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An Italian based VPN provider “AirVPN” had been hacked and has left 80+ servers being hacked by unknown cyber criminals. The hack has breached confidential information of over eight thousand VPN subscribers. Set up by a group of lawyers, hacktivists and activists, AirVPN has been acclaimed for providing robust online protection to netizens. However, the VPN service did very little to protect user’s data privacy by revealing their sensitive and crucial information on the web.


After evaluating and analyzing AirVPN’s website, we concluded that the site displayed confidential information of subscribers which in no case should be left open to the public. The total number of users, active users, top users and more important stats are visible on the server stats page.

Similarly, any hacker can break into the system and acquire the actual IP addresses of users along with their browsing activities, personal details, and host of other information. Have a look at Air VPN’s top users section:

AirVPN Hacked

Alternative VPN Solution

Considering the vulnerabilities and threats to netizens data privacy while using AirVPN, it’s better that you look for alternative VPN solutions. The below mentioned VPN providers offer a strict no activity log policy which ensures a reliable online protection to users. In addition to this, broad range of tunneling protocols with 128 to 256-bit encryption keys renders military grade encryption to your data.

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The above mentioned VPN providers will not only protect you from the worst cyber threats around, but they will also allow you to access geo-restricted services such as Hulu, BBC iPlayer, Spotify, Channel 7, Nine Network and much more from anywhere in the world.

Final Words

Netizens data privacy has always been a prime target for spy agencies, data sniffers, intruders, hackers and various cyber-goons. A VPN is a most suitable and cost effective solution to render premium data protection to users. But if a VPN fails to safeguard its own servers, the question beckons; how good is it in protecting it’s user’s privacy?

The latest hack of AirVPN reveals an unnerving reality that no service is secure. However, if you are looking for VPN solutions, then consider the services mentioned above as they follow a strict no activity log policy, deliver a reliable protection against different cyber threats, and allow you to bypass internet censorships and geo-restrictions with ease.