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Freshly, netizens around the world have struck with a major hit “WannaCry Ransomeware” as cyber extortionists have victimized more than 200,000 users in 150 countries. Read along and learn how to protect yourself against WannaCry instantly.

The anonymous hackers had purportedly utilized one of the leaked tools that were exploited a few months ago in NSA hack and victimized major organizations worldwide counting European institutions, UK National Health Service, and many others. On top, the WannaCry ransomware when spread into your system encrypts all files, and probes you to pay $300 in bitcoin for a safe recovery. The amount gets doubled in three days, which when receives no response results in deletion of all the data.

With so much frustration among users, we have created this guide to help you protect yourself against the most vexing security breach of all times WannaCry Ransomware.


Protect Your Device from WannaCry Ransomware


Seven Steps to Secure Yourself against WannaCry and other Ransomware

As WannaCry Ransomware is expanding towards other nations including Russia, Taiwan, and Ukraine, those who had not updated to latest Microsoft security patch are highly vulnerable right now. But don’t worry, as following steps will ensure a firm and impregnable protection against WannaCry and other ransomware.

Here’s how to secure your data instantly against prowling ransomware:


  1. Update to Latest MS Security Patch

The first and foremost step you should take is applying latest security update patch released by Microsoft to defend against WannaCry ransomware. You can find the more information about how to update Windows in MS Knowledgebase area. In addition, you can directly download and install patches from Microsoft Updates and Patch Catalogue


  1. Upgrade your Operating System

In case, you have installed an unsupported/obsolete version of Windows such as Windows XP, Windows 2008, Windows 2003, or Windows Server, then it is suggested to upgrade your Windows to latest version and install fresh security updates


  1. Recheck Antivirus

A majority of users have expressed concerns about their antiviruses, as it is the sole responsibility of antivirus program to protect users against such vulnerable ransomware. However, after the exploit, many vendors have released an update for protection against WannaCry. Therefore, we suggest updating your Antivirus at earliest


  1. Turn on Windows Defender

If you are among users who don’t use antivirus programs then it is recommended to activate Windows Defender on your machine as the first layer of defense against any potential cyber threat


  1. Always Make Backup

As a wise man said, “Precaution is better than cure”, it’s true for sure. WannaCry ransomware has already proven that large-scale cyber-attack can spread and victimize millions of users in microseconds. Therefore, we recommend readers to create routinely offline backups, for safe restoration of data at times of cyber-attack


  1. Beware of malicious emails and sites

Spam emails and suspicious advertisements are the frequent cause of spread of virus, malware, Trojan, worm and more vulnerabilities among users. To stay at safe side, it is recommended that you never click on malicious advertisement that appears while surfing


  1. Don’t Trade In

Ransomware comes with extortion money that many users pay to get nothing. Not to mention, WannaCry or Wanna Decryptor offers a similar agreement that requires you to pay $300 for decryption of data. But, it is highly recommended not to make any settlements with hackers as there is no guarantee you will get decrypted data after paying


Is WannaCry Unstoppable? Find What Gurus Have to Say

Although, WannaCry seems unstoppable at the moment, but our Ransomware Removal Guide offers the simple step-by-step procedure to remove the strongest ransomware out of your devices.

In addition, a security researcher has already shown that WannaCry ransomware is not overwhelming. Interestingly, the digital security expert was able to stop WannaCry from spreading by means of registering a domain that worked as a kill switch for a vulnerable program.

However, netizens’ could not rejoice for long as fresh variants of WannaCry ransomware were released soon and spread like wildfire. Having said that, WannaCry variants are expected to release until this week, and the only way to protect yourself is to follow the steps mentioned earlier.

Here’s what cyber gurus and privacy researchers think about WannaCry Ransomware:



Final Words

We hereby wrap this guide about WannaCry Ransomware removal. Till now we have explained how to protect yourself against WannaCry ransomware and other cyber threats.

Not to mention, another wave of cyber-attack has just ignited a few hours ago and it will be a distressing week for Windows subscribers. Over and above, with WannaCry lurking around, it is best to keep yourself, friends and family, safe against ransomware. Do share this guide, spread the word and keep others secure. Also check this complete guide to remove ransomware in 2019.