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We are already one and a half decade into the 21st century and (are) still engulfed with problems like cybercrimes and geo-restrictions. The year 2014 was no different from the last year. In fact, it was even darker for the internet users all around the world.

Talking about the online security and geo-restrictions in US, 2014 saw a major growth in cybercrimes and limitations on Sporting Events, TV channels and TV Shows. Whatever the reasons may be, it is clearly evident from the facts that the online liberty is dying rather slow yet a cruel death.

So how exactly this year made a mockery of internet in US, let’s find out!


Cybercrimes Statistics of 2014

It has become extremely difficult to surf internet while protecting your online identity at the same time. The cybercriminals are working on more ways to sneak into your devices to extract as much information as they can for their personal gains.

The cybercrimes statistics of 2014 suggest that US has witnessed a 77% growth in cybercrimes. According to the US State of Cybercrime Survey, the number has not only tremendously increased but it has also questioned the security of many of the big companies. And it does not end here; they have expressed their concerns about many of the security attacks going unnoticed.


Major Cyber Attacks of 2014

It wouldn’t be wrong to label this year as one of the darkest years for internet security in US. The online security of many users and companies in US was left in tatters after the cybercriminals decimated the online security systems of some of the big companies.

Companies like Apple, JP Morgan Chase, eBay, Yahoo and United Parcel Service (UPS) etc. were targeted by hackers, phishers and all sorts of cybercriminals. We’ll give you brief descriptions of the following major cyberattacks of 2014 in US to help you better understand how the security of these giants was compromised.


  • iCloud Hack

The Fappening or iCloud Hack refers to the hack scandal where private pictures of some celebrities including Jennifer Lawrence, Kirsten Dunst, Victoria Justice, Mary E. Winstead and others were circulated on the internet by the hackers. Apple drew heavy criticism for its online security by the victims, but maintained an opinion that it was a very “specific” hacking scandal.


  • JP Morgan Chase

JP Morgan Chase admitted earlier this year that its security servers were breached. According to an official, the bank has started to issue new credit cards to the potential customers and has asked the customers to change their passwords as soon as they can. Even though the bank was reluctant to share the details with the media, some sources claimed that almost 76 million households were affected by the attack.


  • eBay

BBC and the sources at eBay had conflicting opinions about this hack attack. BBC claimed that some of the customers were charged money for the purchases they had never made while eBay claimed that even though its servers were breached none of the 233 million users were affected financially.


  • Yahoo

Even though Yahoo wasn’t attacked directly by the hackers, its official twitter account was indeed hacked and it was confirmed when the hackers posted a fake tweet about the spread of Ebola virus in Atlanta.


  • United Parcel Service (UPS)

UPS has suffered one of the major hack attacks this year. According to some sources and media reports, around 105K users suffered from fraudulent transactions in this hack attack. The hack attack was discovered only after the US officials had warned about the spread of a malware in the country!


Sporting Events of 2014

Alright now that we have talked much about the major cyberattacks of 2014 in US, it’s time for us to lighten our moods with the discussion of sporting events of 2014 in US. That’s right folks. We will now be focusing on what this year has in store for us sports fans!


  • NFL

Seriously is there any sporting event bigger than the NFL? We doubt it. In case you aren’t aware of this, the NFL is already being played and is being telecasted live from 6 national channels! The league is on full throttle and is (being) watched by millions of fans all around the world. The local fans watch it live on their TVs and phones while the other fans (including the locals in the blacked out regions) stream it online via VPN.


  • NHL

Another major sporting event of 2014 that has got the crowds going is the NHL! While the battle for the Stanley Cup is already on, you better make sure to support your teams in their conquest of the Championship. Tune in or stream online to find out who is going to get his hands on that shining silver beauty!


  • Major League Baseball

Did you witness the heroics of San Francisco Giants under Bruce Bochy? Many may dispute with us, but they certainly deserved to be the Champions from the start! The championship has a cult following all over the world with many of the fans watching it live online via VPNs.

Read our guide to know how to watch Major League Baseball 2018 outside the US.


  • NBA

The NBA regular season is on! What are you waiting for? Are you as excited as we are for another counter between the Boston Celtics and Los Angeles Lakers? Make sure you are free and have nothing to do because these bad boys will be up with their A-games and will give you some real treat!


Best of Netflix 2014

As expected the people saw the best of Netflix in 2014. With TV shows and movies going from local to global, it was yet another year for the Netflix viewers to cherish. It constantly updated its servers and brought some of the best TV shows in the history of America for its viewers. Similarly, the movies on Netflix in 2014 were amazing as usual.


Hulu Plus

If the movies on Netflix in 2014 were awesome, the movies on Hulu Plus in 2014 were no less. Hulu Plus made sure that its viewers got they deserve; hence it provided them with the most popular Hulu Plus shows in 2014 and made sure the viewers do not miss out on the movies on Hulu Plus and kept updating its server regularly.



This year was arguably one of the worsts years in terms of cybercrimes and has witnessed some of the major cyberattacks but nobody can deny the fact that it had some highs as well. The NFL, NHL, MLB and NBA were the highlights of the sporting events in 2014 in US. Similarly, the TV shows and movies by Netflix and Hulu left the audiences speechless.

However, due to geo-restrictions and a high rise in cybercrimes, the usage of a VPN has become an essential need for the general internet users. It unblocks all the channels, TV shows and movies and protects your online identity from the cybercriminals.