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Hotspot Shield, a free virtual private network is currently facing grave accusations for violating its own privacy policy. The Center for Democracy & Technology (CDT), a privacy advocacy group developed a 14-page filing and has requested Federal Trade Commission to investigate into this matter.

The accusations against Hotspot Shield VPN is their unfair and deceptive trade practices which are mainly based on redirecting the web traffic to advertising companies. The foremost reason why internet user signup for VPN services is to protect their browsing habits from ISPs or host nations. Sending the user data to advertising companies is clear violation of those privacy policies.

Since its inception, Hotspot Shield VPN has over 500 million customers from all over the globe. It promises its users of ‘anonymous browsing’ and strongly narrates that it does not keep any logs of online activity.

To prove Hotspot Shield wrong, CDT conducted research aided by Carnegie Mellon University it found that Hotspot Shield shares undisclosed data to third-party advertising companies.

There has always been a significant amount of doubt that prevails over free VPN service providers such as Hotspot Shield that tries to earn money on users’ online data. A free VPN can compromise your data and make you exposed against your ISPs, host nation, and cybercriminals.

Hotspot Shield Alternatives

You may have a choice, either you continue using Hotspot Shield and risk your online privacy, or you can consider 11 alternatives to Hotspot Shield that we have outlined. Check below:

  1. CyberGhost Review
  2. ZenMate Review
  3. Hola VPN Review
  4. Private Internet Access
  5. VyprVPN
  6. Cocoon

CyberGhost VPN


CyberGhost mainly thrives on offering online users with three of the most important features. It protects your personal data from ISPs, government, and hackers, allows you to freely access the internet on public WiFi, and accessing websites around the world. You get access to 800 servers worldwide with strict no logs policy.







Psiphon VPN takes you beyond borders with safety guaranteed. It lets users to access any website that are censored by their country, campus, or corporation. Psiphon acknowledges that free internet is always nice and therefore creates a path for internet users to use public Wi-Fi’s safely.




Private Internet Access



Private Internet Access (PIA) makes your data completely encrypted that becomes unreadable for ISPs, host nation, and hackers. It further protects users from data monitoring and eavesdropping and thus making the best VPN in the list by far.






VyprVPN boasts as the powerful VPN in the world while providing privacy and internet freedom to everyone, everywhere. VyprVPN Netflix bypasses restrictive networks but never once disappoint viewers by selling their personal information. A perfect alterative to Hotspot Shield with 70+ server locations and 700+ servers.






Windscribe VPN carries out more activities than an average VPN service provider. It not only protects browsing activity that are performed on the internet but it also activity that occurs in Skype, emails, and P2P. The software is normally free for online users but you can always upgrade to a premium version with advanced features.



Expat Shield

Expat Shield-hotspot-shield-vpn-alternative

Expat Shield isn’t a full fledge VPN service provider, but it does allow internet users to watch BBC and ITV channels outside of the UK. Expat Shield is open about its privacy policy where it does compromise your online data. It’s not a fitting Hotspot Shield alternative, but is helpful for people accessing BBC and ITV outside UK.






Sports, movies and TV shows fanatics can now log in to Netflix, Hulu, and similar other streaming websites from across the globe. Olive VPN targets specific customers and does not keep any logs. A befitting alternative to Hotspot Shield.





Ultrasurf has a reach of millions of unique users in a month and serves millions of pages each day. You bypass internet censorship with Ultrasurf but it clearly allows third-party companies to access certain anonymous information such as streaming information, browser type, the date and time for advertisement click, and so on. If you’re not browsing anything illegal, then it is the best Hotspot Shield alternative.






As the name suggest, AnonymoX makes users’ identity anonymous. It is a browser extension where you can visit blocked websites, change your IP, and bypass geo-restrictions. It clearly signifies in its privacy policy that it does not save any logs.







Cocoon has all those features that makes a VPN service commendable. But its advanced feature of built-in anti-virus gets one step ahead of all the VPN service providers and it only costs $1.49 per month. It has a strict policy of keeping users’ online data private.






ZenMate is currently the popular browser extension in the free VPN category. It offers a free and as well as a paid VPN service that aims to satisfy every group of online customers. Further, it doesn’t restrict users with data usage neither it sells users’ data.



To Wrap Things Up

A worryingly number of VPN providers are either selling your online information to third-parties, or they’re rife with malware, spyware, and code injection. It has become imperative for online viewers not to trust VPN service providers because of their undisclosed privacy policy. But still, there are few of the VPN providers that does offer good service. These are normally premium VPN providers that protects online privacy of users.