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Many open source tools promise to deliver maximum privacy and security, but fail to do anything more than shower ads and drop cookies to secretly log user activity. Incidents like the Ashley Madison hack, the Target server breach show that nobody is safe. The San Diego based Identity Theft Resource Center confirmed that over 780 data breaches took place in 2015 alone, leading to the leakage of over 1.5 hundred million confidential user records.

These are figures compiled from recorded incidents, and do not include the countless privacy breaches that made these major attacks possible. Keeping your records safe on your device and on third-party servers is a collective effort that starts from your end. These top 5 Privacy tools are recommended by online privacy advocates and known for providing reliable anonymity and protection from data breaches.

Online privacy vs privacy


Tor is Internet Browsing Tool to fight data snooping. It routes your data through different Hops making you anonymous over internet while protecting your IP address and personal information. It is easy to install and safe to use. Its availability in various platforms including Windows, Mac and Linux makes it even more better.

TOR Five Essential Tools For Your Data Privacy

Tor network is created by group of Volunteers-Managed Servers who are responsible to provide online data security to users. Tor provides maximum security even on public Wifi networks. A series of virtual tunnels allow you to share confidential information without compromising on privacy. Even more you will achieve unrestricted access to almost all blocked content and websites on internet by Tor. Tor may also be used by developers as built-in privacy feature for another software.

It provides maximum security against state sponsored surveillance including “traffic analysis”. Different snoopers and hackers analyze user browsing behavior and location leading to contemporary online threats. Suppose if you are traveling and send email, then it will alert a person spying on you. Tor stops such attempts and restore your online privacy. Tor distributes your data through different places on internet so you leave no foot print behind of your location. Read our guide what is tor to know further about Tor.

Virtual Private Network

Virtual Private Network(VPN) on other hand is a perfect option for online security. It cloaks your IP address with a foreign server. As a outcome you become anonymous on internet. Yet VPN is much faster than TOR as it doesn’t pass your data through different hops. Instead it encrypts your data making it impossible to read by Hacker, Snoopers and State Sponsored Surveillance agencies.

Number of VPN servers around the world have increased dramatically, the reason lies behind the fact that government sponsored agencies and hackers have become more aggressive to retain user’s confidential information. More customers are moving towards VPN Services to safeguard themselves from NSA and different surveillance agencies.

Apart from data privacy there is one ultimate advantage of VPN. Different countries put geo-restrictions on certain websites and services, due to inappropriate and sexual nature of content. VPN proves to be a mighty tool to unblock such websites and streaming services giving the users complete online freedom for their entertainment and pleasure.

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All VPN providers promise to give user anonymity but customer reviews and streaming lovers suggest that the VPNs listed above are specially optimized to provide reliable data security and online anonymity where required.

Ad blockers

We have seen flashy banner ads on websites we visit. Most of the time these ads are so catchy it causes distraction and make us click them. However these ads serve as gate way for hackers to reach sensitive and confidential information on your computer. In many cases these adds catch your attention by showing false viruses and performing a security scan and once you click on it you become the victim malicious malware which gain access to your computer memory.

Global monthly active adblocking software users

Ad blocker on other hand lets you block online advertisements. It comes as powerful integration tool for web browsers. Even more you can block P2P and Instant Messengers with some ad blockers like Ad Fender. It supports various web browser including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Maxthon and many others. You should try Google Ad Blocker and Ad Block Plus they are Free, Safe and Reliable option for your online security.

Privacy Badger

Privacy Badger is alternate to ad blocker that stops 3rd party advertising and tracking on your browser. When you visit WebPages different advertisers becomes active and starts tracking your browsing behavior. Privacy badger comes into the play by blocking these unwanted advertisers. In result you become invisible to them.

Privacy Badger

Technically Privacy Badger focuses on the embedded images and scripts that are responsible for annoying advertisements. The cookies in your browser hold important information about the content and websites you visit. 3rd party app starts tracking your uniquely identifying cookies without your consent. This is the point where Privacy Badger comes into play, it will disallow the content from 3rd party tracker. Making it impossible to view advertisements from the identified channel in future.

In some cases third party apps are linked in the page for some important aspects. Like embedded maps, videos, images and style sheets. Privacy Badger takes care of this by allowing the connection to 3rd party apps but blocking their tracking cookies and functions. Privacy Badger is an ultimate tool for ad free browsing experience.

When Americans Worry About Online Privacy STATISTA


Signal is powerful app for secure mobile communication. The application comes with handy features including the Push Notification option which lets you know when the message arrived. Even if your signals are lost or the battery dies out your messages will be waiting for you. The Stay Secure feature provides end to end encryption of your communication making you safe and secure from hackers.


Signal is user-friendly and safe option for your mobile security. It uses your current number and phone book to manage contacts. No username, password and PINs are required. It keeps your communication well organized by maintaining the track of conversation which matters you most at the moment. The ads free experience and free of cost subscription makes Signal even more better. Get your free signal now.

In a Nutshell

Privacy is a user right. It provides peace of mind. You can’t simply stop using your email account, chatting service, internet banking and credit cards. Yet you can take steps and use five ready to use privacy tools to ensure maximum protection to your Data Privacy.

Former senior adviser for the Central Intelligence Agency “Edward Snowden” says:

“Suspicion less surveillance does not become okay simply because it’s only victimizing 95% of the world instead of 100%”.

However there are other applications other than these, including 360 Mobile Security to protect personal photographs, messages and conversions on your phone and many others. In the end I am leaving you with the choice to mention any application which should have been in this blog. Your feedback is always appreciated.