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Palo Alto Networks suspects that international hackers have hacked nine different institutions in the energy, information technology, education, health, and even defense sectors. According to a report they shared with CNN, they also think that at least one of those targetted companies is located in the United States.

Researchers in the Cybersecurity industry are trying to expose these unknown hackers trying to steal essential data from various delicate targets with the help of the National Security Agency (NSA).

Trump and Biden administrations have faced this type of cyber espionage in the past, and they have attempted to expose it before it can create more havoc. The reason behind sharing such information with the public is to notify other organizations that they might also be at risk of such targeted attacks.

NSA and the US Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) officials are trailing the threat, and an NSA division also provided a review to the Palo Alto Networks report.

According to information shared by Ryan Olson, a senior Palo Alto Networks executive with CNN:

In this case, the hackers have stolen passwords from some targeted organizations to maintain long-term access to those networks. The intruders could then be well placed to intercept sensitive data sent over email or stored on computer systems until they are kicked out of the network.

Olson further added that the nine confirmed sufferers are the tip of the pyramid, and it is likely that more victims will emerge. While the hacker’s identity is still unclear, Palo Alto Networks has also said that some of the attackers’ tactics and tools resemble those used by a speculated Chinese hacking organization.

Mandiant, the Cybersecurity firm at the beginning of this year, reported that hackers linked to China were misusing a software vulnerability to breach defense, public sectors, financial organizations in Europe, and the United States.

Federal officials informed CNN that the hacking announcement proves their familiar work-related corporation with cybersecurity organizations to remain ahead of these threats.

CISA Executive Assistant Director for Cybersecurity Eric Goldstein said:

CISA used a nascent public-private defensive program to understand, amplify, and drive action in response to the activity identified

While talking to CNN, Morgan Adamski, director of the agency’s Cybersecurity Collaboration Center, confirmed that the revelation of the attacks tells how the NSA is delivering real-time impact to our associates and the defense of the nation.

In light of the recent increase in cyberattacks across the US, President Joe Biden held a cybersecurity meeting with tech giants regarding the recent attacks on T-Mobile, Verizon, AT&T, and other organizations.

Additionally, after the massive ransomware attack on NEW Cooperative Inc., an Iowa-based grain company, NSA and CISA also published a detailed guideline for securing company servers against brute attacks.