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It is no surprise that nowadays torrenting options are very scarce. Not only that, in the recent years, torrenting itself has been the root cause for multiple cybercrime cases.

in such severe circumstances, the need to stay protected online has become greater than ever. ISPs and cyber creeps are more focused towards exploiting your data. whether it is selling your data or stealing your identity, you’re always at risk.

Fortunately, anonymity tools like ExpressVPN are designed with the sole purpose of protecting user identity and online privacy.

In this blog, I have covered various aspects of ExpressVPN torrenting and elaborated some of its awesome features that should convince you to consider ExpressVPN as your next VPN service.

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Does ExpressVPN Support P2P Sharing?

The number one reason why most people even consider VPN services is because they want to download torrents, after all who would want to intentionally degrade their internet speeds. ExpressVPN absolutely does allow torrenting through their world-class severs.

In case you are wondering if they are any good at it, let me assure you they are more than just good.

Not only is their service ultra-secure it is also very swift and nimble. Unlike other VPN providers where you have to manually, look for P2P servers, ExpressVPN automatically connects you to their most optimized torrenting servers without you even thinking twice.

Are There Any Bandwidth Limitations in ExpressVPN Service?


VPN providers are not like you and I, they are cunning especially those providers that offer free VPN services. You see… there is no such thing as a real free VPN in the first place and those that claim to be free do not really offer privacy, in fact, they are far from anything but private.

To top it off they only offer limited bandwidths.

Now they are fine for an average user who just wants casual browsing or geo lock bypassing, however, for Torrent users looking to download large games and music they are virtually useless.

However, if you are an ExpressVPN user you do not have to worry about ever coming across bandwidth caps. Therefore, you can literally download as much torrents as your heart content.

Is ExpressVPN Fast Enough For Torrenting?


As I said before, most people purchase VPNs to download torrents. The reason why torrents are even desirable in the first place is due to their capability to download large files relatively quickly. This is only possible because when you download a torrent file, you are not downloading it from one place but instead from hundreds of users across the world.

This form of file transfer is considerably faster than traditional file downloading methodologies. Since ExpressVPN, supports P2P file sharing and considering their huge arsenal of serves you can expect virtually no bandwidth throttling with this provider.

The only thing to consider, however, is that torrenting speeds rely on the distance between you and the VPN provider’s server, therefore make sure you connect to a server that is closest to you.

This should not be a problem since ExpressVPN has literally thousands of servers in 94 countries across the globe.

How to Use ExpressVPN for Torrenting?


Using ExpressVPN is no big deal all you need is an active subscription and a torrent client of your choice. We have also recommended Express as the best VPN for torrenting. Secondly, if you are confused, as to what torrent client to use then check out our blog.

Now that you have decided which torrent client to use simply, launch the ExpressVPN application before your torrenting rendezvous. This would safeguard that you do not accidentally leave any cookie crumbs for the authorities to sniff you out.

Once you fire up the ExpressVPN application, you will be connected to the most optimized P2P servers. However, if you suffer from slow downloading speeds, then definitely try switching to another server preferably one that is closer to you.

That is it! Your IP address is anonymized and your network totally encrypted, so enjoy torrenting without worrying about any authorities or snoops.

How Does ExpressVPN make uTorrent More Secure?


As we discussed earlier, ExpressVPN is a technological guru when it comes to customer anonymity. If you are new to the whole torrenting and VPN scene then you must brief yourself on a couple of things.

The most concerning is your torrent IP.

You see… although torrenting is great for downloading large files quickly however; it also compromises your privacy. In order to download or share a torrent file, your torrent client needs your true IP address, therefore, anyone sharing the same file as you can also see your IP.

Fortunately, ExpressVPN cloaks your true IP, so instead of your default IP, other peers and your ISP will only see an IP address associated with your VPN provider. This is great since no one can track your torrenting activities back to you.

Substitute Network Lock for IP Binding:


Traditionally speaking most torrenters are accustomed to using IP binding as their main line of defense against downloading torrents on a single IP address. Although this technology works great with torrent clients like uTorrent, however ExpressVPN has a much better option up its sleeve.

ExpressVPN offers a feature called Network Lock, which essentially works as a Kill switch for your network. In case your VPN connection fails, this feature will automatically restrict all outgoing traffic from your connection. This will ensure no data or request escapes from your network, which can compromise your privacy.

Double Check your IP address before Torrenting


It is imperative that we verify the credibility of our VPN providers before we go ahead and download torrents on our devices. Although it might sound complicated, however I can assure you it is not.

In order to check whether you VPN service is working as intended, simply head on over to ExpressVPN’s online privacy and security checker page. Here you should be able to see the status of your connection along with your new pseudo IP.

Just make sure you are protected by ExpressVPN before you start downloading torrents left and right.


How ExpressVPN compares with other VPNs


Wrapping up!

Relying on a VPN service for our online privacy can be tricky. Fortunately, ExpressVPN is among the most reliable and reputable providers in the industry, which makes downloading torrents an absolute breeze.

Did you find this blog informative? What are your thoughts about ExpressVPN? Share your opinions in the comment section.