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On 17th November, at 6:42 AM (Pacific Standard Time), several users, including ourselves starting facing logging issues with Surfshark services.

The application automatically logged out itself and demanded a fresh reinstall from the official website. However, when trying to login again, the application displayed a login error message just like the one below:


Upon visiting the Surfshark website to download a fresh copy of Surfshark’s application, the website was confirmed to be down as the website homepage was inaccessible to multiple users worldwide.


Reddit user “u/Jira93” confirmed about Surfshark’s whole system is down for the moment. Several users commented on similar experiences.

Is surfshark down? from surfshark

Surfshark’s official Twitter account also confirmed that they are experiencing issues with their domain network, and their team is working on it to resolve the problem as soon as possible.

We will make sure to keep you updated regarding the Surfshark domain network issue. Also, don’t forget to visit us back for more updates as the situation progresses.