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Gone are the days when everything on the internet was easily accessible from anywhere in the world. However, the geo-restrictions and online blockades became more common as the time passed by. We might have equipped ourselves with the latest technology, but we fall way behind when it comes to accessing the internet with complete freedom.

There is no point in discussing why many streaming services and websites are blocked in your region. Our main focus should be to open the blocked sites without violating any law. Without wasting any further time, we will discuss how to open blocked sites without running into any trouble.

How to Open Blocked Sites

Before we get on with the details, we would like to tell our readers that there are several methods with which they can open the blocked sites from their region without putting many efforts. We have covered all the ways in detail with which you can access your favorite content. Pay attention to the details and let us know which one worked for you!

1) Get a VPN Service! – Most Recommended Solution

A Virtual Private Network is an excellent option when it comes to unblocking the restricted content or website in your region. The VPN services are easy to use and can be subscribed on annually, half yearly, quarterly and monthly basis. There are a few free VPN services as well, but we always recommend our readers to opt for the paid versions because they are much better with their servers’ performances and can be used to open blocked sites from anywhere in the world.

Before proceeding to the next part, we would like to recommend you some of the best VPN service providers that can be used to access the geo-restricted websites from anywhere in the world.

VPN ProvidersPrice ($)Special DealsMore Info
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$2.95 Per Month
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$1.99 Per Month
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2) Rewrite the URL

You may not use this trick on all the websites, but it can work on a few websites that are hosted on a VPS or a dedicated server. Before proceeding further, the website has an unverified SSL certification otherwise the URL rewriting trick won’t work.

  • Click on the web address bar on your browser
  • Now type in
  • If all the steps are followed properly and you qualify for accessing the blocked page, a warning message will pop up on your Chrome browser and you will have to click on “Proceed Anyway” to unblock it. If you are using Mozilla Firefox, your browser will ask you to download an “Exception Certificate”, download it and browse the website freely!

3) The Browser Extensions

Using the browser extensions is another great way of opening the blocked sites from anywhere in the world. Extensions like Hola and Zenmate are considered as the best free VPN services that are known to provide access without restricting the user on a certain page. There are some issues though, it has been noted by some users that these browsers do not always work on all the websites.

Take Youtube for example, if a genuine copyrighted video is not made available in your region, the browser extensions won’t help you. Their IP addresses get detected and this is the reason why streaming services like Netflix and Hulu do not let the users continue with their video streaming.

4) Use Proxy Services

The proxy services allow the users to connect through a different IP address and let the users browse the websites that are restricted and blocked in their regions. The proxy services are free but they bombard the users’ screens with tons of advertisements.

The proxy services can also be used to compromise your online security, since a single IP address is assigned to so many users all over the world. If you are not concerned about your online security, then a proxy service is indeed the right tool for you to open blocked sites.

How to Open Blocked Sites on Android

People nowadays carry their cellphones and tablets with them when they are travelling. Since it is more convenient for them to stay in touch with everyone and their clients, they keep the devices with them all the time. Much like the PC users, the Android users are also prompted with the same error when a website is blocked in their region.

All the tips that we have shared with you work on Android cellphones and tablets but we recommend you to opt for the most recommended solution – an Android VPN. The Android VPNs can not only open blocked sites but they can also improve the security of your Android devices and ensure your pictures, messages and calls remain untraceable!

How to Open Blocked Sites on iPhone

Many VPN providers offer their VPN clients on iOS platforms to ensure the users can open blocked sites on their iPhones and iPads. Using the iOS VPN is probably the safest and easiest way to access a blocked website from anywhere in the world. The iPhone users can also breathe a sigh of relief knowing the fact that all their data is safe and out of the reach of the hackers and online surveillance agencies.

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Internet with complete freedom has now become only a thought owing to the restrictions and surveillance by the streaming services, authorities and hackers. If you are looking to open a blocked site, we recommend you to opt for the most commonly used tool, a VPN because it cannot only give you the access to each and everything, it can also be used to hide you from the prying eyes of your snooping government and hackers.