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The best way to stop Verizon throttling your internet connection is by using a VPN. Virtual Private Networks are the most effective tool to use for bypassing throttling and they can easily be setup on devices such as Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, Firestick, Roku, Play Station, and more.

Allow me to take you through my post that will allow you to navigate Verizon throttling hassles according to your own terms.

How could I know if I am being throttled?

In case you are a Verizon user, you might be using a throttled internet connection. Therefore, you may face issues while streaming your favorite TV shows or movies on Netflix. In order to curb this issue in the right manner, you can take huge benefit from BattleForTheNet.

This famous online resource enables you in exercising your freedom of expression right appropriately. Furthermore, the site delivers a comprehensive list of tools that allow you to test your internet connection to bypass throttling and censorship issues.

Luckily, you have options galore when it comes to overcoming ISP or Verizon throttling problems to certain degree. You may try out different online speed test services like This way you can check if Verizon or any other internet service provider throttles you or not.


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VPNs – Best tools to stop Verizon Throttling

VPNs are the best way to bypass Verizon throttling your internet. This amazing online privacy tool allows you to spoof your online locations through an alternative IP address from anywhere. As a result, your ISPs or online hackers are unable to trace your digital whereabouts – thus effectively bypassing throttling from Verizon or other ISPs.

Thus, you can perform your preferred online tasks such as web surfing, video streaming and others quite easily.

How to stop Verizon Throttling with a VPN

Top VPNs offer a comprehensive list of privacy features that allow you to surf the web securely. Likewise, it offers an impressive data encryption benefit that makes you completely anonymous. Hence, you are able to send each packet of information in a layer of unbreakable code to the required destination.

Therefore, nobody is able to see what is inside in these packets. This is the reason ISPs cannot throttle your internet connection as they are unable to recognize your internet traffic. However, ISPs may throttle your bandwidths in case you do not use a VPN. We recommend using Fast VPNs to avoid these problems,

ISPs throttle users’ internet connection by recognizing port numbers. These port numbers work just like numbered doors that help you in passing your internet traffic safely.  Sadly, data packets are passed through these same port numbers.

Consequently, ISPs throttle users’ connections on those specific ports. In these situations, role of VPNs comes in handy as they send users’ traffic with the help of different locations. This way, they can access those ports Verizon and other ISPs cannot block.


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Best VPNs for circumventing Verizon Throttling

The task of selecting VPN services when it comes to navigating Verizon Throttling is cumbersome and needs a detailed research. For your ease, I have compiled a list after considering different factors that play crucial role in the success of any VPN service.

Here is the list of my selected VPN services that consists of:

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Other methods to stop Verizon throttling

You should not lose all your hopes if you want to try out other methods to evade throttling hurdles. Yes, you read that correctly. Here is the list of different methods you can adopt to achieve your mission:

  • Change VPN configuration settings
  • SSL/TLS Tunnel
  • Shadowsocks (SOCKS5 Proxy)

Change VPN configuration settings

Interestingly, you can change your VPN configuration settings to overcome throttling problems accordingly. Here is the list of steps you should follow:

  • You should open your VPN’s configuration and change security protocol settings
  • You must alter the default port along with encryption protocols
  • You may use UDP or TCP port 1194
  • You can activate SSH connections on any port
  • You may switch to UDP or TCP port 80

SSL/TLS tunnel

When you want to defeat ISP throttling actions in the right direction, you can rely on SSL tunnels. In case you visit a website that shows a green padlock icon in your browser’s URL, it means it is secure with HTTPS. The said protocol uses SSL to attain basic encryption.

Fortunately, you can use SSL tunnel to protect all your internet traffic. Therefore, you should set up SSL tunnels through Stunnel. Moreover, there is no harm if you select a VPN service that delivers SSL tunnels feature.

Shadowsocks (SOCKS5 Proxy)

You can take huge benefit by using Shadowsocks proxy as it uses SOCKS5 protocol to send data through a proxy server. This way, you can make your internet traffic secure and anonymous. By doing so, you can beat ISP throttling glitches without any fuss.

Verizon admits to video throttling

Verizon has been throttling Netflix traffic for quite some time. According to its official claim, the organization is conducting a video optimization test. This is the reason Verizon users are facing issues while streaming video content.

Similarly, some users had to face a 10Mbps cap issue, as they were unable to watch their desired video stuff hassle-free.

Netflix along with YouTube are the most throttled mobile apps in the US

Unfortunately, telecom providers have enhanced the amount of data throttling to new heights. In case you subscribe to unlimited data plan, you may not be able to watch your favorite media content at better streaming speeds.

All these providers use various phrases like “network management”, “prioritization” and others to frustrate their customers. When you have crossed the certain data limit such as 22 GB or 25GB, you will witness bandwidth-throttling issue on your mobile phones.

Surprisingly, you will have to bear additional cost if you want to stream your favorite videos in HD quality.

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Is Verizon Throttling Netflix Reddit?

Reddit has become one of the most sought communities that provide unbiased and relevant reviews about different products and services. If you have AT&T fiber connection, chances are that you can bypass Netflix throttling hassles to another level.

Comment from discussion .

Similarly, another user has validated the above-mentioned viewpoint.

Wrapping Up

I expect you would like my exclusive guide on how to stop Verizon throttling and speed up your connection in 2022. Verizon keeps changing its throttling tactics to make its subscribers confused and annoyed.

However, a VPN is at your disposal that allows you to bypass bandwidth throttling and other such hassles with ease.

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.