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Gaming Speed and Lag

Game speed is one of the key predictor of the gaming experience a user is going to have. Being a gamer myself, I know that latency issues are the worst nightmare for a gamer and lag is his worst enemy.

In Massively Multiplayer Online gaming, all the fun flies out of the window if you encounter a lethargic game play. No more epic battles. No more leading the charts. And, no more head shots. Final boss will probably kill you before you even know it. In fact, you’ll be the weakest link in your team if you’re playing on a Campaign Mode.

Notwithstanding unmet system requirements, there are many other reasons originating deteriorated gaming speed and lag; especially, when you’re playing MMO. Gaming speed plays a major role when it comes to MMO. It not only affects how a gamer performances but also an overall gaming experience.

League of Legends, World of Warcraft, Diablo, Dota 2, Elder Scrolls, The Repopulation, The Division, Destiny, WildStar Online, Battlefield, Call of Duty and Left4Dead. No matter which genre you prefer or story mode you wish to play. Without adequate gaming speed it’s all nothing but a mess.

MMO gaming

Latency Issues

Latency issues are one of the mostly frequently encountered concerns to gamers. These concerns are often encountered by those who wish to connect distant servers. When it comes to MMO, gaming servers play a significant role in boosting your gaming experience. As a matter of fact, each gaming genre represents a few popular servers that everybody wants to connect.

These servers aren’t always located near your locality. So, if you connect to the distant servers, you encounter increased ping. Ping, in the world of gaming, is inversely proportional to game play. Greater ping means more lag in the game play. More lag means pathetic gaming experience.

Let me ask you something. How many times have you been kicked out of the gaming server just because your ping was high? You might have cursed the moderator; but, frankly, that was the right thing to do.

When you receive high ping, it not only affects your game play but others’ gaming experience as well. While playing on a campaign mode, you entire team suffers just because your latency isn’t good enough to support better game play. That’s the reason moderators kick the players with higher latency.


Why Need a VPN?

When you connect to a distant gaming server, you encounter latency related issues. The core reason for this is your IP. When you connect to a gaming server, your IP represents your original locality. This is the reason you get higher ping.

Luckily, you can use a VPN to mask your real IP. It works just like a camouflage. With a VPN, you can connect to any server you want without worrying about latency related issues such as higher ping.

All you need to do is connect a VPN on your device and select the locality which represents your desired gaming server. There are a lot of VPN service providers out there in the industry with geographically dispersed servers. Select the one that complies with your requirements. Check the fastest VPN service that suits your requirements and if you want more details, find the top 15 VPN speed test results.

A VPN will hide your real IP and mask it with a random IP representing server location you’ve connected. Now your IP represents the locality whose gaming server you wish to connect. This means no more lethargic game play. Some VPN service providers offer dedicated IPs for gamers so that they can experience even better game play.

After latency related concerns, another issue often faced by MMO gamers is restrictions imposed by distant servers. There are some gaming servers that restrict access to the natives only. The reason behind it might just be the same: to prohibit gamers with high ping from joining the server. With a VPN, you can easily evade such hindrances by masking your real IP.

If you are facing latency related concerns and wish to experience unbeatable gaming speed for better MMO game play, here are some of the frequently adopted VPNs by gamers that you should consider:

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Some Additional Measures You Need to Consider

A VPN is an optimal remedy for all MMO gamers out there who face latency related issues. Nevertheless, there are some additional measures you need to consider in order to acknowledge unbeatable gaming speed. Here are some tricks to improve your MMO gaming experience:


Keep Your System Clean

Make sure that the game you’re playing gets the space on your hard drive as it demands. For this, we would recommend that you should get rid of unnecessary junk stored in your system. Space availability on your hard drive will not only help you get better game play but it will also enhance efficiency of your system.


System Requirements and Game Settings

Sometimes you may face a laggy game play because the settings selected for the game aren’t compatible with your system. For this we suggest that you should check system requirements of the game you wish to play and compare them with your system configuration.

If you try to max game settings including visuals, you may encounter a laggy game play. So, we strongly recommend that you should adjust game settings especially visuals as per your system specifications. You can max all settings if your system is good enough but if its configuration is moderate then boosting visuals may cause a terrible lag.


Latest Patches

Keep updating your game with latest patches. These patches will help improve overall gaming experience and remove occasionally encountered bugs and glitches. Sometimes, everything is just perfect – system requirements are good and VPN is connected but still you encounter a laggy game play; it is probably because of the bugs that can easily by removed via latest patches.


Upgrading Router Firmware

You can reduce latency related concerns and get rid of the laggy game play by upgrading your router’s firmware. Either you are a console gamer or prefer a PC to beat down your digital rivals, router firmware updates can help you enhance the performance of your device and improve overall gaming experience.


TCP Optimizer

TCP optimizer may help you reduce latency if you are a Windows user. Through TCP optimizer, you can accelerate your connection speed and get rid of the lag caused by your Internet connection speed.

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Choose Wisely

No matter which server you prefer to connect, choose wisely. Firstly, make sure that the server you’ve connected isn’t flooded with users. If a server has abundant users connected, you’ll probably encounter a laggy game play.


Wrapping Up

When it comes to MMO, speed is everything. Either it is the speed of your counter-attack or Internet speed, the one who strikes quickest, wins. There may be diverse factors causing a laggy game play but latency related concerns are significant of them all.

When you wish to connect to a distant server, your ping boosts considerably. However, a VPN resolves this concern for you by masking your IP with the one that represents respective server locality. Though, there are some additional measures that you should consider. Remember! With a laggy game play a pro turns out to be as insignificant as a rookie.
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