages offered by NordVPN. Through a paid service of the VPN, you can enjoy unlimited privacy on the web.

Sign Up now to keep your information secured on your Apple device.

Download NordVPN for Android TV


Android TV boxes are the one-stop destination of all the movie-streaming aficionados. They allow you to stream a wide variety of video content but in some instances, this content is geo-locked.

A VPN resolves this issue through its custom Android TV software. The NordVPN download process hardly takes a minute and is free.

To utilize the VPN on your device, you perform the following steps:

  • Download the Android TV app from here.
  • Sign in if you have an account or create a new one by Signing UP with NordVPN.
  • Select a server and enjoy private and unrestricted streaming.

Download NordVPN for Linux


Linux is an open-source operating system that has loyal users scattered across the globe. Just like any other OS, Linux is exposed to the multiple online threats.

To secure their device from various threats, Linux users can opt for NordVPN.

The NordVPN download and installation process for Linux is as following:

  • Download the repo setup .deb package of VPN by clicking here.
  • Access the terminal and run: sudo apt-get install {/path/to/}nordvpn-release_1.0.0_all.deb
  • Type this command: sudo apt-get update
  • To install the VPN run: sudo apt-get install nordvpn

The above procedure is free but NordVPN’s service requires you to pay a certain.

Click here to Sign Up with the VPN through your preferred payment plan.

Get NordVPN for Chrome


A convenient way of obtaining digital privacy is adding a VPN extension to your browser. NordVPN has a capable extension for the Google Chrome users.

Add NordVPN to your Chrome simply by clicking here.

You can add this VPN to your browser without paying anything at all. But to Log In with this app, you need to first Sign Up with this service.

Get NordVPN for Firefox


Mozilla Firefox is a widely used browser, which allows multitudes of extensions. With a VPN extension, the users of this browsers can browse without worrying about their information getting leaked.

NordVPN has an efficient extension for Firefox, which the providers describe as lightweight.

You can click here and get this add-on straightaway. Just make sure that you Sign Up with the service first.

Comparison of NordVPN with Other Services

If you don’t want to use NordVPN for any reason, you should not lose all your hopes, as there are other options available. Here is the list of comparison of NordVPN with other VPN services you can try out:

  1. NordVPN vs PureVPN
  2. NordVPN vs ExpressVPN
  3. NordVPN vs IPVanish
  4. NordVPN vs Private Internet Access
  5. NordVPN vs TunnelBear


With a capable VPN on your device, you can explore the web with guaranteed security. NordVPN is one of the services that have advanced features and tools to thwart dangerous online threats.

Through the free NordVPN download option, users can prevent their devices from unwanted and unwelcomed guests.

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