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Unveiling the top alternatives for popular VPN service Hola, today, in this guide, we will present you with the safest and fastest Hola alternatives to achieve top-grade online protection. The well-acclaimed privacy solution “Hola” has come under fire after being responsible for DDOS attack on 8chan. The popular P2P network is no longer safe, and can make you a part of botnet DDOS attack, without you knowing about it. In a research, we have found that using Hola can allow anyone execute malicious code on your system, while making you a victim of cyber crime. For further detail check out the detailed guide of Hola VPN Review of 2018.

Thus, we have created this guide to bring you safer Hola alternatives that offer robust online protection, high-speed performance, censorship evasion, one-click unblocking and secure online experience. By using the best alternative to Hola, you will be able to access tons of geo-blocked sites including HBO Now, Fox Go, BBC iPlayer, Hulu and many more safely on your mobile, laptop and SmartTV.

Here are the best Hola VPN alternatives that you can use for Chrome, Safari, Netflix and much more:


Hola Alternative Chrome – Access Unlimited Sites on Chrome Safely

Google Chrome is one of the leading-edge internet browsers around the world. Chrome has gained a reputation among netizens due to its smooth performance, appealing interface and handy features. However, users find geo-restrictions as a hurdle while accessing popular streaming sites. To circumvent geo-restrictions, netizens can use following best Hola alternatives for Chrome.



DotVPN has been serving netizens since 2014 and has captured around 500,000 subscribers worldwide. With that said, DotVPN Chrome extension has an average rating of four stars on Chrome Store, and is thus believed to be one of the best Hola alternatives Chrome. When counting offerings of DotVPN, we cannot miss its unlimited bandwidth, unlimited servers switching option and wonderfully distributed 12 server locations across Canada, Germany, France, Netherlands, Japan, US and more regions.

Therefore, we find DotVPN as a suitable Chrome Hola alternative that you can download from official Chrome Store.




ZenMate VPN Chrome

If we talk about suitable alternative to Hola unblocker for Chrome, ZenMate VPN claims to be a complete cyber security solution. Check out the guide on ZenMate Review of 2018. The provider offers a wide network of optimized servers spread in prime locations. Not only ZenMate Chrome extension offers reliable privacy, but also it protects you against third party advertisements and social media trackers. With all the handy offerings, ZenMate has achieved a place among the list of best Hola alternative Chrome.

The service also offers premium plan that adds even more servers and bandwidth, and is thus a preferred Hola Chrome alternative. You can download ZenMate VPN extension from Chrome store.



Free Hola Alternatives

If you wish to explore internet with a decent online protection without spending a penny, then look no further than our dedicated section “free Hola alternatives” below. Following freemium alternative to Hola VPN offer everything, which you need for safe and restriction-free online experience:

Hotspot Shield

The Anchor Free owned privacy solution Hotspot Shield is among pioneers of VPN industry. By spending over than ten years in VPN industry, Hotspot Shield ensures 100% accessibility with zero DNS or IP leaks. Interestingly, Hotspot Shield currently serves more than twenty million active users in 190 countries. Considering the performance, offerings and privacy features of provider, Hotspot is surely one of the best free Hola alternatives.

You can freely download Hotspot Shield and use it as a better alternative Hola on a range of devices including Windows, Android, iOS Mac OSX and more platforms.




Browsec VPN

The fan-favorite               browser extension service Browsec works as an instant unblocker for masses. In comparison with Hola, Browsec takes subscribers’ online experience to next level with its one-touch connection feature. Being one of the free Hola alternatives, Browsec offers servers in various countries including the US, UK, Netherlands and Singapore. While Browsec has thousands of subscribers, it is surely the best alternative zu Hola with stronger online protection and more offerings.




Netflix Hola Alternatives

Netflix is one of the largest on-demand entertainment services that offer one-touch streaming of blockbuster-hit movies, shows, videos, music, documentaries and more media. But sadly, Netflix has placed geo-restrictions on media library, that stop subscribers outside of the US and UK from accessing exclusive shows like House of Cards, Orange is the New Black, Lilyhammer and many more.

Now, if you are located outside of the US or UK, then Hola will do no good for you, as it cannot bypass Netflix geo-restrictions. We have thus, conducted an experiment and discovered following best Netflix Hola alternatives, that offer unrestricted access to Netflix US and UK from anywhere in the world.




PureVPN – Preferred Hola Alternative for Netflix

The Hong Kong based VPN provider PureVPN stepped into digital industry in 2007 and has been serving netizens with diverse privacy and unblocking needs. While, Netflix VPN detection tracks and stops almost every VPN and proxy service, PureVPN for Netflix leaves no footprint and bypasses Netflix VPN detection effectively.

PureVPN currently offers 790+ servers in 141 countries, out of which 150 are located in North America and 249 in Europe. Having that said, subscribers can use PureVPN as a Hola alternative Netflix to access the streaming service from any country of the world. In addition, availability of PureVPN across iOS, Android, Windows and Mac OSX makes it number one vpn Hola alternative.


NordVPN – Alternative to Hola for Netflix

When talking about a suitable alternative to Hola for Netflix, we cannot overlook the Panama based provider NordVPN. Ever since Netflix had started blocking VPN users, NordVPN has been able to bypass VPN detection mechanism without any hassle. In addition, the SmartPlay technology of NordVPN allows subscribers to circumvent geo-restrictions on almost any streaming service. We therefore consider NordVPN a better Hola alternative with top-grade performance but slightly pricey plans.


Hola Safari Alternative

Safari is the Apple’s hallmark internet browser that comes equipped with a plain interface, pleasant usability, and flawless performance. But, despite being a fan-favorite web-browser, Safari has few drawbacks, including unavailability of Hola VPN extension. However, do not worry, as we have listed top Hola alternatives for Safari below that will fulfill every unblocking and privacy needs of Safari users.
Here are the top Hola alternatives for Safari browser:

Buffered VPN for Safari

Buffered VPN is one of the top providers in VPN industry. With a range of optimized servers distributed across 37 countries, Buffered VPN offers unrestricted access to thousands of geo-blocked sites and services on Safari. In addition, the provider is located in Hungary and follows a strict no-activity logging policy. Moreover, a 30-day money-back-guarantee offers premium customer delight. After counting all the benefits and offerings, we honor Buffered VPN as a reliable Hola alternative for Safari browser.


IPVanish VPN – Safari Hola Alternative

IPVanish is listed among affordable Safari Hola alternatives that provide strong encryption protocols. With over 699+ servers spread across 59+ countries, IPVanish ensures one-click unblocking to users in any corner of the world. In addition, IPVanish provides hi-speed connection and a 7-day-money-back guarantee, to deliver premium customer satisfaction. That said, IPVanish is a preferred Safari Hola alternative that comes with everything you need for secure and unrestricted online experience.

Hola Proxy Alternative

It is not surprising to face dawdling network performance when connected to Hola proxy. As Hola allegedly sells users’ bandwidth, subscribers can switch to safer Hola Proxy alternative specified below. In addition, below listed Hola org alternative will allow you to protect your privacy on a range of devices including iOS, Mac OSX, Windows, Android and many more.

Unlocator – Safest Hola Proxy Alternative

As the name indicates, unlocator is a fantastic solution that makes ISP, spy agencies, hackers and everyone unable to locate you. In contrast to traditional VPN alternative to Hola, Unlocator does not offer reliable online protection; instead, it works as an unblocking tool only. With Unlocator installed on your device, you are all set to access more than 200+ on-demand entertainment channels from anywhere in the world.



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The top Hola alternatives have been revealed along with all the information that you need to know. While Hola is no longer a safe privacy solution, you can switch to secure alternative to protect your digital life and privacy. We hereby end this blog here, and leave you with a comment box below. If you want to know more about the fastest and safest Hola alternatives, then feel free to comment: