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This post is dedicated to all combatants in the battlefields of Dota2 and League of Legends along with other MMORPGs and fellow gamers in distant communities. All the information illustrated in this post is based on thorough research and personal reflection. I have come across several latency-related concerns on different gaming forums and communities these days. Most of these issues refer to the gaming experience influenced by ping.


How Can a VPN Serve the Purpose?

Anyone today can mask his IP by using a VPN (virtual private network). A VPN is a sophisticated technology allowing you to connect to distant servers without compromising on your latency. How? Let me explain. Suppose you are from the United States and you wish to connect to an Australian server. Imagine the impact of the distance on your latency.

However, you can beat this distance and its impact on your latency with a VPN. Let me explain how. If you wish to connect to an Australian gaming server and you are from the US. There is no problem my friend – if you have a VPN. Connect your VPN to any Australian server from the list of many offered. Try to connect to the server nearest to the gaming server you want to rock with your skills. Once the connection is established, just connect to the gaming server and you will never miss a headshot.

A gamer being 800-1500Km away from the gaming server and having better gaming experience than the one only 500Km away with 25ms Ping is not practically viable unless he uses a VPN to disguise his real location.

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What is Ping

When you connect to a gaming server for playing your preferred MMORPG or any other game with Netizens across the globe, every action you perform via your console or gaming keyboard sends a command to the server. In return, the server responds to your command; and you see yourself beating the crap out of others on the global battlefield.

The time elapsed by a server to respond to the command you sent is called Ping. Now, the most frequently acknowledged fallacy in this regard is gamers believing that their gaming experience is significantly influenced by distance between them and the server connected. You live in digital universe people. Snap yourself out of this stone-age ideology.


Latency Issue Can Seriously Mess-up your Game Play

Here is a recent concern I came across. My fellow gamer here was saying that he was connected to a server not more than 500Km away from him. The latency was quite good as the Ping encountered was 25ms which is quite admirable. Remember this people. If your Ping is less than 100ms I can assure you that your gaming experience is not affected by your latency but other factors. Even though he had a fine computer-rig, the gaming experience didn’t improve.

gaming latency

Anyway, moving on with the concern prescribed by my fellow Netizen; he said that other people being 800-1500Km away from gaming server acknowledged better gaming experience than him.

See, this is the misconception I was talking about. Anyone connecting to a server from distant location can’t have better gaming experience than you unless he has masked his IP. How is that possible you may ask? I would say – wake up people, you live in a digital world.

gaming latency



There are many other advantages associated with the use of a VPN; but, I am here to prescribe remedies for Ping related concerns today. There are many gaming VPNs that offering feature-rich package plans at affordable price. Here is a list of top 5 gaming VPNs frequently used by gamers across the digital universe to beat latency-related concerns for improved game play.
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