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Have you wondered why you are unable to accomplish your Dota 2 gaming desires?

Do you want to learn how to overcome Dota 2 lag spikes 2019 issues?

If yes then you have arrived at the right place because I have got you covered.

In this guide, I will take you through easy steps that that will allow you how to fix DOTA 2 lag issue in the right direction. I will also show you how to set up VPN for Dota 2 to reduce high ping and packet loss.

Without further ado, let us start!

What do you mean by Dota 2 Packet Loss In/Out?

If you play Dota 2 on a regular basis, you must have anticipated Packet Loss in/out issue. However, not all the gamers know what this term is all about. You have to connect to different servers from all around the world to play with other professionals.

After creating a successful connection on a certain server, a lot of information is sent and received. As a result, there is a strong likelihood of losing specific amount of data. Thus, users have to face lagging hassles quite more often.

What are some causes that lead to packet loss?

You might wondering what packet loss issues all about.

You can consider some problems that are caused by network issues like jittering, low bandwidth, network congestion and so on. If you get a faster internet connection at your own, chances are that you can solve most of your problems quite easily.

Moreover, you can change your Wi-Fi internet connection to wired internet connection. Likewise, there is no harm if you reconfigure your router too. By doing so, you can overcome the above mentioned issues a great deal.

How can I check for packet loss hassle?

The task of checking a packet loss problem is an interesting one. Yes, you read it correctly. All you just have to perform a simple ping test. You just need to visit WhatsMyIP and click on its ping test benefit. Consequently, you will be able to check the latency time straightaway.

This is how you may figure out packet loss issue to certain degree.

How can I fix packet Loss Dota 2 In/Out – As per Steam community

According to the viewpoint of steam community members, there is no denying a faster internet connection does create a world of difference. Still, online gamers must know about the devastating impacts of ISP throttling.

This is because these services create hurdles by imposing bandwidth limitations. In case if you are unable to get required level of network speed, you should contact to your ISP directly. Furthermore, you can use a VPN for steam to bypass ISP throttling hassles.

When you connect to some of the best gaming VPN services for 2019, you can mask your original IP addresses. Hence, you can spoof online locations and your ISPs cannot trace your digital whereabouts. This way, you can enjoy the advantage of maximum speed while playing Dota 2.

For users’ ease, I have compiled a list of VPN services that includes:

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Use Kill Ping to reduce ping in Dota 2 lag

If using a VPN for DOTA 2 is too complicated for you, then you can use Kill Ping. Kill Ping is a lag-reduction software that consists of servers spread globally that are tailored for online gaming. By connecting to Kill Ping before starting DOTA 2, you can reduce packet loss and high latency with a single click.

The choice is yours. If you are a gamer that also cares about his or her privacy, then we recommend that you use any one of our benchmarked DOTA 2 VPN services. However, if you’re all about that gaming life, then Kill Ping is the side-kick that you require on virtual battlefields.

Detailed steps about fixing Dota 2 lag and packet loss issues

I believe now you understand that a poor performing hardware may spoil your gaming fun next level. Here is the list of steps you should follow to boost your Dota 2 playing experience:

Improve your network connection

Luckily, you can improve your network connection to avoid facing high ping and latency issues. Here is how you should do:

  • You should transfer your internet connection from Wi-Fi to a wired one
  • You must turn off Windows update when you want to start your system
  • You should also turn off other running software before playing Dota 2 online
  • You should check your network devices as they are unable to keep up with the traffic flow sometimes
  • You may change your network cables and ports to enhance your system performance
  • Also make sure no other user is connected to the same network you are using
  • You should close other apps like torrents, P2P file sharing software, WhatsApp, Skype or others

Fixing frame rates and performance

When you improve your frame rate, you can enhance your system performance next level. You cannot undermine the importance of frame rate when it comes to evaluating responsiveness within the game. Therefore, you should ensure your hardware is not responsible for any glitches or unresponsiveness.

When you optimize your system to certain extent, you can increase frame rate too. Similarly, you can improve ping time as well. Here are some tips you may follow:

  • You should perform disk defragmentation process once a month
  • This is how you can improve your system speed that will provide you better gaming experience
  • You should turn off all unneeded apps, services, and processes
  • In case you are using Windows, you should change your theme to Windows classic
  • You should use integrated graphics feature as it allows you to enhance your RAM memory allocation
  • You must update your RAM and graphic card too

Improve your system’s graphic settings

There is no harm in optimizing your system’s graphic settings. You should follow the below mentioned steps:

  • Check graphic requirements of Dota 2
  • By doing appropriate settings, you can achieve your objective in no time
  • You should ensure drives you are opting are up to date
  • You should run the game on maximum specifications if you are not using an enormous PC
  • You must alter your Direct X settings from DX9 to DX8

Dota 2 Lag in-game enhancement

It is high time for you to perform in-game optimization, as there are different settings available within Dota 2 that enhance FPS and decrease lag hassles too. Furthermore, you should avoid playing online games on next level graphic settings.

Dota 2 launch options & Dota 2 console commands

Fortunately, you have options unlimited when you wish to improve your Dota 2 experience.

You might be wondering how it is possible.

You can select various launch options and enter diverse console commands. Here is the list of different console commands you should try out if you are a new comer in the arena of gaming:

  • -high
  • -console
  • -novid
  • -useforcemspd
  • -noforcemaccel
  • -dx 11
  • -map dota

Video Settings

You can use Dota 2 Reborn settings that allow you to improve or decrease game’s video settings. I would recommend for starters to set ‘Resolution’ to ‘Use my monitor’s current resolution’ that should match your system graphics with the game.


Through ‘Rendering’, you should select between basic and advanced settings. You can select the option of ‘Fastest’ in case you wish to avail basic settings. In addition, you are free to use advance settings and choose various aspects of the game that you want to switched ‘On’ or ‘Off’.


You can decrease the texture along with shadow quality to overcome lag and packet loss issue. Similarly, you may set ‘Game Screen Render Quality’ to 50%. By doing so, you can consume less memory while playing games.

Network Settings

You should select your network quality that enables you to optimize your Dota 2 performance. In case you are using a fastest internet connection, you should leave the setting to ‘High’. Conversely, your internet connection is not up to the mark, you should change your network settings to ‘Low’.


How to Surge FPS in Dota 2

If you want to increase FPS, you can try out different tweaks for sure. There is a strong likelihood you may not achieve sure shot success in the end. You can turn off Windows themes and set the power plan to “Best Performance”. Likewise, you can decrease your screen resolution and use 36-bits graphics in place of 64-bit.

Furthermore, you can turn off “Steam Overlay” and put “high” to launch options. In case you have opted Nvidia GPU, you should put “-gl” to the launch option. You may add the following code to the ingame-console as well:

“r_dota_disable_portrait_world_renderer 1”

If you are still experiencing low FPS issues while using DirectX 11, you should revert to version 9.

Dota 2 High Ping Test

You can conduct Dota 2 high ping test that allows you to check if you are going through with the ping problem of Dota 2 or not. To perform the test, you can click on this link.  You should right click download at the top of the page and click “Save Link As’.

After performing the said procedure, you should name the file “Ping.bat” and press OK. If you are using Mac or Linux devices, you can verify your Dota 2 ping from this link.

Reddit Dota 2 Lag Review

Reddit has become one of the most sought communities among gamers that allow them to solve their queries instantly. As per the viewpoints of many gaming fans, they have raised their voices against Dota 2 lag issue after they have updated their consoles.

In addition, you may anticipate FPS drop issue as well.

Dota 2 packet loss Twitch review

If you are using a standard internet connection, you may face issues while playing Dota 2. If you receive slower speeds while playing online, you will anticipate packet loss hassle too. In case your internet connection works properly but makes packet loss problem, many online gamers face the same fate.

You should contact the support person at Valve to get the solution of your problem at the earliest.

Dota 2 Download Review

The task of downloading Dota 2 on your system is simple. After visiting Steam store, you can search your desired game. Similarly, you can click on this link to achieve your mission. Once you have pressed the install button, the downloading process starts immediately.


You can fix Dota 2 not responding issue in a timely manner. Here is how you should do:

  • You should right click Dota 2
  • From properties, click local files
  • Choose verify game and wait for the process to complete

If it does not work,

  • You should check if your system is able to run the game
  • You must check your internet connection if the problem still persists

Wrapping Up

I hope you would have liked my guide “how to fix dota 2 lag issues in 2019”. It is evident that latency, lags, high pings, delays and packet loss spoil your online gaming fun a great deal. Therefore, you had better connect to a VPN that allows you to navigate ISP throttling hassles appropriately.

I expect you will resolve all described issues and improve your system to new heights. By doing so, you can overcome Dota 2 packet loss and lag hassle straightaway.

Feel free to share your experiences in the comments section below.