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Microsoft has threatened to withhold Windows 11 and security updates for users who own an old CPU. According to The Verge, while this American tech giant had earlier concluded that it wouldn’t stop PC users with an older CPU to install the Windows 11 update, their stance now has completely changed. The tech giant recently claimed that unsupported PCs wouldn’t receive the latest Windows and driver updates.


Many claim that this can just be Microsoft’s measure to cover up. It’s difficult even to imagine that Microsoft won’t be offering critical security patches when the company has often offered an occasional free patch and its support even after shelving an OS for the better. 


Technically, this could only be a measure, meant to discourage users from believing that Microsoft would offer technical support and warranty for every PC configuration to avoid all potential legal headaches. Therefore, it’s better to underpromise and overdeliver.


Microsoft clearly refused to clarify anything further, meaning they’re okay with users considering this a genuine threat. Also, it’s completely possible for Microsoft to withhold patches in the future at some point. 

Clearly, it’s not only the security that’s at stake. If users are practically unable to replace their older-than-Intel 8th-Gen-CPU or unwilling to do it, then Windows 11 can be an OS where the users would literally go back to manually configuring driver updates for all hardware – a technique that has now become quite old.


Feature updates aren’t that big of a deal. You can simply download a newer ISO and do an in-place-install if there’s a major Windows update that you want or if you’re a person who’d install Windows 11 ISO on your computer.


It seems like the company is trying to push Windows users into buying a new PC, need or not. Earlier, the company told The Verge about a loophole that could placate a few vocal power users of the company who aren’t willing to give up on their old hardware. But, if the loophole somehow gets in the way of the tech giant’s plan, then Microsoft would reserve the right to make it way less attractive. 


Windows 11 will be officially released in October 2021. In case you see any links or setups available to download or preview this operating system anywhere, please do not click it. According to the latest updates, fake Windows installers are inducing malware in users’ devices and are circulating freely over the internet. With the rapid increase of cyberattacks, you might want to be very vigilant. Because whatever sensitive information gets stolen, ends up on the Dark Web for bidders to purchase and use for any malicious intent.