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ExpressVPN is a BVI (British Virgin Islands) based online privacy service. The provider has become a one-stop solution for anonymity seekers as the brand provides next-level protection to users from all around the world. You can discover its major pros and cons including key features and other attributes through an exclusive ExpressVPN review.

In my post, I would describe how you could access ExpressVPN in China and secure your privacy without any hassle.

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ExpressVPN Works in China, But…

ExpressVPN is capable enough to circumvent Chinese VPN detection mechanism. Still, you will to do some tweaks before using the brand in China. Furthermore, you must download and install ExpressVPN app on your desired operating systems before coming to China.


Sadly, you cannot access to ExpressVPN or any other VPN services site in China. Therefore, you are bound to subscribe to BVI based VPN service before landing in China. By doing so, you can unblock your favorite social media services anonymously in the country.

However, the road to using ExpressVPN in China is not that simple. You will have to select servers those are available near to China. This is because ExpressVPN does not offer a server in China. Here is the list of servers you can connect to protect your online identity:

I recommend you to connect to Hong Kong server as it works best most of the time. Likewise, you should select OpenVPN protocol as you can use 256-bit military grade encryption by default. This way, you can defeat one of the strongest online censorship mechanisms of the world instantly.

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How to Install ExpressVPN in China?

The task of installing ExpressVPN in China is simple but rather interesting. Here is how you can do:

  • Go to the official site and click “Get Started” tab
  • Create your account and select a package of your liking
  • Once you have subscribed to the service, you can download your preferred app on your device
  • After downloading, install the VPN software by following the given instructions
  • Connect to any of the above described servers to protect your online activities in China


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ExpressVPN Pricing in China

ExpressVPN allows its Chinese netizens to protect their digital existence under their budget. This is the reason the provider has offered exclusive pricing plans to their users.

At present, ExpressVPN is catering online privacy needs of its Chinese users through three types of pricing plans. These are:

  • ¥30 (for a month)
  • ¥120 (for six months)
  • ¥180 (for one year)


ExpressVPN China Reddit Review

Reddit is one of the most sought platforms that provide unbiased reviews about different online privacy services. Therefore, you can explore one of the most popular interactive forums to acquire realistic feedback about different VPNs.

Here is the response of one Reddit user indicating the service is not accessible in China.

Surprisingly, you may find it difficult to use ExpressVPN in China at times. Thus, you should delete the app and perform the whole installation process again. This is how you can access the banned sites securely.

Luckily, you can connect to Taiwan server to secure your privacy and perform your desired online tasks accordingly.

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ExpressVPN not working in China Twitter

ExpressVPN has a huge presence on a famous social media platform Twitter. During the last year, the official support mentioned about the Chinese Great Firewall (GFW) restrictions itself. Their technical staff was working extremely hard to resolve blocking issues.

According to one response of Twitter user, he was able to use ExpressVPN app in China.

Another Twitter follower anticipated the same blocking hassles on her mobile device. But, the issue was resolved in a timely manner.

You can also opt a Hong Kong server as described above to access your favorite social media sites like a pro.

Wrapping Up

I hope that I would have clear your misconceptions regarding ExpressVPN not working in China issues to another level. Luckily, you can still bypass Chinese great firewall (GFW) restrictions smartly. Through ExpressVPN, you are able to experience robust level of security on your preferred devices.

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