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There is a new eruption in the world of online gaming. Right at the forefront of this eruption is “Battleborn”.  Categorized among the first person shooter sub-genre, Battleborn offers distinct characters with unique skills. The game is developed by Gearbox software, the same company that brought us Half-Life and Duke Nukem series.

However, frequent lag, packet loss, latency, and high ping spikes have left many Battleborn gamers annoyed and frustrated. Having these issues means the death of smooth and seamless gaming experience.

But do not fret, our guide will aid you in removing Battleborn lag and enjoy ultimate lag-free gaming experience on PC and PS4. We have listed various performance tweaks, tips and tricks, commands, and other fixes to overcome errors, crashes, FPS problems and other issues.

Issues of Battleborn Lag

Here’re the most common issues faced while playing Battleborn:

  1. FPS Issues
  2. Connectivity Issues
  3. Character Authorization Error
  4. Battleborn Crashes
  5. Server Overload Issues
  6. Stuttering Issues in Battleborn

Fixing Battleborn Lag

If you’re  facing one of the above mentioned Battleborn issues, then refer to following solutions. They are designed to help you reduce Battleborn lag and ensure smooth online gaming experience to gamers.

Battleborn FPS issue

A frequently reported issue by AMD and Nvidia users is the below average FPS (frames per second). It’s not a major problem and can be easily solved by disabling ‘Physx’, as this property is known to cause the FPS issues. Here’s how Nvidia users can turn off PhysX GPU acceleration:

  1. Right-click on Desktop and select “Nvidia Control Panel”
  2. From the left pane under 3D Settings, click on “Set PhysX configuration”
  3. In “Set PhysX Configuration” panel, click on “Select a PhysX processor” and choose CPU.

Battleborn Connectivity Issues

Network connectivity issue is a common problem faced by Battleborn players and perhaps one of the reasons why you might be facing lag and packet loss. Here are some steps you follow to resolve Battleborn lag issues:

  • Connect your system or console using wired connection. Using wireless connection (Wi-Fi) has been known to cause latency and delay while playing online.
  • Close all torrents downloads, software updates, and other programs that might be using the internet.
  • Check if the firewall, antivirus or any other security tool is interfering or blocking Battleborn. If you’re using a NAT firewall, set it to moderate and check that the ports for Battleborn are open for smooth gaming experience.
  • If you are using a shared internet connection, ensure that your bandwidth is not being leeched by other devices on the network.

Battleborn Crashes

The crashing issue has bothered Battleborn players since its beta release. To get rid of in-game crashes, gamers should uninstall Battleborn beta version and do a fresh installation. But now that the game has been officially released, various gamers are still facing the issue of the game crashing. This issue is predominantly seen at character selection stage and gamers are shown a ‘Fatal Error’ message.

One of the ways to resolve the unexpected crashing issues is by checking the update patch of your graphic card. Here is one user that found ‘.dll’ file of Nvidia driver causing the crashes. You can also try to repair or update your GPU’s driver to stop Battleborn crashes.

Your router could also be disturbing the gameplay and causing the game to crash. To overcome this issue, you can unplug the router for 10 – 15 minutes and reconnect it. Moreover, disable the firewall and other network filtering tools and make sure to enable the “universal plug and play” (uPnP) on the router.

Server Overload Issues

An overloaded server is a common issue reported by many Battleborn players. Due to lack of game servers or highly congested servers in the various regions, gamers face packet loss, latency and more issues during the gameplay.

To overcome this issue, you can use various ping reduction software such as Kill Ping or a gaming VPN. These software offer broad range of servers in the different regions of the world, allowing your gaming data packets to travel through uncongested pathways. The servers offered by such ping reduction software offer minimum network load, attain a lag-free connection and get an uninterruptable gaming experience like never before.

Our editorial reviews and individual testing suggest following Battleborn ping reduction software. These tools will help you improve your gameplay by removing lag and lowering your ping. They also help to protect against IP leaks, DNS leaks, and DDOS attacks.

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Character Authorization Error

Have you ever faced an error displaying “failed to authorize character error?” It is a result of temporary unavailability of the gaming service. This issue has plagued many Battleborn gamers and the only solution so far for this problem is to wait for a few minutes and try logging in.

However, if the game is not available in your region then one of the solutions is to use a VPN. With a broad range of servers across all areas of the globe, a VPN allows gamers to connect to a server with lower traffic congestion.

Stuttering Issues in Battleborn

Battleborn has been plagued with constant stuttering issue and been reported numerous players so far. Sadly, the actual cause of this problem has not been uncovered yet. However, you can run Battleborn on the lowest possible settings and check if the issue has been resolved. If it doesn’t helps, then the problem may reside within your system. Ensure that your minimum hardware configuration meet the minimum requirements for Battleborn:

Operating System: Microsoft Windows 7 or above

Processor: Intel i5-750 or AMD Phenom llx4 945


Graphics: AMD HD 6870/NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460 or above(PhysX supported)

Network Connection: Broadband Connection Preferred

Hard disk: 30GB or above

Additional Requirement: Microsoft .Net Framework 4.5, Visual C++ Redistributable 2010 and 2012 

Remove Battleborn Lag in PS4

Now that we have covered the section for PC gamers, here’s how you can remove Battleborn lag in PS4. Various PS4 gamers have reported facing pseudo-aim-acceleration effect while playing Battleborn. Similarly, users have encountered sluggish behavior of controls. To counter this issue of latency spikes and reduce lag, players can try turning off the auto-aim feature; this has helped in a fair number of cases. In order to secure your online privacy, use VPN on PS4.

Similarly, if your PS4 is connected to the internet via Wi-Fi, then we suggest hard-wiring your network connection (connect your console to the modem using LAN cables). In case, you cannot hardwire the connection, you should go into the router/Wi-Fi settings and try to boost the network signals strength. Switching the channel of Wi-Fi broadcast also improves reception quality. In this way, you will be able to resolve Battleborn lag in PS4.

Battleborn Performance Tweaks

To help users in getting a better gameplay experience, we have listed some simple performance tweaks that you can use. With just a simple tweak of values, you can achieve a perfect union of in-game performance and visuals. Here’s how to tweak Battleborn performance:

  1. Find the Battleborn configuration file in:


  1. Tweak the values as following to achieve most out of the game:
  • Distortion=False
  • LensFlares=False
  • AllowRadialBlur=False
  • MaxParticleResize=200
  • bSmoothFrameRate=FALSE
  • DynamicLights=True
  • DynamicShadows=False
  • LightEnvironmentShadows=False
  • MotionBlur=False
  • DepthOfField=False
  • FogVolumes=False
  • AmbientOcclusion=False
  • Bloom=False
  • bAllowLightShafts=False
  • FilteredDistortion=False
  • ParticleLODBias=0
  • DetailMode=0
  • MaxAnisotropy=16
  • FXAA=False
  • DropParticleDistortion=False

If performed correctly, you will be able to achieve seamless gaming experience. We suggest users to make a backup of the default.ini before editing values, so if anything goes wrong, you can always restore back to original settings.

Reduce Battleborn Lag in Australia

Australian Battleborn players often face extreme lag issues. There are many reason behind Battleborn lag in Australia as some have complained about the unavailability of servers, while others have nagged about connectivity issues. In certain cases, gamers have faced the problem of downloading the game while being in Australia.

To get rid of these problems and enjoy seamless gaming experience, we suggest that you try all of the above mentioned tips and tricks. If you cannot download the game from Australia, then using a gaming VPN, you can change your location to any other region and enjoy Battleborn. Similarly, ping reduction software can help you improve your gameplay and remove lag.

According to an official representative of Gearbox, the problem enlisted by Australian Battleborn players have been taken into account and the developers are working on resolving all the issues:

How to Reduce Battleborn Lag

Source: Gearbox Forum

Final Words

Just after its release, Battleborn is giving tough row to hoe to other FPS games including Counterstrike, Gears of Wars, Battlefield and more. Developed by Gearbox Software, the game has been released worldwide for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Battleborn takes fresh look at FPS games and has whiff of MOBA about it as well. Based on that notion, the game is set to achieve a large number of audiences from around the world.

Unfortunately, packet loss, high ping, latency, ping issues, FPS drops and other problems have restricted gamers to fully enjoy Battleborn. These issues are faced many online first person shooters, like Overwatch lag. But with simple tips and tricks that we have explained above will allow you to fix Battleborn lag and have an ultimate lag-free gaming experience.

So did our guide help you resolve Battleborn lag? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us at @VPNRanks.