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Adobe has asked its users to update their devices with the latest version of Flash soon after it was made public that its flaws are being widely exploited by the hackers. Fireeye, a private security firm, in its efforts of countering the threats of hacking, found a loophole in Flash and immediately informed Adobe.

The bug affects how the video files are played on Flash. It allows the attacker to take control of the victim’s PC through a tampered video file. Adobe, however, has urged its users to download the latest update, which is available on its website, to minimize the threats of hacking.

According to a news report published by Forbes, a group of Chinese hackers, APT3, had already started out sending phishing emails to various companies belonging to different sectors and industries, when the news broke. The security firm, in its report, noted that APT3 is a very organized group and has introduced various tactics in the past as well that has earned them the credentials for being one of the most dangerous hacking groups.

Adobe has repeatedly asked its users to update their Flash to the latest version. According to an official of Adobe, updating to the latest version would mean they aren’t exposed to the vulnerabilities anymore. Taking the word of Adobe’s official in consideration, we would also advise our readers to update their Adobe Flash as soon as possible to avoid any possible threats of hacking in near future.